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Pre-Registration in the Bag!

I’ve gained a slot in the 2013 HaganaH Conference.  That’s a HUGE step towards getting there.  It is mandatory that I attend, so it’s a good thing it’s my biggest thing to look forward to each year.

In years past I’ve been able to to this myself; taking out loans, hocking my bass, but this year has been rough.  On top of moving, I’ve taken on even more by having my daughter, her husband, and 4 kids move in with us, making for a lot of happiness, but also a lot of responsibility.

I’ve not used my teaching certificate to open a school, not wanting to take business away from the school where I studied.  Instead, I volunteer teaching those who can’t afford formal lessons, and have recently made arrangements to teach bullied kids how to feel more self-confident and have the tools to protect themselves, and hopefully, will start teaching the younger kids about stranger danger.

Each year at the conference we learn new techniques to apply to our arsenol of weapons, and I’d hate to miss out on this coming conference advanced techniques.  Donations would be greatly appreciated.

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Haganah Conference help

This is new for me, actually asking for help.

I’ve been independent so long; raising 5 children alone, no child support.  I hate asking for help, and you’d think I’d know better by now.  That was the lesson wiht my first labor; it’s okay to ask for help.

What can I say?  I’m stubborn.

OK, deep breath . . . As a Haganah instructor and Nucleus member, I’m required to attend the yearly conferences.  I’ve managed to pull it off each year by taking out loans, saving my days off for the conference, pawning my bass, etc.  This year it’s not so easy.  The bass is gone, I used up my paid days off to move, and between the move and my work not paying out what it used to, I’m stuck between not attending the conference and begging for help.

I want to go to the conference.  More importantly, I need to go to this conference.

Yes, I have students.  No I don’t charge them.  If they’re not family, then they are people who can’t afford training at a school (so I’m not taking potential clients from my alma mater), but are people who want to learn and are eager to study, or have a personal reason to learn self defense.  

I love to teach.  This makes for a nice fit.

So, I’ve started a page at Go Fund Me asking for donations to get me there so I can take home the newest techniques for my students, keep my place as a Nucleus member, and reunite with my extended family at Haganah headquarters.

WIth any luck I’ll get a crime scene to clean before the conference and can take down the page, but until then I will do what ever it takes to get there, even stand on a virtual street corner holding a cybersign that says “please help”.  The difference is everyone knows I rarely drink, so I won’t be out sitting under an overpass sucking on a bottle of Mad Dog that was bought the money! LOL!


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