The Bizarre Case of Toni Ingram and her Trolls

Last year a woman named Toni Ingram started a blog. This blog was to commemorate her daughter, Morgan, who had committed suicide the previous December. Toni, however, believed that Morgan was stalked and killed by a neighbor boy. She wrote her blog on a day-by-day basis, taking from notes and memory from the year before, leading her readers down a trail of fear and shock as the “stalking” escalated.

At first.

This blog was shared over on a true crime forum called Websleuths. Many of us followed the blog. Most felt Toni was telling the truth and agonized over Morgan’s death.

I never believed it. It didn’t sound like a stalking; more like perhaps natural phenomenon or at most kids playing around. The “stalking” did not follow the recognized pattern of a stalker. But more importantly, I noticed that when readers would comment on the blog, suggesting various differing scenarios, that Toni would then incorporate those suggestions into subsequent blogs. It was more like she was trying to write a novel or movie of the week.

Finally, the police reports, autopsy reports, toxicology screens, and murder investigation reports were released, and we were all able to view the case from both sides. It was apparent to all but a few die-hards that Toni – at the very least – was delusional, at most was potentially dangerous. Munchausen by proxy was mentioned by several people in the psych field, as well as a new phenomenon called Munchausen by Internet. Either way, there was no stalking and there was no murder.

The true crime board closed discussion on the case after it was decided Morgan had killed herself, since no crime had been committed. A group of us created our on board to continue investigation of the case. Our group (and yes, there are many of us involved) decided to make the official documents available for other people who wanted all the details of the story they were reading, so we put up our own website, so people would make informed decisions about the case before donating money or investing emotion. We later added another site.

Toni, undeterred, continued to insist that a stalker penetrated the perimeter of her home, passed unnoticed by at least 6 cameras, lights, and motion detectors; past dogs and the Ingrams themselves; into Morgan’s room and held her down while they injected her with liquid amitriptyline as part of a “date rape cocktail”; waited hours for her die, sexually molested her, then got away, without leaving a single trace of evidence.

Thing is, none of this happened. There was no cocktail of drugs, only the two Morgan ingested and their metabolites. There was no struggle, no rape, no forced ingestion. There was no injection of medication, as there was pill residue in Morgan’s stomach with a massive amount of a medication she herself had been prescribed for years. This was no accidental overdose, this was suicide. Morgan had fought with her mother the night she died, called her a bitch, and told her to leave her alone. Those were Morgan’s parting words to her mother.

So it would appear that the blog, the accusations, the crazy descriptions of this superhuman ninja kid getting into a house guarded by several cameras, motion detectors, security lights, dogs, and keypad locks were just the ramblings of a grief-stricken mother.

So, you might ask, who cares? Why do I personally care if this woman writes her blog?

Good question.

I care because Toni went beyond grief, to evil and vindictiveness. She named the neighbor boy by full name, calling him a rapist and murderer, even saying he has done this before and will do it again. Keep in mind he wasn’t even in the same state through much of the “stalking”, and was questioned and cleared by law enforcement. But, because of Toni’s blog, his name will forever be associated with rape and murder, and this could effect future employment and even relationships.

Toni didn’t stop there. She included this guy’s girlfriend at the time, her father, his mother, and depending on her mood, others in the neighborhood. These people are now trying to defend their reputations from a woman who has found a way to capitalize on her daughter’s death (note the “donate” button on her site).

Even then, it’s none of my business, so again, why do I care?

I care because Toni started allowing comments on her blog endorsing harm to these people and their children. Toni is fully responsible for the content of her blog. She moderates all comments, disallowing hard-hitting questions and allowing self-gratifying glorification and comments of violence. She allowed a comment specifically calling for the girlfriend’s infant to be kidnapped and murdered “so she’d know how it felt”. Toni commented afterward that violence wasn’t called for, but she’s the one who allowed the threatening comment to appear in the first place.

I do this for the kids. Advocating the murder of an infant is NOT okay ever, I don’t care how grief-stricken the responsible party is, and the responsible party is Toni Ingram.

When Toni realized that we weren’t going to leave her alone, were going to make sure everyone had the same chance to view the official documents that we had, she took a turn from evil to vile.

All of the sudden a group of newly-created Twitter accounts cropped up, all making accusations against these people, but going further. Now, keep in mind that for the most part, these are all new accounts and they follow only one an another. We believe “they” are in fact just a few people, and there are many clues that point to that, but they persist. Also keep in mind, the only common denominator is they are all followed by and follow @Morgansstalking, Toni’s Twitter account.

They’ve taken to creating blogs about me, a woman named Marcie __________, the woman who runs Websleuths, Tricia, and a few other people. They’ve decided we’re all the same person, or I’m pretending to be them, but sometimes they’re pretending to be me. . . actually, it’s kind of confusing.

The truth is, we are all individual people and have never impersonated the other. I’ve been accused of slandering/libeling Sarah Afshar, a friend of Toni’s who wrote a one-sided article on Morgan’s death. In reality, I don’t talk about her at all in my tweets or blogs because she’s a non-issue. To me, she’s not relevant to the case, so I’m not going to bother being side-tracked. There are others who have written about her, and it’s convenient for these Twitter trolls to pretend we’re the same person so they can accuse me of what others have said, but it’s all just a game. None of my group has been involved in libeling Sarah.

The trolls have claimed I’ve made death threats to Sarah and Toni, yet fail to show proof of this. They claim I sent naked pictures to Steve, Toni’s husband, but again fail to show proof. They claim all kinds of things; none of which have been proven by any of them. It’s just an attempt to discredit me, and by extension, discredit our blog site listing the truth.

These people have tried to manipulate Anonymous into DOXing me, have lied to anti-bullying sites, trying to discredit me, and have made the most outrageous claims that my daughter and I can only sit and laugh over them. They’ve also accused me and Marcie’s son of being pedophiles, thinking they can manipulate Anonymous into shutting us down. What they don’t know is I’ve invited a member of Anonymous full access to my sites, proving we have nothing to hide.

So, while I’ve been honest over my identity, have stated nothing but facts, have backed everything with proof, and have kept vital information about Morgan secret in order to honor her memory, her mother has not. She has resorted to this made-for-TV attack on anyone who doesn’t believe her story, including the officials who agonized over Morgan’s death.

The official opinion on Toni Ingram? “Bat-shit crazy” was the phrase used to describe her.

She’s even taken to attacking her grandchildren’s mother, because she dared to step forward and admit publicly that some of Toni’s stalking “proof” was in fact faked by the Ingrams. And yes, I have proof she said that. I’ve screen capped EVERYTHING.

I’ve created this blog to show everyone I have nothing to hide. I don’t hide behind fake accounts. I don’t fake comments. I don’t pretend to be other people. I dare anyone to prove I’ve attacked Sarah Afshar on a personal level at all. I dare anyone to provide proof I’ve threatened Sarah, Toni, or Steve.

On the contrary, check out the things they’ve said about me:







Please remember that these names may or may not be real. They could be using other people’s names and pictures, especially considering some of the pics are mugshots. Also, there are many more Twitter accounts, but these are the most idiotic and show a good example of how even combined, their IQs don’t reach triple digits.

I invite any of the above Twits to make a coherent comment, not one scripted by the person paying them to tweet. I’m not afraid for my IP address to be captured on a site they put up. Why are they afraid to visit mine?

Toni Ingram is a sad, pathetic person who has resorted to insanity to make her look sane. That just doesn’t work. If she had stuck to her story, despite the opposition, she would have earned the respect of people following her story and lent credibility to what she had to say. Instead, angry that she doesn’t have a book or movie deal as planned, she’s spun out of control.

Now, go judge for yourselves.



I removed the last name of a certain person defamed by the troll, per her request.  Nothing else has been changed.

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140 thoughts on “The Bizarre Case of Toni Ingram and her Trolls

  1. Robin

    Great post. I found your site Googling Toni Ingram. I’ve been following the case since shortly after Toni’s blog went up. When I started doubting her, I found many who agreed with me on forums. I feel so badly for Morgan.

    I too, worry about what these kids are going to go through for the rest of their lives. Like you said, every job they apply for, will see these vile stories. What about B’s innocent baby? Why should that baby be ever brought up on a blog? That is despicable behavior. One I would not expect from people who have children and grandchildren. They are ruining lives.

    I will bookmark this site and visit often. Keep up the great work.

    • Corinne M Vanderstreet

      Cmon now, Isn’t it bizzare that Mayra seems very familiar with these spoof call sites//

      • Not at all, it’s called research. You’re presented with a situation, like Toni claiming I called her when I knew I hadn’t, and you try to find possible solutions to that situation. One possibility I found were the spoof sites, which I hadn’t heard about before, so I wrote and asked questions of the site owners, like I said in the posts about spoof sites. It really isn’t bizarre at all. What’s bizarre is that you WOULDN’T realize that intelligent people actually try to find truths for themselves, rather than just react off the cuff or drink the Kool-Aid. I also find it bizarre that rather than commenting on the actual post about spoof sites, you chose to reply to a comment on another post, neither of which mentions spoof sites. The posts on spoof sites are here: and

        See, by researching spoof sites, I was actually trying to find a way to explain Toni believing I had called, yet knowing I have never called her. In other words, I was trying to find her an out, trying to find some other solution than what actually took place; that she lied to police. My research on spoof sites actually proved that no one used one on her. It’s in the post, so why don’t you go back and read it, then, rather than trolling me, you can contact the spoof sites and spoof app makers, question them yourself, then you can contact Officer Todaro at Pitkin Co Sheriffs Dept and ask him if the email I posted where he said there was no evidence I ever called Toni is authentic or not. It’s actually very simple to do your own research. That way, you don’t end up looking foolish.

    • Emma Simpson

      I just wanted to point out something that stuck out to me in the full police report…

      Toni Ingram herself states, “Morgan is very shook up this morning and is starting to get really depressed. I tried to talk her into going to see a therapist that I just started going to see but she said no….I know that no one has a crystal ball to say for sure what might happen but I do think we still have to follow through and get TRO”

      I bring this up because Toni Ingram states herself that Morgan was “the furthest thing from depressed. She was the least depressed person I’ve ever met.”

      Also, its like she was predicting her daughters own demise. Makes it seem like she was all too excited to predict what was to come next. Who references a crystal ball when talking about her daughters possible death?

      How convenient….

      • Emma Simpson

        Also, has anyone thought to contact Toni’s therapist that she admitted to having during the peak of this whole ordeal? Obviously its extremely hard to get anyone’s medical records due to hippa and doctor/patient confidentiality. BUT, if any charges are brought forth in the future against Toni in a civil case (for slander, stalking, harassment, impersonation etc…), her therapist could be subpoenaed. If Toni is in fact suffering from Munchausen by Internet, her therapist COULD shed some light on her mental state during the time leading up to Morgan’s death and possibly after (that is, if Toni continued to see her post suicide).

        I guess my question is, has anyone looked into this supposed “therapist”?

      • We did not, for the reasons stated. It’s pretty apparent that she has some sort of issue, so the information wouldn’t really have changed anything we were doing. Our goal was to bring sanity to an insane situation, so hopefully those kids accused could go on to lead relatively normal lives. Our goal was not to defame Toni. She did that all by herself.

      • Carlos Valenzuela

        I know i’ll most likely be blasted for this comment, but to me it just seems like a psychotically over protective mother that ended up pushing her daughter over the edge and just refuses to take any responsability, based on how toni describes the “stalker”, this is a guy with some CIA/KGB/Ninja skills, there were 18 cameras and a numeric lock and still the guy was never caught on camera or there was any sign of forced entry to the house, also she is contradicting the official coroner report that states that there was remanents of Amitriptyline in her stomach consistent with suicide by OD, she states that she was injected with a liquid form of amitriptyline (which is in fact very hard to obtain without a medical degree due to is high potency).
        Additional to that she decided to acuse two people of murder with any proof whatsoever (not even sircumstantial evidence) and publicly attacked anyone who triend to pint out her nonsense (which in my opinion, she should be looked at by a profesional)

        Ive been following this case for a while now, and i think it is really sad that a situation like this that could’ve been prevented with adequate help, escalated into a full on tragedy and furthermore in to a media circus

        I really hope that someday toni ingram will come to terms with her part in this whole situation and decidea to get some counselling so morgan can finally rest in peace

  2. Thank you, Robin, for reading my blog. Hopefully awareness will keep everyone safe.

    • Thank you for this blog. I am not affiliated with any of the parties personally, but after watching the mother speak (and specializing in FACS), I was alarmed to learn more about the story since she displayed severely aberrant behavior. Along with the unbelievability of the story presented, witnessing the active destruction of legally innocent person(s) peaked my interest further.

      The case of Morgan’s death is not difficult to pin down; she either ingested lethal doses of pharmaceuticals purposefully, accidentally or unknowingly by mom. No other theories that have been proposed and promoted are legally sound, nor logically sound.

      If the death of this 20-year-old wasn’t tragic enough, what’s more disturbing is the known accuser of legally innocent parties, and possibly a culprit of criminal behavior. While a mother ought to make her daughter’s legacy brighter, and stronger with decency, this is sadly not the case here.

      It is immediately, and abundantly clear that the mother is malignantly disturbed – whether it’s NPD, MBP, or a similar disorder – and there’s little doubt that Morgan was a victim of whatever it was. It’s also safe to say the majority of inquirers [on this case] are extremely grateful you (et. al) for properly honoring the memory of Morgan Ingram with facts, honesty, and integrity, especially whilst under attack by those who should appreciate your work the most.

      You are heroes to Morgan Ingram. Thank you.

      • Thank you! J please

      • TDaniels

        Very well put. I agree completely with everything you said ‘TheRightStuff’. I was intrigued by the mothers outrageous claims and unbelievable stories.

        I’m also trying to understand why the mother won’t/can’t accept the obvious truth? Granted, I could never imagine what pain that would cause losing your own child… but why the constant bizarre story for every situation?

        That is what has attracted me to read more into this. I’m also very curious to see what the mother is going to say and create next. Which, I’ll admit, is a little disturbing to myself.

      • If you keep reading, you’ll see that I discussed the case with some experts, who believe Toni may have Munchausen by Internet. It’s the attention they crave. But, it’s also possible she had Munchausen by proxy as it related to Morgan. The stalking didn’t start until Morgan expressed that she wanted to move out.

  3. Sarah

    OMG my jaw drooped to the ground reading this! This could have been written by me. Our storoes, while different in context, are scarily similar.

    I too am being lied about repeatedly online by a delusional “mother” who has tried to convince the web and Anonymous that her child is being sexually abused by her father. She has her name, images, address all over the web. Thing is, its all BS and she hasn’t bothered going to see her child in 2 years . Like yourself, we’ve simply got all the legal docs together to present to the well meaning people she manipulates. She has so many blogs about me claiming I’m part of a pedo ring trafficking her child, that I’m paid to stalk her. The stories about her child, her ex, his lawyer, her child’s advocates, inc me, have escalated so wildly, it would be funny if a child wasn’t being used as a tool to garner attention. She has 25 Sock accs on Twitter (uncovered by Anon?), but is so relentless it’s like whack a mole reaching out to everyone who she dupes. Wow. Just felt compelled to share that with you as I understand exactly how and why you’re involved and how frustrating it is dealing with that level if crazy!

  4. Sarah: I’d say that’s unreal, but I’m living it, so I know it’s very real. Look up Munchausen by Internet. It’s a disorder that can go two ways. Most often the person pretends to have an illness to garner sympathy on line, even joins groups and is well versed in their disease, but other times they seek attention with claims (usually) of stalking and abuse towards the child. I’ve been in contact with the expert in the field. I’d be glad to share their information in private with you. Maybe you can gain some insight. In the mean time, document everything!

  5. I don’t understand the twitter accounts either. If it is about promoting Morgan, why the third grade insults about everyone. If they are real people, like you said, wait, NOOO…there can’t be more than one adult idiot who talks like that right? I tracked them from the yahoo story. I have no problem with the yahoo story being one sided, it’s her side, it is what it is, but the comments, the comments make it lack integrity. The insults of looks, jealous comes out a lot. Jealous, that word is very bizarre to me as an adult, I don’t think I’ve been jealous of anyone since middle school?? It’s stupid. They do have some random half assed info about people, but it’s mostly lies. the blogs Mr. Mann has made or who ever, are just plain, hmmm, tacky, crude, disgusting, stupid, who talks like that?
    Find out who Mr. Mann is,It would be illegal to tell someone everyday that they are ugly, insult them, be mean to them, harrass them, lie about them in person. i know for sure that there are cyber bullying laws for kids, but what about the adults? This can’t be legal can it?

    • I agree; the article by Sarah was one-sided, but it was her side. At the time I commented with a link to the police reports, though, I didn’t know she was buddies with Toni. I just wanted to give her readers the opportunity to see all sides impartially. The comments that cropped up were insane, to say the least. From what I’m told, they continue, all saying the same types of thing. I think they were given a script. Either that, or they have no imagination at all. The trolls on Twitter and Sarah’s blog have done far more damage to Toni’s case than anything else. They represent her by virtue of having her endorsement. It makes her look really bad.

      Like I said way back, if Toni had stuck to her story and not tried all this nonsense with trolls and defamation, even the people who didn’t believe her would have had some respect for the fact that she was sticking to what she believed. It would have lent credibility to her story, and at the very least, provided her with sympathy as a grieving mother. Instead, she chose this odd attack and sounds more like a petulant child who isn’t believed about the unicorn in the garden. Her story changes constantly, with new elements always being thrown in according to what’s suggested to her. She even goes back and changes her blogs. She herself has ruined her own reputation.

      But that’s not my concern. I worry about those close to her and what she might do to get that attention she seems to crave so badly. I hope everyone is safe.

      Regardless of the lies told about me, I have never attack Morgan or her image. I want to see justice for her, too, and would love to see the case reopened. Unfortunately, Toni will never accept anything but what she believes to be true, or at least claims to believe to be true.

      Maybe some day Morgan can rest in peace.

  6. P.S, I don’t think she said faked. she said questionable like, could some of it have been animals, or just be scared enough that your mind play’s tricks on you? Sure. That is what she meant. Nothing was faked. They really did have this stuff happen, they really were scared, they really did think they knew who it was. They really did not know for six months how she died. they really were shocked to find out what they did. she really isn’t a writer who cares about a movie or a book. The fight that night really wasn’t much. Morgan really was on Fb until midnight. the last thing she told a friend was that she loved life and lol. She did have a lot of plans coming up. she was excited about her new guy.She was applying to schools like crazy, she really was going to move, and Toni really did laugh that she would be fine, but Morgan was worried about them, because they really were 3 cute peas in a pod. I honestly in my heart, do not think she killed herself in a fit. there were no plans, Morgan was a writer, she would have said Goodbye.So from 12 am to 3 am? She just decided to kill herself? It’s not like her, and really no motive to. That is all i know.

    • My ex-husband killed himself years after we split up. His new wife told me that he was in the best mood ever in the days before he killed himself. There was a certain relief, knowing he didn’t have to endure what ever it was he found so hard to live with for much longer.

      Does it make sense, Leesa, that all the things that needed to happen for an intruder to kill Morgan could have happened? There was pill residue in her stomach contents, so no one injected her with liquid amitriptyline (which, by the way, has to be special ordered). The knife blade and broken gutter were found months after the Ingrams moved out of the house. Does it make sense that a neighborhood kid got past all the cameras and lights and dogs on the one night the Ingrams took sleeping pills, even though their daughter was being relentlessly hounded by this supposed stalker? How much of what you know to be true was told to you, and how much did you actually witness?

      Toni says that the journal the police took into evidence wasn’t even Morgan’s and that she has the most current journal. Why didn’t she turn it over to the police? She claims they were incompetent, yet she withheld evidence. What was written in that journal? What was on Morgan’s computer?

      There are way too many questions in this case, which is why we’d like to see it reopened, too.

  7. I didn’t say I was Leesa 🙂 I would like it re opened too so that EVERYONE can have peace. Sorry about your ex husband. It’s hard to judge anyone on what they would do if their beloved child just died. It is hard to imagine. I just wish this were more about Morgan, and not name calling, and insults. I don’t understand how it helps anyone. Do you know who Mark Mann is? Is he real?

    • Mark Mann was originally Mark Jorgensen, then changed his Twitter name Mann. Go to to see a side-by-side of a Jorgensen in Australia who looks like an older version on the one on Twitter.

      They (who ever they are) are all chicken, and know they’re breaking laws with defamation, so they use fake names, mugshots for pics, and create more and more accounts. I use my real name, real email addy, real bio, unlike the trolls.

      I can’t say if the real Mark Mann/Jorgensen is part of Toni’s crew or not, but I will say I have people working on consolidating and tracking all the names, blog users, etc. We’ll trace it all back to the person/people responsible.

      And, BTW, none of my group has been involved in name-calling or otherwise contributing to the nonsense flying around on line. If you notice, all Sarah’s comments are one-sided, claiming we’ve said and done things, but without a single shred of evidence, not one link to prove anything, and all hearsay. We’ve been content to just sit and let them make fools of themselves, which they were kind enough to do.

    • BTW, sorry for thinking you were Leesa. I misread the above. I thought you said, “I didn’t say she faked . . .” Clearly, I need more coffee.

      • bengalpuss

        Done some homework, my conclusions are that morgan either committed suicide or accidentally killed herself, failing that, spiderman really exists and obviously climbed around the ingrams house on the night when morgan died, he evaded every device and upsetting the dogs and killed her with his spider powers. Seriously why can.t people see what the truth is, its absolutely ridiculous that this women can accuse that poor lad next door and his girlfriend, then doesn’t even remove a comment saying “She should have her baby killed, see how she’d feel” Wtf. I’ve noticed on toni ingram’s blog that after nearly every comment, she answers and its like she’s loving it, munchausens comes to mind. And where is the evidence of a stalker, i’ve been stalked, and he did more than throw things at my windows. He’d ring me non stop, he’d follow me when i walked somewhere, he’d shout outside my home “I love you” Then when he finally realised it wasn’t reciprocated, it turned nasty, yet morgan had none of this.

      • Sorry to hear about your stalker. Yeah, that’s much more typical of a stalker. Tapping a window night after night is not. Besides, if you look at the pictures of the house sent in to police by Toni herself, there were trees near the window which could have caused the tapping. As for the cracked gutter, it was found after they moved out, and after the snowfall had melted. That kind of crack is not unusual after snow, plus at least 3 people were up there adding their weight to it after the Ingrams moved out. Same thing with the “unique blade” which turned out to be a carpet knife, found, again, after they moved out, and could have been used by maintenance people to spruce up the place for sale.

        The comment about killing the girls baby was probably the biggest mistake Toni made. She lost a lot of followers with that and gained us instead! 😀

        And Munchausen by proxy and/or Munchausen by Internet are diagnoses that have been mentioned by many people involved, many people who’ve just read Toni’s blog and nothing else, and experts in the field I contacted. Toni displays classic symptoms and I fear for those around her.

  8. Lol, no prob. You are right on, ,do they have script? Who say’s stuff like Myra told me to come slander you LOL? Everyone is” ugly, trash, JEALOUS, we are here to not slander you”, LOL it’s crazy, the whole damn thing is crazy, and NONE of it is helping. I have really looked into where the negative response to this came from, I have talked to enough people that it’s the pin pointing. I think with pin pointing, it brings out a side of people who have been wrongly accused or know of someone who has. So it is emotional. If you find out who this Mann person is, it would be Christmas and my birthday if you share that info lol!! Just plain mean and crazy, and stupid…normally I think stupid is bad word, but he’s an idiot!

  9. bengalpuss

    Oh and the comment by “Your mom” I think you hit the nail on the head when you thought it was someone else. The reason i say this is she seems very eager to find out who this “mann” Person is, and even tries to Cajole It out of you by saying “It would make my xmas and birthday, if you could find out who he is, and share” But i think you know that already. Maybe toni was that much of a force in morgan’s life, that when she died, she was left with an empty void, and by doing what she’s doing, fills that void. But its wrong to drag innocent people into this. Also she’s basically calling the police incompetent, but as far as i’ve read been nothing of the sort. What toni is doing is dangerous, and if anyone gets hurt by her malicious lies, then she could end up in deep shit. Even that former prosecutor Marcie Wogan, was asked by toni, to look into it, and she saw it for what it is, a delusional mother not excepting the truth. Who knows maybe morgan’s death has sent her cuckoo.

    • I get so many replies from so many people, many of whom want to be anonymous and just pass along info, and many who try to feed me misinformation. I post nothing until I can back it.

      As for Morgan’s death send her over the edge, it’s possible. But, if you look at a pattern of previous payouts for injuries and other law suits, it’s more likely the family was looking to make some money on her death, either by getting a book/movie deal, or suing Carbondale or the county for incompetence. But, again, I have no proof, just a history to speculate on.

  10. bengalpuss

    Just been on toni’s blog, and she said that morgan wasn.t on any medication and there was none found in her room. She also said that the pathologist was wrong and that he said she had porphyria, which according to her mother she didn.t. And that a certain DA said that the police messed up the crime Scene, what crime scene? Can you shed some light on these questions for me mayra?

    • Read the police report. Not only had she been on amitriptyline for years, she had recently been prescribed gabapentin. The porphyria was never officially diagnosed because Toni refused testing, but at the same time insisted on having her daughter treated for it with the latest forms of treatment. I don’t know about any DA saying anything about ruining a crime scene.

      • bengalpuss

        Its on morgan’s blog April 20th 2013, in which she’s going back a year ago when she received an email from the doctor about not changing the cause of death. And this is the one in which she states that morgan wasn.t taking any medication. Its very recent, she states something about a district attorney saying that the police screwed up the crime scene, but im slightly puzzled, there isn.t a crime scene because no crime had been committed, unless we stick to the spiderman story, and even that doesn’t hold up, because how did spidey get it the house lol.

  11. bengalpuss

    I do empathise with toni, but she’s not doing herself any favours by naming that poor guy next door, she’s bang out of order for doing that, and i’ll say it again “If that was me who she was publicly accusing, i would sue her arse off” also she’s blogged the other day about her excitement that the local radio station has won an award for a show about morgan, she comes across to me as narcissistic as well as suffering(I think she is) With munchausens, a bit like lori handrahan, but not as extreme as that nut job.

    • They’re also trying to blame the kid for the death of some girl named Rosa (no cases we can find in the area that fit the description) because a psychic told them so. Most of the “evidence” comes from the psychos. I mean psychics.

      • bengalpuss

        “All the evidence is coming from the psychos, i mean psychic’s” Lol

  12. Candace

    I found your blog (along with the sites defaming you) from googling Morgan’s name; I had just seen the Dr Phil episode and was curious if there was an update since the show. I visited one of the defamatory sites before this one and although I do not know any of the parties involved, I was sickened by how vile, cruel and hateful the “supporters of Toni Ingram” were. The vitriol and childish insults posted about you and others who have questioned Toni’s version of events was so vicious and negative that I could not read more than a few sentences of it before closing the tab and literally feeling sick to my stomach. I imagine you must find it stressful to have such horrible things posted about you online but I hope you realize that these posts are not reflecting badly on you, but rather on the person/people who wrote them. I can’t imagine any sane person reading those blogs and turning on you when it is obvious that you are the victim of harassment by some mentally unbalanced people. My advice would be to completely ignore these people, don’t read their posts,block them from your accounts; the aggravation is not worth it and should they continue coming for you it will be plainly obvious that they are obsessed stalkers while you are the bigger person who does not have time for their immature e-drama. Take care.
    P.S. After researching the case,I am quite sure that Morgan did commit suicide and I believe that both her and her mother were affected with mental illness.

    • Thank you for posting. You’ve made some interesting observations, which I’m sure others have wondered about, too.

      I agree with trying to ignore the trolls, and We did ignore the trolls originally; after all, like you said, it was apparent to everyone what was going on and reflected on Toni herself. However, they started getting more and more bold, in my opinion inciting violence. Some straight out threatened my life, and the lives of the accused. I don’t fear them; they’re flaccid when it comes to action, but the concern was for other people who would read just a portion of this whole story — say the Tweets, for instance — and believe that we’re protecting a rapist/ninja stalker/murder and decide to take matters into their own hands. I can’t help thinking that’s exactly what Toni wanted. So, we have to keep responding with truths, more links for people to find (you won’t believe the number of URL’s we bought!) and documentation of their threats. This way, if something were to happen, it would be very easy to known where to start the investigation.

      So what they say doesn’t bother any of use; we document, observe, warn the right people, get help from others, and let them continue to make fools of themselves and Toni.

    • Anonymous1990

      I don’t wanna give up my personal info for obvious reasons, but there is an update from 2014 on a Podcast Sword & Scale episodes 11 and 12. You hear her side of the story in interviews and stuff and…nothing adds up. She said her daughter was SLEEPING IN A CLOSET and they were throwing rocks at a window…in the closet. When asked how the “stalker” knew she was in the closet she said Because she would leave the windows open and talked loud.

      The fight actually consisted of her calling her mom a bitch and then the next day she was killed. Toni ALSO said that her daughter was “raped and murdered.”

      The police also found LIQUID TRANQUILIZERS in her stomach, so she ingested it, not injected. She was also VERY sickly when she was a child until she moved out of her mom’s house then her health magically got better.

      Her MOM’S car was keyed with the word “bitch” when she decided to drive it last minute before the stalking actually got bad. How did anyone else know she was driving her mom’s car before the stalking got bad? Did her mom do it to get her to move back?

      She was also going clubbing. If you’re stalked, you’re too scared to leave your house. Much less go clubbing.

      • I would love to hear from her friends during that time, because she often stayed with friends and was never bothered outside her home, as you say.

        You day she moved out of the house. We didn’t find any evidence of that, other than extended trips. We heard she was planning on moving with some friends. If you know something different, please share, or you can email me and I’ll keep things confidential.

        Thanks for commenting.

  13. Katia

    I saw this story today on Dr. Phil. Afterward I googled Toni Ingram’s name to find this blog. My take on the situation is this: Toni was probably always somewhat neurotic, as a lot of people are, but after the death of her daughter, she went off the deep end. She is in complete denial about her child’s drug use, her child’s depression, and the problems with her relationship with her daughter. She has demonized the neighbor girl who was probably in an adversarial relationship with her daughter (it’s normal for our kids to have some enemies as well as friends). In her mind it gets bigger and bigger and now she believes the girl’s father and even her mother are all involved in this murder plot. The problem is, she believes her own stories. She needs professional help because at this point she is becoming dangerous to the neighbor people. Neither Dr. Phil or anyone else can reason with someone who has gone crazy in this way. Someone needs to intervene before it’s too late.

    • This is why we got involved in the first place. We saw the threats made about Brooke’s baby, threats Toni allowed as comments on her blog, which she carefully moderates. We saw how the reputation of these people were being ruined. If it were my son or daughter, I’d want help, too.

      But it’s gotten beyond a grieving mother in denial. She’s gathered a group of trolls to make hate sites and libel anyone who disagrees with her, has tried to get activist groups such as Anonymous to stop us, has falsified evidence to the police, claiming I was calling and harassing her; all in an attempt to stop me. I’m her most visible detractor. She doesn’t realize I’m just the “front man” for a group who is determined to make the truth available to the public.

      If she truly believed her lies, truly cared about nothing but exposing the truth and bringing awareness to stalking, like she claims, then these other things she’s done, this time she’s devoted to trying to silence me and the group I’m a part of, and the hours spent using sock accounts to pretend to be her own fans and make up lies about me and others make no sense whatsoever.

      No, she’s not about truth or awareness. She has another agenda, and right now that agenda seems to be to stop the people who don’t believe her.

      I used to have sympathy for her; not anymore. I do, however, have a lot of sympathy for the family, even the men who enable her very unhealthy and pathologic behavior. They are so sucked into her manipulation they can’t see what’s really happening, nor do they want to. Morgan got out the only way she knew how. And even now, she’s not free.

      No amount of investigation is every going to satisfy Toni. There will always be some conspiracy, some lies, some something that makes her and her “psychics” right, and the rest of the world wrong.

      The only hope is for her husband or son to man up and say enough’s enough.

      • This is her son, and I manned up to you. I ignored everything for a year, I never read anything or was apart of anything, I just respected what my parents thought was right. It wasn’t until recently that they told me everything that was being said about them, that I decided I would speak out. As my wife has said you do make a lot of good points, but so does my mom. Morgan DID NOT have a drug problem. My mom is not crazy. BTW, she’s a nervous laugher, she always has been( you guy’s seem to mention that a lot). She’s the strongest women I’ve ever met. You have called her multiple times, because she screened shot them to me, that is how I got your number, that is why I called you. I called you to say if you want to talk to me, talk to me. You want to talk about me, at least be real about it. I don’t hide behind fake names and on line accounts and harrass people or make up lies. Morgan was harrassed for months, plain and simple. My parents just took the advice from police that was given to them. I tried to help on a few occassions, I wish I had done more. it is plausible that someone got in their house. Brooke knows she keyed the car, she knows that’s her on tape. Keenan knows that’s him on tape. They will never admit to anything , because “IF” they weren’t in the house that night, they KNOW they fucked with her months. They know it,and they have to live with themsleves. Plain and simple Morgan would be alive today if werent for them. An I hope they know that, and I hope it eats at them everyday. If you are SO against that, then you should want the investgaton to happen as much as my mom does. If my kid was being accused of this, I would “man up” and badger the police just as much as the other side to say, PROVE this didn’t happen, open it,you guys should want it just as much as we do. But they dont, because theyre scared shitless about what the police would actually find. They are responsible for her death. They know it. If you really want to call and harrass someone, call the police. IF youre really so sure and so right, jump on the bandwagon to open it. My mom will never have closure until that happens.She hasn’t “gone crazy” Her daughter died after months of being stalked, fucked with, scared, whatever you want to call it, and NO ONE can tell us why, or how.So I’m sorry Myra, but there is no manning up to tell my mom to stop, I support her 100 percent. YOU should support an investigation too!

      • Dude, I NEVER called her. You can call Pitkin County Sheriffs, Deputy Todaro, and ask him. They’re subpoening records that prove I never called. There are many programs on line that allow people to fake screenshots on incoming phone calls. Do the research yourself. Your mom got my number the same way anyone can, by looking on my business site.

        I NEVER said Morgan has a drug problem. Your mother has lumped me and a whole lot of other people together, saying we’re the same person. We are all individuals, who do our own thing. Like I’ve said time and time again, I write on my blog and on the Twitter account. I don’t write on the other blogs. I don’t comment on any boards any longer (not since the beginning). I don’t write your mother. I don’t comment on her blog. I have nothing to say to her. What would be the point?

        I can understand you wanting to protect her, but do it with your eyes wide open. Call Pitkin County and get the info yourself. If you just listen to your mother or your wife or your father or even me, you’re cheating yourself of the opportunity to learn the truth for yourself.

        My group has been calling for a new investigation for a long time, too. I’ve even spoken to people in Garco, begging them to open the investigation. Garco can verify that. I have the emails to prove it, too. Thing is, your mom isn’t telling you those parts. She’s not telling you anything that’s really going on.

        Ask her about Sarah. Read my blogs and pastebin ( and follow the links, look for yourself. Your mother has endorsed those trolls to say things about me that are not substantiated in any way. I’ve backed everything I’ve said with links and proof. These trolls talk a lot of crap, but prove nothing. They say my daughter was pregnant at 11 years old. They say my crime scene clean up business steals meth from meth houses we clean (like there’s meth lying around when we get there to clean). They say I impersonate cops. They say I’m about 20 other people. I can go on and on. And who are these trolls? Sarah Afshar and her crew, and that’s been proven without a doubt by grabbing IP addresses. Sarah steals identities and posts as them.

        I think if you took a step back and really researched (not just listened to what you were told, but dug deep, got confirmation from outside source, etc.), you might rethink your position. You will always love your mother, as you should, but I’m not so sure you’ll buy everything she tells you if you really dug, and I suspect you know that deep inside and that scares you a little bit.

        I’m not trying to turn you against your mother or even change your mind about what you think happened to Morgan. All I’m trying to do is get you to do your research before you react. I never called your mom, but because you saw a fake screen shot, you’ve called and left me threatening messages.

        Here’s an example of a free app that can create the type of screen shot your saw: There are also places you can go on line so you can fake phone calls. You go to the site, punch in the number you want to appear on the person’s caller ID, and it dials it. So it shows up on a caller ID as that number having called, when it didn’t. Thing is, it won’t show up on the actual phone bill, the one from the phone company. Those are the records that have been subpoenaed (hopefully), the ones that can’t be faked.

        I already sent the official phone records from my phone account to the sheriff’s department. The concede that I never called your mom. So talk to Deputy Todaro, or his supervisor, Deputy Burcheta.

        Then ask yourself why she would fake that.

  14. I never meant to appear as if I was a threat. Pissed off? Sure. Could I have a conversation with you ? Sure. I don’t know much about Sarah, but I hardly believe anyone has that much time, or that much crazy to do what you say she is doing. Here’s another thing I think about, because of The Dr. Phil show, we have a LOT of random crazy people that are probably fucking with ALL of us. Making you think it’s us, and us thinking it’s you, and they can just sit back and laugh , watching the drama unfold. You don’t think there are people out there that are just “FUCKING” with us and you and anyone else they want involved? Of course there is. I don’t give two shits what anyone say’s about me, but for people to think that my mom is just some lunatic , and morgan was pushed to the edge by her, let it be stated, NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL. From the bottom of my heart, digging deep, she died over this;. There are three ways, they got in the house.or it was some freak thing by being scared and sleep deprived, or she killed herself over IT. OVER THEM. They KNOW in THEIR hearts, they fucked with her , for a long time. They tortured her. Bottom line, I will always know she is dead because of them. And believe me, they know it too. If you don’t know anyone involved as you say, then this doesn’t have to be a “war” against each other. I agree a lot of the insults against ALL of us, are absurd. Why did it turn into that? Who gives two shits about anything about any of us, except for the fact that Morgan died. 20 year olds don’t just up and die. Believe me, I have dug deep, and it makes me sick to know she died over this. No other way around it, I don’t know how, but she did. They are responsible. Good luck on your venture to have it opened. Everyone who really cares should be on that same page.That’s where I’m at with it. Have a good day.

    • Ryan, your theory is possible except for one thing, IP addresses. Sarah made the mistake of pissing off someone in Anonymous, who has captured “Mark Mann’s” IP address as hers, and is in the process of a full dox showing the connections between her and all those trolls who follow your mother on Twitter and who your mother actively talks with. People she’s invited to this rally. People who don’t exist. Yes, it’s crazy how much time has been devoted to all those sock accounts, but you can’t lie about the IP addresses.

      We have a lot of documentation, Ryan.

      I am very sorry about your sister’s death. I’ve come to know her a little bit as a person. She was extremely talented, caring, and spiritual. She was also beautiful. But, there is no way anyone could have gotten into that house unseen by any of the cameras, including the ones put up by the police, without tripping any lights, getting past the dogs, past the keypad lock, past your parents, and forced her to ingest the amitriptyline. There was sludge in her stomach, so she definitely ingested it. Liquid amitriptyline has to be special ordered, not something lying around ranches or easily ordered off line, and the ami patches are made for small animals, not horses. Look on-line. There was no date rape cocktail. Just the amitriptyline and it’s metabolite (what it breaks down into), and the Flexeril and it’s metabolite, and interestingly the metabolite of nicotine called cotinine, which means she either smoked or was around a smoker. No date rape cocktail.

      So that brings us to her being driven to suicide. It’s possible, but I don’t think there was anyone lying on the roof and using an extendable rod to tap her window; there was nothing on the cameras. No one was throwing rocks; there were no rocks under the window. And if you look at your mom’s own timeline carefully, your mother experienced more sightings/events than Morgan did. I think Morgan may have heard something at her window a night or two, animals or branches, and got scared. Then yes, I think your mother ran with it. I know we’ll never agree on this, but there’s no indication there was a stalker. Why was Morgan safe outside the home? No problems or fears when she was out with friends. In fact, she often stayed the night with friends to get relief. That means the stalking happened only at the house. No one bothered her at her friend’s house. If she really had a stalker, she would have been safe no where.

      Your family lived in a cul-de-sac, so there were times when Keenan would be behind Morgan as she was leaving or coming home. If it was hyped to her that she had a stalker, of course seeing him would scare her. But, I don’t think he was following her, watching her, or even thought about her until his life got turned upside down by all this. Brooke may have keyed the car, sure. I don’t know, but there’s huge difference between keying a car and killing someone. And who’s to say that message was meant for Morgan at all? If Morgan was driven to suicide, it was because of her PERCEPTION of a stalker, and I’m pretty sure that had nothing to do with those kids.

      If you would like to talk in person, go ahead and call me and I’ll answer. I will record the call, though, so you decide what you want to do.

      And, BTW, I understand why you were pissed off. You thought I was calling your mother. That’s why I’ve been stressing to find out for yourself. It’s in the hands of the DA right now, but phone records directly from the phone company, not downloaded from the phone company’s web site, will prove that. Again, why would your mother go to that extreme to try to get me in trouble? Why would she lie to you about me calling? If it were my mother, I would think maybe there’s something going on that I’m not aware of and start doing some checking.

    • Lou70

      Well I am sorry I’m not going to be so diplomatic this whole situation is just so bizarre. If my child died and I believed to be murdered I don’t think I would have them cremated just incase new evidence could come to light to solve it. Everything about this entire situation just doesn’t sit right and as much as you wanna scream at everyone jumping to conclusions if you think people are so wrong thinking freely the way they do then scream at the documentary makers as they are the ones that made this tragic tragic story international. But I have watched the ‘other’ documentaries where young ppl are being accused and watching all of them worn down by this. It’s totally unfair on their lives there is no concrete proof coz if there was action would have been taken. There is no conspiracy why would there be? We have all lost someone so I am not being callous I have lost ppl to murder natural causes suicde and disease none are pretty all feel unjust. And I am not alone in my losses most people have gone through these traumatic things. It’s high time to put it to rest. As pointing fingers gets nowhere and helps no one and there is no proof other than theories…

      • I have to be careful with what I say because Toni and co. want me gone. I’m a thorn in her side. You, however, are free to say what you think, so please, rant on!

        The reason we got involved in the first place was because of the people she was accusing. I kept trying to imagine my son being falsely accused of not just rape and murder, but serial rape and murder because of psychics who have been demonstrably wrong on the majority of what they say. Without knowing those kids, we decided we had to shed some sanity and logic into an insanely illogical situation. Hopefully, when they go to apply for schools or jobs, the work we did well stand out over the lies Toni and company told.

      • BTW, is there a new “documentary” about this? It just never ends. I guess you can’t fix stupid.

    • Emma Simpson

      I quote: “This is due to suicide being the second biggest killer of 15–29-year-olds in the world today. Officially, over 160,000 people under the age of 25 will kill themselves this year—that’s over 50 times more than died in the September 11 terrorist attacks (unofficially, that’s described as a “gross underestimate”).”

      Don’t do your sister injustice by ignoring scholarly research.

  15. At this point, I;m not sure what we have to talk about. My parents have their side and you and your group have yours. Be leary of IP addresses, It seems if you’re smart enough, you can get around it? I don’t know who these people are on twitter, I don’t know if they’re real or not. My theory is just that random people have picked up on the story and God know’s who we are dealing with. I REALLY don’t think it’s my parents. My parents are actually pretty busy people. I can’t imagine them having the time or energy to do any of this, if everything you think is true, then I would have to sit back and say, WOW, my parents are not who I have ever known them to be, I don’t know them at all. You know why I can’t say that though? Because I DO know them, I’m very close to them, I talk to them every other day, so none of what you’re saying makes sense to me. Some day’s I get a good laugh when I hear something, and then some day’s, I feel bad for them, and them some day’s I get pissed off. Let’s finish it on this note. Your calling K, a crazy ninja stalker is just as absurd as my parents being sick, evi, and l demented wackos. Nothing makes sense. On a final note. It did happen Myra. There were 4 months of fear, four months of crazy. Four months of every convo we had, was about Morgan was fucked with, she is still being fucked with, and then after awhile, ok ,Morgan must have a stalker because what the fuck is going o? It’s still happening?.No way in hell my parents invented that. Why would they ? They just went completly insane one day for no reason and thought they would fuck with their pride and joy? No fucking way.I feel like I am a wealth of knowledge and insight into this. I’m not going to call you, because I don’t know if we are in some sort of supposed Ryan call’s me hupla. I don’t feel that way about you. You can call me, you can record it, I don’t care. You have some good points myra, and you have made for tv points too, I’m just a simple guy, and my interview would be simple too. Bottom of my heart Myra, you’re way off on a lot of things.

    • I’m not going to discuss theories of what I think really happened or how. I try to deal in facts only, things I can prove, and everything I’ve blogged can be proven and has a link. I don’t toss out things for shits and giggles like those trolls do.

      In fact, I know a lot more stuff that never made it on my site or the sites of my fellow board members. We’ve kept a lot of stuff secret out of respect for Morgan and her family. Our board is private for that very reason. We’re not what you’re being told we are. We’re no connection to the accused, any more than we’re connected to you. We’re not part of a conspiracy.

      I don’t know why your mom felt she needed to go the troll route, but all these trolls link back to your mother’s Twitter account. She has conversations with them, inviting them over and stuff. She knows who they are, and who they aren’t. Pick one of the sock accounts, go back to the beginning of it’s existence, and just start reading. Like I said, I’m not trying to convince your of anything but to research for yourself.

      Yes, IPs can be gotten around by using proxies. That’s why the IPs we’ve captured are proof of who these people really are. A proxy would show different IP addresses, not ones that lead directly to a person’s home. The IPs we’ve captured lead back to individuals, not proxies, and are consistent. I don’t know of any way to make your IP look like it’s come from a particular computer at a particular location. I’m convinced they weren’t faked.

      But that’s all being handled by others, and eventually it will be shown who is behind which sock, how they all tie in together, the whole bit. Sarah and her crew are not sophisticated enough to hide Internet footprints. In fact, the way she got caught is proof of that.

      You’re a good son who loves his family. Nothing wrong with that. All I’m saying is don’t let your anger get the better of you without doing your homework first. And that holds for what you’re told by anyone. If someone tells you the sky is blue, pull back the curtains and look for yourself, don’t ask someone else to look for you.

      So, pull back the curtain.

      • The sky is blue Myra, that’s the problem. It isn’t orange, red, black, purple, etc. It is blue. Clear as day.

      • Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you expect it to be blue, but it’s cold and gray, or is bright orange or purple with night. Thing is, you won’t know for sure unless you look for yourself.

    • Emma Simpson

      ” If you can make someone afraid, you can make them do anything”

      I say this because your mother instilled fear within your family. You all are literally mobilized by the fears in which she planted that plagued your lives and home.

      Hitler did the same thing to the Nazis in WWII. The only thing scarier than fear itself, is perceived fear. Think about that.

  16. Jade

    Mayra, you know much more about this case than i do, but i think you make a very good point that if Morgan truly had a stalker, she would not have been safe anywhere. In fact, if someone was stalking her, i would imagine the safest place FOR her would have been her home, where she would probably have been much more protected than anywhere else. Moreover, my thought is that many people who have stalkers are probably afraid to LEAVE their homes, because that’s when they’re most vulnerable. I should know 😉

  17. This is fascinating! I am sorry for her brother, because it’s tragic that he lost a sister, and I understand that once things get to a certain stage it is hard to see things clearly, but I will look at the police reports and stick to the facts on this one ~ I suggest there may be a little bit of guilt on the mothers side for the terrible decision her daughter made, and perhaps it is easier to point the finger elsewhere, not that that excuses any of her actions or helps anybody at all, The truth is often simple in its perfection.

  18. Karen Tamewitz

    How much longer can this worman get by with this utter crap it makes no science lady nuts can’t blame son for trusting mom but I suspect deep down he knows Something not right!

  19. Christine

    I am so happy to read this blog!! I only learned of Morgan’s case yesterday and as I read it I went from “og my god evil stalkers they need to pay for this!” and to “wait… what???” pretty quickly. To me, it’s not rocket science that something is completely off. Only it’s not what Morgan family claims but rather that they claim thinsg in he first place. I don’t doubt that Morgan was going through hell but it’s not because of any of the young people her mother mentions on her blog. I am shocked that SHE can get away with these random accusations! It should not be welcome in any democratic country. In my opinion every single thing Morgan’s mother writes makes her look worse. I understand that she suffered a loss but clearly she doesn’t understand why or how. I really don’t even think anybody should give her the time of day but rather leave the case alone but I just wanted to thank you for standing up for innocent people and for being the voice of reason.

    • Just paying it forward. If it were my kid, I’d want help, too. What Toni doesn’t realize is if her story held any weight at all, I would have been her biggest advocate and she would have accomplished a lot more than cyberbullying at this point. She just doesn’t seem to understand that her biggest enemies are her followers. They are doing her so much more harm than good, and obviously handing out pretty bad advice.

  20. Questioning Mind

    Wow! I can’t believe this. Wait. I’m not saying that I don’t believe you ~ or that I don’t believe Morgan was stalked. I ran into this story while researching stalking. Trying to get into the mind of a stalker, so obviously THIS wasn’t where I needed to land, but I got sucked in fast. The story is tragic and this is about the 5 billionth page I’ve landed on over it. I’ve dealt with internet trolls before, so I feel for you. Quite honestly, I found your comments in the one forum I did read a few threads in very intelligent. While we may not completely agree, we do agree that naming people without adequate proof is not the way this should have been handled.

    As for your trolls, I can’t say whether they’re from Toni. There’s been more than once that people randomly stood up for me online. People who had spoken to me but had many accounts have used those accounts to launch an attack against someone who was hurting me. Maybe that’s a similar case; I don’t know. As for the screenshot phone call, the same trolls could have used the same apps to call Toni. I only know because my son found an app a couple of years ago and had a blast calling me from numbers that would be known to my phone . . . I’d answer expecting my mother (1000 miles away from me) and it would be my son, who was in another room.

    I tend to give the benefit of the doubt as long as I possibly can, as you can probably see. I believe that both you and Toni would love to have this case reopened and the truth brought to light. Sadly, I can’t say whether we’ll ever see that happen. I have to agree that the wild theories and constant finger-pointing have discredited Toni in a way that has seriously hurt those chances.

    I wish, though . . . that whomever has put up all the sites flaming people would take them down post haste. Poorly made, lacking credence, they also do a lot of harm to this case. I ran across those long before I ran across police files, but they made me more determined to find more info, which led me to some truths that I would otherwise have not seen.

    Thanks for looking for the truth.

    • Thank you for you comments. In the beginning, we also thought that maybe Toni had gotten involved way over her head with these trolls, and actually gave her the benefit of the doubt. The faked phone calls to the police, for instance, were brushed off as a prank call only because I informed the officer about the prank call sites, sent him links, and explained how it could be possible. I even questioned the sites about how they worked and how it would look on phone bills and such, and passed the information along to LE. The problem is that Toni continued to deliberately lie about the phone calls. She said that I had promised to cooperate with police, but then later refused to send him my phone records, when in fact, I not only sent him my phone records the very day he called, but begged him to subpoena both our records so there’d be no question of tampering from either of us. Toni kept urging her followers to call and report me for phone harassment, even when I have called none of them. She kept saying I was still calling and harassing her, refusing to cooperate with police, etc., knowing full well that wasn’t the case. That’s why I posted the email from the officer investigating these supposed calls, where he states that phone records show I never made a call to her and she NEVER RECEIVED a call from me. Had it been a prank call, on her phone records it would have looked like I called her.

      The records into that investigation are also available to anyone who cares to check for themselves, so there’s really no sense in lying about it, except she expects people to just take her word for it. And all the while, she’s tweeting to people how sorry she is they’re going through phone harassment from me, or Jodin is lamenting that I said something about his daughter (I never did, nor did anyone in my group. In fact, he’s the one who was saying stuff about my daughter). They sit there tweeting to each other how horrible it is to put up with all my harassment, yet never, not once, proved anything they’ve said. She never posted her phone records, nor has anyone else who claimed I called.

      The official police investigation into the supposed stalking and murder is another issue. Toni claims we redacted the reports that we had originally put up. So, in response, we ordered and paid for all the available records from the county and posted them as a PDF so people could see for themselves that we altered nothing. We posted them exactly as we received them, and even though anyone can order those records for themselves and compare what they receive side by side with what we received, see that we changed nothing, Toni is still insisting we altered the records. She’s counting on people not wanting to pay for the cost of the records and will just take her word for it. I can understand her maybe saying we didn’t post everything IF there were papers they released to her, as a family member, that they didn’t release to us, but she’s not saying that. She’s saying we changed up what we received.

      As for the hate sites, we have documentation that she not only is aware of them, but is a party to them.

      These are not the actions of an innocent person.

      So while it would be nice to keep giving her a pass, saying she’s being played by this troop of trolls, there’s simply no way that could be possible. An innocent person doesn’t present falsified evidence to police, then continue to lie to the public about the whole thing, despite the proof to the contrary. And if she would go to these lengths to lie about me in the hopes of shutting me down, then what else has she lied about, falsified, enhanced, exaggerated, or faked? She has ruined her own credibility. I think the bigger question, at this point, isn’t if she was aware of all this and was doing it intentionally or not — it’s clear she was — but why. Why would she lie about the phone calls, present false evidence, contribute to hate sites, contribute to sock accounts, and trolling? What would she gain by doing that?

      Believe me, if there was any evidence that Morgan had been stalked and murdered, I would be Toni’s biggest ally, but not only is there absolutely no proof of that happening (and plenty of proof to the contrary), but her actions have just cemented my belief that she’s not being truthful about what happened that December night, and I, too, have been urging authorities to reopen the case; have been for a year.

      Contrary to what she claims, we are all for a new investigation, and I really hope CBI takes it up. I don’t think she’ll be happy with the results, though.

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    the online users; they will get benefit from it I am sure.

  22. Cindy

    Mayra, I just stumbled upon the podcast Sword and Scale. That was the first time I ever heard about this case. That woman’s interview was very strange. Here she is talking about a dead child and sounded so cheerful and excited. The whole thing is very strange.

    I don’t know if I missed it in the podcast, but how did you become involved in this? It’s very odd and scary how strangers all over are being affected by this family’s craziness.

    • I got involved when a group of us looked into the claims, and for clarity, ordered the official records. After reviewing the records, talking with various people involved, and noticing Toni’s story changing and becoming more and more unbelievable, we decided to make the official documents available for anyone else interested in delving deeper. That’s the extent of our “crimes”. The fact that making official documents available created such a problem in the minds of Toni and her supporters, makes you wonder why. The reports aren’t editorialized, so there shouldn’t be a problem. But, rather than carrying on, I guess they decided a hate campaign was the way to go. The stuff they claim about us is almost 100% incorrect, and despite encouraging them to back their claims, they have yet to do so. Instead, they just dream up more stuff. I wonder why. It’s certainly not the logical reaction, and frankly, makes me wonder about the stability of some of the people involved.

      • Cindy

        Mayra, I have been dealing with a person/family very much like the Ingram bunch for over 14 years. It’s incredible the lengths they will go to. Just be careful because sometimes evil and crazy people win. Twisted minds can twist reality and sometimes can make others believe their version.

      • I’m so sorry to hear you’re dealing with that. I’ve been amazed by the number of people who have told me similar stories. I guess crazy and the Internet don’t mix. One community – and I mean the entire community – in Florida has been victim to one extremely disturbed person. The local library has changed it’s Internet usage policy to keep her from spending all day posting really insane allegations. One I can remember was accusing her neighbors of allowing their children outside to shoot guns at passing cars . . unsupervised! I mean, that’s really bizarre! She is positive everyone is conspiring to get her, that her “stalkers” have stalked others . . . it’s really disturbing to read her rantings, and yet Toni has embraced this woman and encouraged her delusions, which in my mind is completely unethical. This woman has now incorporated me into her delusions and is busily out trying to prove I was there stalking her or someone near her or something. It’s very sad they’d us a mental disturbed person in this way, but that just shows their character and makes everything they say and do even more suspect.

        They really haven’t figured out that they’ve done more damage to their image than anyone else. In fact, I’d say they’ve done all the damage to their image, since all we did was post facts. They literally sabotaged themselves!

        I wish you luck with your harassers!

    • Leave it alone then. What are you scared of?? If my parents were so guilty then we would not pushing so hard huh? We’re not… are you? Open it then.

  23. Cindy

    I should clarify. I’m not dealing with internet stalkers. I am dealing with people that tell lies, steal, and some do Munchausen by proxy stuff. It’s odd sometimes a very sick person in a family can almost turn the entire family into a “cult”. I don’t know how else to explain it. Anyway, I have heard/read very little about you, but from what I’ve seen you are an intelligent strong person. Good Luck to you.

  24. Open the case then.

    • I completely agree. I’ve been saying that the case needs to be reopened all along, and have even said sui to LE.

  25. They’re not scared of you, or trolls, or any thing else. We know what we know…we know what you do not. Simple truth.

    • Why would anyone need to be scared of me? I’ve never threatened them, and if they’re still saying I call and all that, then you DON’T know what you know; you’re being lied to. As for being scared of the trolls, they’re their trolls, so why would they be afraid of their own people? Kinda lost you on that one, Ryan.

    • Ryan, Here’s an example of their “truth”:

      Mayra Marie Martinez from Eugene, Oregon has called Ryan Ingram not once but 40 times in just one day. What does she say? Nothing. She laughs and blares music (the song “loser” by Beck). Why is she doing this? She wants Ryan to call her back, so she can record him and try to make him look like the bad guy. The only problem is, Mayra Martinez is the only bad person in this mess. She’s defending a murderer and when the truth comes out, she’ll prove she’s not only trash, but a huge liar too.

      This is on one of the hate pages by Jodin Davunt ( You know this isn’t true. If it were, you could easily prove it by showing your phone records. But frankly, if you claim this as truth, then it would mean you are fully aware of the lies and smear campaign, and this statement of simple truth is simply a lie. If you are surprised by this statement,then you have to ask yourself why they would go to this extreme if they are just trying to get the truth out there.

      I have recordings of you calling, but those were unanswered phone calls and voice messages you left, so how does the above statement even make sense? I never called your mother. I uploaded a screenshot of the email from the deputy in Piktin confirming that. If you don’t trust the screenshot, then simply request the transcripts of the case, like we did with Morgan’s official documents. It may cost you a few dollars, but then you can believe your own eyes and not just what you’re told, and then ask the hard questions of why the lies, why the false allegations against me, why the hate sites filled with lies, and if this was falsified, what else was?

      You can get this information entirely on your own, and the wise man would do just that.

      • Leesa Weist

        We don’t read anything on twitter, we have no idea who those people are ( and we are not fans of them, they slandered me too all over the internet. )  Toni has also said she does not know who they are. I didn’t know anyone was talking about me  intil  Jan. of 2013. I was shocked and angry and mortified. I looked at for months , and then one day, I said , I just don’t care, and I just won’t look. Every once in awhile I look if I’m bored, and it just makes me laugh now, because it doesn’t effect my life for people to call me names . It doesn’t hurt me, nor do I care. I get emails to this blog whenever someone writes on it , and then another one about keenan, but that’s about it. Their website the truth about keenan, had a picture of not only me, but any of my friends that followed me on my twitter. The last one was hilarious , they’re so “smart” they had a picture of my married,  LESBIAN mother of one, EMT, as micheal odeguard hahahaha, who ever that is, I don’t know, but it was very offensive. They’re so “smart” they didn’t even know he was a SHE LOL  And Ryan has never recieved 40 phone calls from anyone except me maybe haha. You both have different agendas, but that doesn’t mean people have to hate each other and be so nasty. I have NO idea who those people are on twitter, and I don’t care. Whoever they are , they are nasty, vile , people who talk like third graders lol.  I’m really not supposed to comment on this stuff, but that was just stupid. We just have to ignore it is what Toni tell’s me 🙂

      • Those aren’t Twitter comments, those are from the hate sites put up by Jodin Davunt (he had proudly proclaimed them as his until he realized he could get in trouble for defamation, so he took his name off). There are at least 5 sites that all say the same thing, all have the same pictures, and all put up by Jodin. Believe me, Toni is fully aware of those hate sites and backs them, otherwise she’d be telling these people (who all say they work for the Morgan Ingram Foundation) to stop doing things in her name, stop the hate sites, stop the lying.

        Thanks for admitting I haven’t called Ryan. He hasn’t called me since that one night either. You know that I think you and Ryan are being lied to by Toni, manipulated, and that I believe she has an illnesses. This is just an example. These people, like Jodin and Sarah and the other trolls, are Toni’s voices. They say and do what she would like to say and do but can’t, and they do it with her approval.

        And yes, I remember when they had the stuff up about you. Same sites, they just add or subtract people according to where they stand in the whole murder versus suicide thing. It is almost comical how stupid they are in their allegations, then how they go and swear everything they say is the truth, and the proof is (drum roll please) their own hate sites!

        Can’t fix stupid, though!

      • Leesa Weist

        I honestly don’t know anything about it. I refuse to follow as does Ryan. They started on twitter before their sites . I tried to be open and understanding to everyone involved and tried to get answers TO HELP , and all it did was make me a target. I have no idea where they come up with the stuff that they have said . Things that they said about us are half truths , or all together full blown lies. NOT ONE thing was correct… except I do  in fact have a big nose, ( But I like it lol)  Ryan has even been photo shopped into a bizarre picture. No one besides those people on twitter or their sites have ever bothered us, nor tried to contact us. You and I mutually talked once a year and half ago with respect to both sides of the case, Ryan called you a few times in one night, one time ever, but he was angry. I hope you still don’t have our address up 🙂  We miss Morgan very much and our lives have been forever altered from her death. I hope every one gets the answers they seek and much needed healing and peace. For the life of me I don’t understand the sites. If this is a just a random person that heard of the case and is not involved, it is a very sick person, and a very mean and spiteful person, possibly mildly retarded??. I wish it were illegal. Attacking K and B is one thing but to attack family of Morgan , and anyone who disagrees or has tried to help , is mind blowing. I don’t read your stuff either, I have never spoken to Marcie.  I did have a respectful relationship with Heather, were we both trying to find answers. For my own sanity I just can’t follow .

      • You’re address up? I don’t recall putting your address up anywhere. I did post the messages Ryan left on my voice mail, but I don’t remember putting up anyone’s address, other than what might be on the official documents, and that address would have been from before you move to where you’re at now. In fact, I never posted the official findings from deputy Todaro (other than his email saying Toni’s phone records showed no calls from me) so that personal phone numbers and acquaintances wouldn’t get dragged into the troll media circus.

        The person who put up those hate sites is Jodin Davunt, who lists himself as a victim’s advocate for Morgan’s foundation and is in contact with Toni. So, while there may be mental issues involved with the poster, there’s no mystery as to who is putting up the hate sites. I’m sure Sarah has a hand in then, too, as the style is similar to the Michael Odegard hate sites, and there is very well documented connection between Sarah, fake accounts, and the attack on Odegard.

      • Leesa Weist

        I wrote Amy Davaunt once on Facebook and Jodin. She responded, be he did not, she said she couldn’t google her self anymore either or she would cry, and that her Jodin was NOT aware his name was being used for those sites and that it wasn’t him.  I am not fond of Sarah myself for letting comments go thru about me on her yahoo story that were lies, and mean, crazy , bizarre stuff. I asked her to STOP letting them go thru , and she told me freedom of speech. WOW, really?!  Way to go there lady!  She insisted they were real people from Colorado, and I told her, honey, I lived over 20 years and honestly had NO enemies… NO ONE I know would make things like that up about me…. it was the twitter people!!! The mark mann guy at the time…… Idk, it’s craziness, that why I can’t be involved.

      • They lied to you. I’ve gotten calls from the Wal-Mart Jodin works at. He very much is a part of this. Some of the other trolls, though, were definitely stolen identities. We’ve documented those. The Mann brothers are a good simply and go back to Sarah and the trolls she brought with her.

      • Leesa Weist

        That is why I can’t be apart of this. I don’t know who is nice, who is vile, who lies, who tells the truth, who wants to help or wants to hurt…. it is all very bad, and very sad. I don’t know. I know I have been honest and only wanted to help.

    • Lou70

      Giving an opinion is NOT trolling if you going to put your story out u gotta take critics aswell as support simple as..

  26. So if no one is guilty, no has anything to lose. Urge them to open it.

    • I have, Ryan. I’ve talked to a few people in LE and tried to urge them to open the case. They insist the case is closed and will not be reopened. If there was new, compelling evidence, they would change their mind, but they won’t open it with what is available right now.

      • Leesa Weist

        So then why hate the parents , why hate you, why hate anyone involved, Everyone is going to think what they think, until it is opened. If everyone id “innocent” then wjay are we against each other? Better to be against the police station?

      • I don’t hate the Ingrams and I’m not against them. I’m against them naming names of people who have not been convicted of any crimes. I’m against them stating “psychic” evidence of proof. I’m against them changing up their story to fit what new nut job proposes. I’m against them taking advantage of mentally ill people to do the dirty work for them, i.e. the real conspiracy theory stuff. I’m against the hate sites they allowed to be put by Jodin. I’ve said it before, but Toni’s biggest mistake was getting that crew together. They did more to harm her story than anything else. Sit back and take a look at what they have done and then look at what I’ve done. I’ve posted the official papers. I did not edit them or change them in any way, so there should be nothing wrong with me posting them. I’ve posted screen shots of the abuse thrown our way for putting up those papers. I’ve never attacked anybody’s appearance, made up stuff about their children, or any of the other things they claim. I know there has been some stuff directed at the trolls, but it wasn’t from me or my crew. I have not made up any sock accounts and pretended to be anybody else. In fact, I was open about who I was from the beginning. I’ve kept track of everything and post proof of everything I say, yet you guys keep going by what Jodin posts. I’ve never talked about his daughter or wife, much less slammed them on line, but he claims my daughter was pregnant at 11 and has 4 kids by 4 different men, when in fact she’s married to the father of her children and was definitely not pregnant at 11. And, Leesa, you know that there are things I know about Morgan that I kept to myself, things that the public doesn’t need to know, things that have nothing to do with any of this. If I were really slamming people and name-calling, you know what I could have said, so use some sense. I’ve not attacked anybody; I’ve posted the truth as it happened. Our focus was to make the documents available to anyone who wanted, and instead it turned into this troll circus . . . and it wasn’t us standing in the ring directing the clowns.

  27. I presented a similar case story from 1935 on my blog for swordandscale, and the expert the host got in touch with said it was called Factitious Victimization. I, too, thought Munchhausen Syndrome. Its where someone wants to get attention by being a victim. Great post, great blog.

  28. Just listened to you on Sword and Scale. Very interesting. I’m interested in reading more on Toni’s site…just to see how crazy she really is. I feel bad for you, for being attacked. This case has surely caused a riot within the media. I also really do feel bad for her family in some aspects because I think Toni is beyond the point of delusion and she may never ever accept the reality.

  29. Kim

    Just a quick question, why didn’t the family move? That would most likely be one of the first things I would do if my child was being harassed in anyway. I realize it usually comes down to finances, most things in life do, but a safe stable environment is priceless. Just saying, that’s what I would have done. Or permanently moved in with family or friends until I could sell the house if I owned it. Hell I would have borrowed money to find a temporary place until it could all be sorted out. I’d move across the country if I had to. Just curious why I never heard anything about them considering making a move?

    • From what we found out, the house they were living in was undergoing foreclosure (they were not the owners), and they were living there basically rent-free. Maybe that was the incentive to stay. Interestingly, Morgan was not stalked outside the home. She was fine when she stayed with friends. So you’d think moving, or at least moving her, would have been the logical choice. But if you look carefully at Toni’s own writings, it was Toni herself who experienced most of the “stalking” anyway.

    • yolanda soares

      Iagree, or at least get her away, it’s almost as if Toni liked the drama, like she wanted more and more…

  30. Kim

    It’s me again. Just wanted to clarify that just recorded and watched Morgan s story on the show “suspicion” on discovery. Then I got curious if anything further had happened with the case. So I looked online and found this site. Just stumbled upon it all. All of it seems incredibly sad to me. Sad.

  31. yolanda soares

    I saw the show on ID. I thought was so bizarre that is seemed unreal. That is exactly what it is Not true. NO murder, no stalking. The woman made this up! Crazy! (she has nothing better to do???

  32. jenniferwatts85

    The only stalker in this situation is Toni Ingram. She was obsessed with her daughter for years, literally stalked her (watching her all the time, calling her, wanting to be aware of her every move), and now that she’s dead she’s stalking other people. That woman needs serious help because she’s extremely sick and messed up. The fact that she’s been able to convince so many other people proves how psychotic she is. And what she’s doing “in her daughter’s memory” is disgusting and wrong. How these people can’t see that is beyond me, and utterly tragic.

  33. Lou

    I have just watched this case on TV here in the UK. When morgan was found (dramatisation on tv) I straight away assumed suicide. I have listened to what her mother said at the end of the show,her theory, and I have to say that I was in disbelief considering all the security the house had. I decided to research the case after the show and have come across this page. I am aghast at what has been happening.
    I personally believe that this is a tragic suicide case I can’t comment on the stalking as stalking does happen. But this has to be one of the oddest cases I have ever seen on tv.
    I just hope at some point morgan is allowed to rest in peace. It must be awful for any parent to live with the fact their child has committed suicide. I know of parents that have had to endure this tragic event and understand 1st hand how hard acceptance is.

  34. Susan

    Have been reading about this case only for a few days now. When I read about the stalking it reminded me of watching a horror movie and yelling at the tv, because no “normal” person would do this or that. The Ingrams actions leave me confused. Why didn’t they have a security system installed? ADT, for example. Why didn’t Steve get a friend to sit outside with him and wait for the stalker to show up? Additionally, there is no way my child would go anywhere alone if that type of activity was going on.
    Things just don’t add up. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole stalking thing was staged to cover up her death.
    Anyway, thanks for your insight. This is the first place I have come to where some logic has been applied.

    • And all the “stalking” happened at home. Not once was she stalked at a friend’s house, at least not by any of the original accounts or the police reports. That’s very unstalkerish behavior. The only conclusion is, if there was a stalking, she was not the one being stalked, or there was no stalking, and one of the Ingrams was doing it to keep Morgan afraid and under control. Occam’s razor!

      • Anonymous1990

        It started off with her MOM’S car being keyed when she drove it then a weird sound at her apartment which led her to run off and stay with her parents. Listening to a podcast about it and doing my own research, I think the mom keyed the car and made the weird sound to get her to move back.

        I’m so sorry you’re getting so much hate, hun. I’m using this username for obvious reasons but stay safe, okay?

        I listened to interviews where she talks and she sounds crazy. None of her stuff makes sense. Like when she said her daughter SLEPT IN THE CLOSET.

      • Her own apartment? This is completely new to me. I’ll have to see what I can dig up.

  35. lady

    I think you are so close, but I think Toni was the murderer. It makes sense with all the munchuasen by proxy weirdness. Morgan almost dying of carbon monoxide poisoning and having other strange diagnoses when she was younger. Also, look at how right on the front page, she talks about how the “helpless” sheriffs were “mocked.” She makes sure to let everyone know that right on the front page. That is one of the hallmarks of Munchausen by Proxy, the perpetrator gaining pleasure from duping doctors or other important authority figures. If she truly believed she was murdered at the hands of someone else, she wouldn’t have had her cremated. Toni was always waking her husband up and freaking him out about the “stalker” sounds. She was the one who saw him supposedly come up to the front door, etc. If Morgan was being so heavily stalked in her own home (by someone else other than Toni) There’s no reason why Toni would have badgered her via text message to come home so often. It was Toni who killed Morgan.

    • There are many who believe that Toni either drove her daughter to suicide or actual killed her. There was certainly means and opportunity much more realistic than the stalker theory. Had Morgan not been cremated, one theory could have been proven or dismissed as a possibility. We “recreated” our own theory, proving the possibly, and shared our findings with authorities involved in the case; however, I have no actual evidence to prove Toni killed her daughter, and as far as I know, no one does. I don’t know what was in Morgan’s head, so I can’t say Toni drove her to commit suicide, either. In the end, the only person who truly knows is Toni.

      But, Toni herself has told a story that does not add up, and when coupled with the facts, like the accused’s work schedule, we can say that Morgan was not stalked by anyone outside the home, and I’m sure the authorities agree.

  36. Kat

    I tried to research whether any of her victims – particularly the neighbor she accuses of stalking and killing Morgan, etc. – have sued Toni Ingram yet for defamation, and I’m surprised that I haven’t found anything? How has she not been sued for slander and libel? Why is she being allowed to behave this way?

    • Back when this was just happening, the family looked into suing. The problem was that this type of case is so new, that nobody would do it on a contingency basis. The same was true for filing criminal charges. Since some of the people breaking defamation laws were in other states, no one knew who had jurisdiction. If I recall correctly, there was a cease and desist issued, which is when Toni stopped mentioning them by name, but by then the damage was done.

      As a society, we need to change how we treat cyber crimes, since jurisdiction could be anywhere. We have Interpol. Maybe they should be in charge of cyber crimes. We also need attorneys willing to break some ground.

      The kids will have these false charges following them for life. Truth for Morgan’s goal was to make sure the truth was represented, not only for those kids, but for Morgan herself.

  37. Erin Lynch

    Hope this gets to someone, I am a bit late on all of this but after watching this story on the I.D Channel I became beyond curious. I believe the show was called, “Suspicion” I highly recommend trying to view this for it gives a great insight on Toni Ingram. At first I was totally captivated by her tone and narrative ability, seemed to me that she was enjoying her time in the spot light she was so animated and had a very pleasant disposition about her. I figured she was definitely involved with the situation but took me a second to realize her daughter was going to end up the victim in this. As a parent who just lost her child ( not sure when this was filmed) but none the less she was just so “upbeat” for a mother telling the story of her daughters death. Now before I go further information by no means is implicating she had something to do with her daughters death by any means but I do think she had something to do with the whole “stalking” situation. I believe she had/has some form of munchuausen syndrome by proxy and major control issues. The whole empty nest thing was just too much for mommy dearest so she created this insane stalker that was so skilled as maybe a ninja that not once did they get a good look at him/her with all those cameras? Where was the puncture mark if she was forced to have someone inject her with the deadly combination of drugs. The poor girl killed herself or accidentally overdosedeleted on her own pills. On the show they discussed a red chair that had been placed outside that looked directly at Morgan’s window yet on all the blogs I have visited not one person has brought up this mysterious red chair. I think she needs to be held accountable for her libelous actions on those she has named as the killer/killers of her daughter. Nothing points to murder unless it was done by the ghost of Hoodini not one stitch of evidence points to an intruder and the way Toni described the way she thinks Morgan was killed only happens in the movies..there would have been some kind of struggle something to indicate murder. Also in the 4 months leading up to her death the stalker never escalated in his/her attempt to terrify Morgan I find it hard to swallow that 4 months of “tapping” sounds ends up in cold blood murder. Not buying it..

    • Continue reading on my blog, Erin. We address many of those same issues. Also, take a look at and the Truth for Morgan Tumblr. We compare the original documentation from Toni with the documentation she gave police, and with the later versions of her story.

      The Munchausen possibility was discussed with an expert in the field, who was kind enough to answer a lot of my questions. There’s a new category called Munchausen by Internet. The people, mostly women, revel in the attention they get from having an ill/dying/dead child, or other family member. It’s a fascinating subject.

  38. Denise

    I just heard this story today on the Sword and Scale podcast. I have not done any research beyon reading the police reports of Morgan’s death and Morgan’s autopsy. Have people/other blogs examined the possibility of Toni killing Morgan? I know it is a terrible thing to contemplate or say. A couple of things made me think about it. It would be consistent with Munchausen by proxy (if I recall correctly), the mention of posturing in the autopsy, Toni would have had access to amitriptyline (sp?), no suicide note…. Has this been explored anywhere?

    • Truth for Morgan discussed it extensively amongst ourselves, and while we had theories (some very good), our goal wasn’t to spread rumors or place blame. All we wanted to do was present the facts and allow people to draw their own conclusions. We wanted there to be words of sanity conteracting the effects of the accusations made against 2 innocent people.

      If the police ever investigated, they didn’t tell me. I will say that we did present one possibility to authorities because it was too “perfect” not to. IDK if they ever investigated, but they were stunned.

  39. Rose

    I didn’t know about this case until I saw it on the ID channel’s series SUSPICION.

    I came to the conclusion NO STALKER.

    People don’t want to admit when a family member is mentally ill. I feel bad that Morgan suffered, and that there is still such a stigma with mental illness in our society.

    RIP Morgan

  40. drea0223

    I have listened to Sword and Scale now and seriously when the story started I just felt bad for Toni Ingram obviously as a mom I would just be beside myself if my child harmed himself.
    However after listening to part two and learning of the many many lives she’s either attempted to destroy or actually destroyed….
    Unfortunately I think we all can now see what Morgan had to endure her whole life. I don’t like thinking this but it just makes sense now that Morgan had finally just had enough.
    I don’t understand why Toni isn’t in jail? From what I understand she had approved comments on her blog that endorsed raping and killing other people’s children.
    Then supposedly her son is making psycho phone calls or messages and It’s just so sad to me I think these people all need help I think there’s something psychological going on here that isn’t being addressed.
    Toni Ingram is a dangerous woman and It’s really sad that these people continue to spread hate.
    Lie after lie… slander after slander… hiding behind Anonymous comments. I think it’s Toni and her family members that are doing all of this and then maybe they’ve reached out to other crazy people online to assist them.
    Some of the threats innocent people have endured by this woman and her “followers” are disgusting and criminal!
    As a mom I was just blown away that Toni Ingram approved comments on her blog that promoted the RAPE and MURDER of children!!!! Seriously? Im shocked and it speaks to the kind of person she is.

  41. This sounds a lot like my boyfriends mom. Our rolls are reversed I am the victim I can see this happening to my boyfriend and she accusing me of killing him. She’s also used “freedom of speech” site such as rip off report…ect to bash me. She’s bashed me across all social media platforms. They reaired the story on ID from the show suspicion and I kinda did not agree with the ending but, I DO BELIEVE that Morgan was possibly stalked just like my boyfriends mom when we ignore her it escalates to her using spoof numbers to text me and bunch of my friends. She makes any shit up such as me breaking federal laws just to get my friends talking.I have a facebook page, instagram & twitter she has much more social media and she’s in her 40’s and I wonder if she has Munchhausen Syndrome? Also none of these pages are under my name but she still tries to friend request me with fake pages. Then goes and accuses me of the same thing. The problem i have legally with it she LIVES IN A DIFFERENT STATE. They won’t give me a restraining order.

    • Unfortunately, the laws haven’t kept up with technology. That should change soon, since there’s so much trolling and death threats with this election. Maybe something will happen in time to help you. In the mean time, instead of a restraining order, try a stalking order, and document everything.

  42. It sounds like the people who were targeted by Mrs. Ingram could potentially bring a defamation suit. I haven’t read anything about any litigation but I may have missed it–I admit, I couldn’t take anymore aggravation from reading about her delusions so I didn’t dig any further.

    As you mentioned, irreparable damage to reputations may have occurred. Seems like she’s still active in defying anyone who challenges her belief on what happened. Whether Mrs. Ingram’s reasons for doing so are for holding tight to the belief that someone murdered Morgan, or are simply due to some sort of mental/personality disorder, is up for debate.

  43. A friend suggested I listen to episodes 11 & 12 of Sword & Scale and I completed them just a bit ago. Toni Ingram is instantly recognizable as not credible. Her local police didn’t have any trouble spotting this and she was no doubt a known nuisance caller. The natural death report from the coroner was a kindness, an attempt to spare the family any more suffering, but Toni’s personality disorder is the sort that won’t let her stop.

    The story of the young man in Portland is consistent with my own – had an encounter with some fringe right wing political figures back in 2010, and I’ve had my life absolutely torn apart because of it. You Google my name, you can find what a terrible person I am. If you Google “Rauhauser v. McGibney” you’ll find my precedent setting 1st Amendment case in Texas, the fourth frivolous lawsuit I’ve won since the RWNJ trolling started.

    We really have a problem as a society, our founding fathers never envisioned the internet and social media. The harassment at a distance, harassment by proxy, it’s ridiculous what goes on with no legal recourse. Glad to see this blog shining some light on drama nexus Toni Ingram, I’ve seen a number of characters like her over the years, they always make a huge mess of other people’s lives.

    • Now I’m curious! I guess I have a date with Google later!

      Btw, Showtime did a spot on this case a few weeks ago, and Keenan speaks out for the first time, if you’re interested. The show is Dark Net, season 2, episode 2, “My Justice”.

  44. Brianna

    Wow. After reading this blog post, i have very little faith in humanity smh. For you to say this woman is lying after all of the evidence that her daughter was stalked is just really sad.

    • Obviously you haven’t been paying attention. There is no evidence of stalking, rape, murder, etc. It helps to look at the actual facts, not the ever – changing story that is bolstered by “psychics” and no physical evidence.

      But, that’s what you believe. It doesn’t change the facts, though.

  45. Hello! I came upon your blog after catching a random episode of the Sword and Scale podcast. I’ve been an investigator for a private corporation for 15 years and have been well trained in detecting dishonesty in an interview setting. I was walking, listening on headphones and had to pause the podcast and return to my car to start making notes while listening to Toni’s interview segments. The mother in me wants to believe that this woman is simply trying to deal with her daughter’s death while suffering from mental illness, but as I listened a second time to her interviews I can’t let go of the idea that it’s very posssible that she is responsible for her daughter’s death. I’ve only begun looking at the case, so forgive me if this has been covered, but did the police ever investigate Toni regarding the death?

    • If they did, they never made it public. We did share some information with officials, though.

  46. LMK

    One of the biggest things that caught my eye as a red flag about Toni’s side of the story was how she claims that her daughter was so afraid to leave the house and go anywhere. And yet, Toni herself admits to her daughter going out with friends, staying out until 10pm (despite her protest) and having a pretty seemingly normal life for a young adult.

    Another red flag to me was, as stated in the Sword and Scale podcast, they were keeping their windows open…at night even! I’m sorry, but if I am the tiniest bit afraid of a “stalker” or that my family is in danger, I could not FATHOM leaving my windows open.

    It also seems incredibly coincidental that none of the video cameras were pointing in the direction of most of the incidents. These look like fairly nice homes- if they were that afraid, they couldn’t have invested in a few extra cameras to face toward her bedroom 24/7?? Too many inconsistencies that she always has an excuse for.

    I truly hope that Toni gets help for the condition that she has, it does seem like some sort of MBP or MBI. It breaks my heart that her daughter is being remembered this way and that Toni has dragged another family’s name incorrectly through the mud. Their lives are ruined too now, was that her goal??

    • I don’t know what her ultimate goal was, but since she made sure to provide information on both the people accused that could lead to their being found, and allowed comments on her page that included killing one of the (real) victim’s baby so “she’d know what it get like to lose a child”, I can only guess at what she hoped would happen.

  47. izack

    what you believe. It doesn’t change the facts, though.

    • Exactly. And the facts are as stated in the official reports.

      • Leesa Weist

        Your a dirty nasty count that just makes up stories and blessed with a chance to hear the real story from ryan himself you chose to hang up and hide! Scared bitchs are the problem with social media. Keep it fake in your trailer and eating your highly calesrial infested food.

      • A. Spell check is your friend.
        B. Ryan didn’t tell me any story, you did.
        C. I don’t live in a trailer, but nice job trying to body shame.
        D. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Oh, for the love of God. Toni’s back.

        Karma Hunt ________________________________

      • Actually, Leesa is Ryan’s common law wife, Toni’s daughter in law.

        I’d say she’s drunk commenting again. It seems to be a theme with them.

      • LW

        Leesa here , I didn’t leave that comment . I haven’t followed any of this stuff in years . I don’t use that email anymore . I’m in it now because I switched to a blue mail , and added it . I saw the alert , because I follow this , but I haven’t used that email in years . Interesting . would you mind taking the comment down . I wouldn’t have posted my last name if it were me . I don’t like being attached to any of the this . I can’t even tell where it came from . There is a bunch of other activity in it , that isn’t me, so I guess I’ll have to delete it . Please and thanks .Leesa

      • You used the same email in other messages here, including your full name. The only difference with this one is the IP address, which just means someone is hiding their true location or posted from a different location.

        Alerts go to that email address, as that’s the one you posted to get the alerts, so I’m not sure how you’re getting alerts now if you aren’t using that email account.

      • LW

        I’m in n that email , I just haven’t been in about a year . … Interesting.

      • If someone got into your email, then they may have other stuff, too. You should report identity theft. Take screen shots of all the places they’ve posted that aren’t you. Just Google that email address to find them all.

        Check your bank accounts, credit cards and social media, too.

        If they’re posting in only Morgan-related sites, then it could be one of the trolls. Mayne Toni could put a stop to it. If they’re posting to other sites, too, then it could be anyone. It’s interesting they’d post here if they were just hackers. That doesn’t make sense.

        Go into that account and change the password first, though.

      • I just did a very quick search of that e-mail, and I’m seeing a comment from My Death Space from years ago, and basically the rest of the search results showing email lists you’re on (spam crap). I’m not seeing the comments from here or any social media associated with it. Where else are they posting?

  48. tlmllr

    It is so sad to watch a family so desperate to NOT have this be what it cleary is…a tragic suicide, that they would go to such extremes to violate so many others reputation. It is only tarnishing Morgan’s entire story. If they put as much energy into suicide prevention on her behalf, instead of this non-sensical need to prove it was a murder/stalking, can you imagine the good that would come out of this instead of bad? The very people that claim to want to help Toni are the very ones enabling her to carry on with this delusional and heartbreaking farse. If they truly care about her, they will get her some help so her, and her entire family can get some peace and closure and move on. Morgan deserves so much better than this! For all the young people out there that feel like ending your life is the only option…please tell someone and get help. The aftermath leaves so many lives destroyed, and add denial and mental illness, and this is what you get. Shame on all the trolls who have nothing better in their lives than to ruin the lives of others. And shame to all of them for helping perpetuate a story that so obviously COULD NOT have happened. No one should ever have to lose a child, and for it to be this tragic is hearbreaking, however, to use her name as a weapon against others and spout such hate is a travisty to her name and her honor. From records, it sounds like she was a wonderful, loving and kind person…I can’t imagine for a second that this is what she would have wanted. Please, let this poor girl rest in peace, let her tragic suicide and story help others dealing with the same issues she was struggling with, help even one person. I believe that is what she would have wanted…instead-her reputation is now all about Toni…which seems to be the way it always was and will be. I pray for strength for the Ingram family to do what they know in their hearts is the right thing, and I pray for the families that have been hurt that peace comes to you. RIP Morgan Ingram.

    • I’ve often thought the same thing. If Toni had put all that energy into suicide prevention, she could have already saved lives, instead of ruining them.

      • Christopher Davis

        what an excellent point. This woman is going to spend the rest of her life trying to ruin a life she. She needs to put all that negativity into something positive

  49. Alicia

    No one knows everything. I think it is so possible that she was stalked and murdered. Simply because I’ve seen stranger cases solved.. cases that seem so unlikely. This mother is the voice for her daughter. And on top of losing her daughter she has to prove someone caused her daughter harm. I can only imagine if my child was killed and no one. believed me, the sanity I’d lose and the lengths I’d go to to find answers.

    • And at what point would you ignore evidence? When is it okay to accuse someone who had been proven, by video, to not have been there? When I’d it okay to accuse someone of serial take and murder because a psychic said so?

      No one knows everything, but some things just aren’t possible, despite motherly instincts or psychic readings.

  50. Rachel Jessica get

    I watched crime watch daily and I saw Toni change her story. First the animals were in Morgan’s room, then it changed to the animals being locked in the laundry room?

    • We have multiple screenshots of her blog showing how her story changes. Sometimes it changes to fit an inconsistency, sometimes it changes when her readers come up with a theory she likes. Her timeline has also changed, which we’ve documented, as well.

      To be fair, though, I believe Morgan’s puppy was in her room, and the other dogs were locked in the laundry room, which begs the question of why they would do that with a crazed stalker around.

  51. Christopher Davis

    I just saw this on the Dr. Phil show. This woman the mom doesn’t want to admit to anything her daughter may have been involved in. She is so busy blaming the neighbor if that was the case whey didn’t they just move the daughter’s room so she wouldn’t be stalked. Seem the mom did nothing other than obsess over this. I am not sure how I would react. The day the girl died she used profanity after arriving home late yes the perfect daughter used bad language but the mother is sitting around blaming everybody maybe they all missed the warning signs. No that wasn’t her marijuana – not her vodka – not her sniffing cocaine. Maybe Morgan contributed to her own death how about using that angle.

  52. Louis

    Maybe Toni killed Morgan.

  53. Nicole

    I can not stand this woman Toni her daughter may god rest her soul committed suicide she needs to let it go. She needs to stop harassing people because we know the truth and don’t believe her delusions

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