The Trolls are Orange

I’ve been waiting for one of the trolls to prove any of the crap they have said about me, and of course not one has stepped up.  This is not surprising.  I didn’t think any of them would take up the challenge.  They’re being paid to spread lies and defame, not be right.

The queen troll, however, has decided to respond by accusing me of stalking her:

Sarah Afshar ‏@SarahAfshar 1h
Addressing my stalker Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon & her alter Marcie __________from Lutherville Timonium, Maryland
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Unfortunately, even though it was retweeted by twits Setareh Afshar, Morgan Was Murdered, and Mark “Mann”, I was too late to get a screen cap.  It was already taken down by the time I read my messages.  One of my group might have capped it, and if so, I’ll add the picture later.

Let’s just move on with the story, shall we?  Sarah Afshar is queen troll.  There’s another blog post coming up about Sarah and her connection with these other trolls from long before Morgan ever came into the picture, but that is being written by someone else and will be posted on the Truth for Morgan Tumblr blog.  You’ll be able to read about other people who’ve been victimized by this crew of scam artists, the names used in association with several hate sites, the bullying behind the sites; and how it all ties back to Sarah.

Sarah wants the world to believe that I’ve done nothing but smear her name across the Internet.  A quick Google search shows that’s far from true.  In fact, what returns is site after site of people accusing me of smearing her name, but not a single site where I actually do so.  Check out all the hate sites, and make sure to take note of who else is mentioned and who is listed as contributor.

Now, yet again, Sarah is claiming I’m Marcie __________.  This is just a smoke screen.  They want confusion so that whatever either of us has to say will be suspect.  Once again, a simple Google search will show we are 2 individual people with Internet histories dating back years.  Pay attention to the dates.  I am Mayra, and Marcie is Marcie.  I don’t tell Marcie _________what to post, and she doesn’t tell me (unlike the con crew, which frequently get together to decide tweets).  Marcie is not part of my group.  Marcie doesn’t write for our Tumblr site.  In fact, I don’t write for the Tumblr site, either, but others in the group I’m with do.  None of us write for Marcie’s site.

Again, I dare any of them to prove otherwise.

Sarah Afshar, however, has decided to take her usual stance when encountered with someone smarter and more logical than she is (not surprisingly, this happens frequently).  She turns to accusing that person of stalking her.

Let’s take a look at her history of being “stalked”:

~ Michael Odegard is said to be a stalker.  They’ve even devoted a hate site to him (note the names in the list of contributors):


~ Aaron Riley is an ex-boyfriend of Sarah’s.  They must have had a falling out.  Note that this is mentioned on Sarah’s blog as a comment by someone else.  Sarah has a lot of “someone elses” posting comments, all knowing everything about her, all saying the same thing, and all obviously written by her.


~ Erlinda: I haven’t bothered to track this person down, so I’m not sure who she is in relation to Sarah and her trolls.


Apparently Aaron was a part of that, too.

~ Amber Cordelli:  Again, I have not bothered to track this person down, but rest assured I will be contacting all Sarah’s “stalkers” and getting their back stories.


Apparently everyone is jealous of Sarah and wants to stalk her.

Here’s the funny part:  I didn’t go out looking for this stuff.  It was sent to me by other people.  Up until now, I pretty much ignored Sarah and her trolls as mild irritations.  Sure, she was good for a laugh every time something would come across my desk, like her “singing”, but other than that, I didn’t do much digging into the Afshars.  I’ve addressed the trolls simply because they are associated with Toni, and after they were left alone to get especially stupid, I decided to out them.  Sarah, however, hasn’t been of much interest to me.

In fact, I had one source trying to tell me Sarah had a relative who was a terrorist, but I refused to post that on several grounds.  First off, there was no proof — the name Afshar is quite common.  Second, it didn’t matter, even if it was true.  It bore no relevance in the Ingram case.  Third, I wasn’t going to play the “all people who are Middle Eastern or Muslim are terrorist” game.

For some stupid reason, though, Sarah decided to claim I stalk her.  Seems she wanted to get my attention.  Several people contacted me to tell me this latest bit of nonsense, and now Sarah has my attention.  You want fame, Sarah?  You want to be remembered?  Well, now you’ll get recognition, because your true colors (besides orange) are being revealed.  You can’t play innocent.  You can’t cry stalking and expect people to jump to your defense.  You’re getting way too old to play the damsel in distress.  It’s time to stand up and take responsibility for your actions.  Start with these lies listed above.  Either prove them as truths, or shut the fuck up.  Same goes with all the other allegations.

We’ve documented your proxy, Sarah, so lying isn’t going to accomplish anything.

See, Sarah, here’s the thing:  When you cry stalker just because you don’t like someone or what they’ve said about you, you diminish the real victims of stalking.  Those people — the real victims — deserve an apology from you.  They’ve lived through horrific ordeals; all you’ve had are people saying they didn’t like you.  Do you see the difference there?  It’s an important distinction.

Readers, if you want to see an example of how Sarah works, go to her blog.  She blogs under many subjects (no doubt took an SEO 101 class; “how to saturate Google”.  Thing is, Google has changed it’s parameters and now looks for quality, not quantity; clearly a disadvantage for Sarah).  Take a look at her other blog post subjects, then click on the keywords “Morgan Ingram” on the right.  You’re going to notice something interesting.  There are practically no comments on her various attempts at literature, except for those blogs concerning Morgan Ingram.  Then there are thousands, most by people remaining anonymous, most repeating the same thing.

The same source who tried to get me to run a smear campaign against Sarah also told me the Ingrams were paying trolls by the post, hence all the comments on those blogs.  Again, I have no proof of there being a pay-to-troll thing happening here, but the lack of comments on the other blogs and all the comments on the Ingram blogs suggest that may be the case.  Believe me, there are not thousands of people finding  Morgan’s story so compelling that they had to comment.  This has everything to do with trying to boost Google rankings.

This is how it started for me.  I first heard of Sarah when I ran across her blog telling Toni’s version of Morgan’s story.  I commented that the official reports could be found at the WordPress site and encouraged everyone to read all available material before coming to a conclusion one way or another.  Then all hell broke loose.  Sarah had her trolls respond viciously (this was when the trolls were still Iranian; they became American after people started commenting on why all the commentors were Iranian).  I decided it was a spam blog and let it be.  They didn’t stop, however.  They continued with comment after comment, alleging all sorts of ridiculous things about me, other people who’ve not believed Toni, entire web sites, and some people who have nothing to do with any of this.  It was a troll campaign in the hopes of diverting everyone’s attention, in an attempt to discredit us in the hopes that we would not be believed.  It backfired, however.  Steve and Toni Ingram lost more backers through this campaign than anything else!

Sarah has a history of orchestrating trolling, Toni and Steve needed trolls.  No wonder Sarah and the Ingrams joined forces.  It was a match made in heaven.

So, I’ve provided links and screen shots of what I allege about Sarah.  I’ve provided Google search results proving I haven’t smeared Sarah’s name or stalked her, and yet the trolls and their queen continue to lie about me.

Who’s running a smear campaign?  Who’s lying and failing to back their shit?  Who shows lack of honesty and integrity?

Judge for yourself.


I removed the last name of a certain person defamed by the troll, per her request.  Nothing else has been changed.

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11 thoughts on “The Trolls are Orange

  1. Mayra: Don’t forget you wrote about the Trolls for the Tumblr blog too. Oops, I mean I wrote about it.


    Not Mayra

  2. That’s right, but according to them, we’re one and the same. Maybe multiple personalities? No, wait, we’re channeling one another! Might as well go for the woo woo factor since psychics are so prominent in this case. So you, I mean me, no wait, someone, will be posting the other troll blog over on Tumblr very soon, explaining the troll connection.

    Not Shelby or Marcie

  3. Here’s an example of their response”
    “JD 4 Justice ‏@JD4Justice 1h
    @HowardStern remembers when Clay Aiken’s rabid fans Marcie Wogan and others harassed John Paulus for outing Clay in early 2006.

    JD 4 Justice ‏@JD4Justice 1h
    John Paulus says Tricia Griffith & Mayra Martinez harassed him for years. Called him queer & fag because he outed Clay Aiken in early 2006.”

    First off, I don’t watch network TV, so I’ve never even heard Clay Aiken and really don’t give a flying fuck if he’s gay or straight. Makes no difference to me. Second, once again, there is no link, no screen shot, no proof at all. Just more stupid allegations. What does Clay Aiken have to do with Morgan, anyway? Third, who the fuck is John Paulus? Really. I’m serious. He keeps coming up and I have no idea who this is. Anybody know?

    Everyone, let’s get together and urge Jodin Davunt to prove his statements. Same with Shanna Rivers who today claimed I “went crazy and threatened Sarah” (show us the threat), Brian Mann, and Mark Mann (Jorgensen). Let them prove they aren’t a bunch of lying cyberbullies just out to try and trash people.

  4. I don’t know who that Paulus guy is either.

    Additionally, why the hell do they tweet about Justin Beiber? I don’t know anyone over the age of twelve who gives a rat’s ass about Justin Beiber. Intellectually and emotionally they remind me of junior high school girls.

  5. And the response from Sarah Afshar? Drumroll, please . . . . more accusations! She has proven absolutely nothing about what she says about me, still claims I’m pretending to be other people, has given me tons of aliases, yet hasn’t proven any of this.

    I have not talked about her father anywhere on the web, nor have I talked about whatever her sexual past may or may not have been. Once again, SHOW EVERYONE WHERE I SAID ANY OF THOSE THINGS!!! I keep asking for proof but instead Sarah spews more lies and games.

    This, BTW, is what she said:

    “I am setting the record straight and responding to the lies, the lies created by a woman with an agenda. The truth is, these are just some of the many lies (yes, and these lies I am addressing are not even the half of them) that this 50 year old woman named Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon (thank you to a wonderful reader for this information) is spreading around the internet about me simply because I published my interview with Toni Ingram about the death and murder of her daughter Morgan Ingram. She has numerous aliases (Marcie Wogan, MayraM, MayraMM, Pizzed Penguins, TruthForMorgan, Truth4Morgan, Raven Recovery, Carol4Clay, LostGardenGnome62, Stark69, TattooGilf, Lana Kane, etc.) and uses them to help contribute to the lies and slander, acting like she has a following which also contributes to the libel. She’s also attacking others who simply believe Morgan Ingram was murdered, as well. I would take a lie detector test, as well as, swear under oath that everything this woman has said about me is not true.”

    Now let me set the record straight with truths, not more lies. I am MayraMM (I have never gone as MayraM), Truth4Morgan (and I’ve been up front from the beginning about that), and Raven Recovery (my business name, which I don’t use for this; the trolls do, and I’ve also been up front about this).

    TruthForMorgan is a group of people (not a following). I’ll say that slowly so Sarah can understand; a group, meaning more than one person, a couple dozen, in fact, who have gotten together to make sure people have the opportunity to read the official documentations and not just listen to lies, trolling, and psychics.

    I haven’t attacked anyone. I’ve encouraged people to look at other resources, not just trolls like Sarah. Show me the attacks. Again, she can’t.

    I’m afraid I can’t claim any of the other names.

    What it comes down to is this got way bigger than Sarah anticipated, and now she’s trying to backpedal. Her game didn’t work this time. Her reputation is being ruined, which is the exact opposite of what she wanted, but not by lies, at least not by me. The only statements I have made about Sarah Afshar are listed in the blog above, and those are all true. She needs to find another patsy to blame her singed wings on.

    The funniest part? How she changed the date to make it look like she wrote her blog before I wrote mine, trying to convince people that I’m responding to her, when in fact she’s responding to me.

    She can say all she wants, get the trolls to parrot it, get her crew to comment on her blog, whatever floats her boat.

    In the end, I have proof about what I say. She doesn’t.

    THAT is the checkmate.

  6. I feel nothing but pity for Sarah. Someone who needs to resort to sock puppetry on her own blog to prop herself up must be filled with a lot of pain and self-loathing. She tries so hard and seems so desperate.

  7. bengalpuss

    She must be desperate, just look at the picture of her on her latest post on her blog she looks orange slightly like an oompah lumpah with her chest hanging out, now that is desperation.

    • I don’t know about desperation. This is the way she was before the Ingram stuff. She seems to be the type of person who is out there, in the public eye, likes to be noticed. Nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, her actions totally negate whatever beauty she’s counting on. She can deny everything all she wants, but we have proof, and she can’t deny the proof of her involvement and lies.

  8. Special shout out to Henderson, NV; Lubbock, Texas; Grand Junction, Fort Worth, Fort Wayne, and Virginia readers who back day after day just to see what we’re talking about here. ;D

  9. Hoo

    I don’t understand how all of those comments can be her considering there are several posts saying “Mayra looks good for her age”. I’m not defending this woman but, I believe that the comments are actually Toni’s army and they used Sarah Afshar as a platform to post everything in the comments. I believe it’s a bunch of people that Toni has recruited.

    • LOL, if is stays that, I haven’t seen it! But then again, the comments are constantly being changed, added to, deleted, in keeping with the climate around particular aspects of the case. If they added that, it’s because Sarah doesn’t want to look like she’s a part of a smear campaign. We have screencaps of the original comments, so she can change them all she wants.

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