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Sensual massage

One of the most basic of human needs is to be touched. Through touch we convey love, caring, understanding, desire, sympathy; virtually any emotion.  Most of all, though, touch grounds us; it reminds us that we’re not alone.

There are many types of massage.  We most often associate massage with the therapeutic types, such as acupressure, Shiatsu, reflexology, even chiropractic adjustment that involves the soft tissues.  These all accomplish the same basic results:  Relaxation, adjustment, fixation, or as in the case of Rolfing, torture!


Sensual massage, however, has a different purpose.  It’s not only a method of relaxation, and deep relaxation at that, but also a way to convey desire and attraction, to arouse, and to set your partner at ease and on fire at the same time.  It’s a very basic, yet strong, way of expressing caring.  Anyone can meet up and have sex, but to offer an erotic massage, and perform it to perfection, shows your partner that you are at a level above the rest, and are willing to go to any length to bring him or her to plateaus of ecstasy not yet experienced.  This is what I’m here to teach you. Continue reading

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Gotta love a business with ready-made Halloween costumes!


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Why do I do it?

I am constantly asked why I chose this line of work – cleaning up after someone’s died – and I guess the answer really isn’t that simple.

To be honest, I stared thinking about this line of work about 15 years ago.  I was watching some program on TV about the 10 most lucrative jobs nobody wants to do.  There was no way I was going to unclog sewers or clean out Port-A-Johns, but I could easily see myself doing crime scene cleanup. Continue reading

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The Selling of a Continent

 (A little late, but better late than never!)


“In 1492, the pirate sailed the ocean blue”…


            And so it began.

            When one thinks of the slave trade, the first image that springs to mind is that of a slave ship, loaded with live cargo, leaving the west coast of Africa.

            In fact, the first slave ship of the New World did not travel to North America.  Instead, in 1495 it sailed from the Caribbean to Europe.  In its belly were over 500 Taino men, women, and children, half of whom never made it to the slave market in Seville.

            The selling of these beautiful people is how Columbus financed his subsequent voyages.

            Continue reading

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Again, Nonstop from Remote Kontrol (this one’s my favorite)

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I just had to share this phenomenal dancer, Nonstop from Remote Kontrol!

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This is definitely one of those “What was I thinking?” moments

A Facebook friend of mine has been doing a juice fast the last couple of weeks and posting amazing results.  I talked to him about it, asked questions, then researched it on my own.  I thought it would be ideal for me.

Let me give a bit of a history here.  All my adult life I was 100 pounds.  I actually dropped to 89 after the birth of my first child.  I never looked emaciated; always had curves in all the right places, I was just skinny.  Then I hit 40, and just like that I added this weight.  OK, so I had a computer job at the time, did a lot of sitting because of that.  Had some injuries, too, but I decided enough is enough, and started working out.   Continue reading

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Haganah Home

The other day, while talking to my son, the topic of old age came up.  I don’t know how or why we got on that subject, but Sayyid said he couldn’t wait to see me as a little old lady, kicking some serious ass.  I instantly got the image of myself at 90+ years old, severely demented (judging by the way I am now), and STILL HAVING MUSCLE MEMORY!!  Oh, shit!  What are my kids going to do with me?  Muscle memory, after all, is the basis of Haganah. Continue reading

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