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Who Was Doing the Stalking?

While looking, yet again, through the official records, it dawned on me that the Ingrams were spending a lot of time watching the neighborhood.  In fact, the surveillance camera angles seemed to point out towards the street, the sidewalk, and the berm more than Morgan’s window (which would have been the most logical place), or other doors and entryways.  It was pretty obvious why.

(This was originally posted at, but I decided to bring it here so people trying to get caught up on the case and are looking into it will have easy access.)

 Let’s take a look at Toni’s own timeline, and see who was doing the stalking, and who was being stalked:

1.  From the timeline the Ingrams sent to the police: (Starting page 48/220 of official reports found at

·        August 28, 2011:  “Steve observed the Black SUV with the broken back window on the corner of Corral Drive and the silver  car with the blacked out windows (the car Keenan was driving at the time) was in Jim’s driveway.”

·        September 1, 2011:  “Jarred (our grandson) comes over later that afternoon, looks at footprint, he thinks it looks like  an Etnie type shoe bottom.”  “Keenan drives by in his smaller silver car, Jarred  runs up to him in Jim’s driveway to ask if they need their lawn mowed (so he can get a look  at the shoes), Jarred says they look exactly like Purple Etnie’s.” (Note:  This is the start of Keenan being blamed; from shoe prints identified by a child, shoes the Ingrams’ own son also owns.)

·        September 3, 2011:  “Keenan’s car was in the driveway.”

·        September 30, 2011: “6:00 am Steve walks outside and checks and sees Keenan’s car is back in Jim’s driveway.”

·        October 1, 2011: “Toni and Steve observe the little green car in Jim’s driveway at 9:00 pm.”

·        October 13, 2011: “have not seen Keenan’s little green car lately”

·        October 14, 2011: “we hear from the neighbor Elliott Fey that _____ & Keenan broke up and Keenan has moved out of the house that he was staying in down the street from us.”

·        October 25, 2011: “We are driving through El Jebel City Market employee parking lot (behind City Market) every day at different  times (for the last 2 days so far) to try see if his car is there,”

·        November 5, 2011: “Danny (Morgan’s friend under the Facebook  name Ray Finkle) engages Keenan in a private Facebook talk.  Note Keenan’s replies were sent from his mobile phone.”

2.  From revised timeline, starting on page 174/220:

·        August 31, 2011: (After the purple Etnies incident in first timeline, this was added to the second) “later on that night a little green Ford Fiesta is in its spot with paper plates” (referring to the place the silver car had been parked earlier that day.)

·        September 14, 2011: “Haven’t seen the Keenan’s little green car for a while” (Note in earlier timeline this comment was first made October 13 and not mentioned for this date.)

·        October 2, 2011: “Morgan is woken up by loud stones against her window. Steve goes out after that to check and the little green car is gone. Rhonda sees the little green car drive up at around 10:30, she waits to see, but Keenan does not take the little ditty bag out this time.”

·        October 15, 2011: “Danny sleep over our house tonight. (is this the night that Danny sends a FB message to Keenan to leave Morgan alone?) (Implying the Facebook exchange occurred at the Ingram house, presumably under their supervision and cooperation.)

·        October 16, 2011: “Keenan writes on his Facebook page that he is now single and not in a relationship.”

·        October 18, 2011: “Steve has printout of picture that Keenan posted on his Facebook.”

·        November 6, 2011: “Keenan writes on his Facebook today that”

·        January 23, 2012: “Leesa calls Toni she says  she thought she saw Keenan drive by in his green car” “so she goes on Facebook, his privacy settings are now down, she sees a reference to being arrested and goes on line to the Post Independent to see if she can find something.”

·        February 1, 2012: “Toni meets with Todd Weldon in Aspen, but on the way there she drives behind City Market to look for Keenan’s car.” “Steve saw Keenan a couple of weeks ago at City Market  … but didn’t see his green car in the employee lot when he left.”

·        February 16, 2012: “Keenan’s court date”

·        February 27, 2012: “stopped by UPS to pick up mail on the way home, then got a feeling and went through the City Market parking lot to look for Keenan’s car.  His car was there

3.  Email to police dated September 1, 2011: (Page 219/220 of official reports found at   “These pictures were taken before July 20th. He doesn’t have blond hair in any of them, but when my mother was talking to a neighbor this morning he said the Keenan’s hair was blonde so I’m unsure if he’s dyed it or not. I haven’t seen any of them in quite come time. – Morgan” (This email was sent from Toni’s work email, not Morgan’s email. The typos and lack of commas is consistent with Toni’s style of writing, and “the Keenan” is a typo Toni had made in another email.  Also, it’s interesting that in September, Morgan is claiming not to have seen Keenan in quite a while.)

4.  Email to police dated October 9, 2011: (Page 13/220 of official reports found at

·        “Last night 9:00 pm Kennan’s car was in the driveway. Then last night Steve and I watched and waiting between 11:00 – 11:30 pm after Morgan came home but we did not hear or see anything.”

·        “We slept in the morning, and around 9:45 am we decided we would check to see if Keenan’s car was in his driveway – it wasn’t.”

·        “Then I remembered last weekend Rhonda said she saw him drive up around 10:30 am so we decided to wait and see.”

5.  From email to police dated October 26, 2011: (Page 16/220 of official reports found at  “We are driving through El Jebel City Market employee parking lot (behind City Market) every day at different  times (for the last 2 days so far) to try see if his car is there,”

6.  November 5, 2011: Facebook interaction.  (See pages 43/47/220 of official reports found at

7.  From email to police dated April 12, 2012: (Page 206/220 of official reports found at  “I have been trying to obtain a copy of Keenan’s arrest report.”

8.  From Toni Ingram’s blog: 08/20/2011

“Steve sneaks outside later dressed in black, and approaches all of the houses in the neighborhood one by one, verifying who is home and who is not. He takes pictures of unusual cars on his phone, so we can share the information with the Sheriffs Patrol officers later if anything happens tonight.

That night the lights scanning far away go off, but none of the sensors close to the house ever go off.”

This, of course, does not take into account current stalking behavior towards the accused and their families.

It’s worthwhile, as well, comparing the original timeline to the “revised” timeline, and then to Toni Ingram’s blog.  For instance, on August 29, originally there is no mention of noises on the roof.  But on the second timeline, August 29 mentions Toni hearing “scratching above the ceiling going from room to room”.  Another example is on October 19; originally there is the claim that someone is seen walking down the sidewalk in the surveillance video.  In the second timeline, the words “it looks like Keenan” are added.  See how many times Morgan experienced this “stalking” as compared to how many times it was actually Toni herself who was the witness, claiming to have seen and heard the ninja stalker.

No wonder Morgan was frightened.  Imagine living in that type of environment, being told you’re being stalked, being forced to talk to the police when you didn’t want to, sleeping in closets, buying and installing cameras, being followed by your parents unknowingly, being told your “stalking” is the reason the family has to uproot and move, all while battling an illness that produces altered mentation, just because of a  footprint that could have come from anyone, including your  own brother.  We hope Morgan is at peace now.

Keep an eye out for another blog highlighting discrepancies between the two timelines, as well as the blog.

(Note: Any typos within quotation marks are actual typos from the various emails and timelines provided directly to the police and were made by Toni or her representative.  I did not correct the mistakes.  Any mistakes made outside the quotation marks are my own.)

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Mocking Suicide and Cyberbulling

One of the trolls I mentioned before, “Shanna Rivers”, just tweeted this message to an Anonymous in an attempt to  manipulate them into taking action against Marcie _______, a person who has been vocal in her disbelief of Toni and her lies.



Claiming this was the result:


And here is a screen shot of the tweet directing dumbass Shanna to contact Anon this way:


(BTW, Jodin couldn’t create a fart.  The picture he claims to have just created came from this site:   He couldn’t even tell the truth about that! )

This, my friends, is how Toni Ingram has decided to conduct her business.  Rather than sticking to what she claims to be the truth, she resorts to getting people like this to do her dirty work, say the things she wishes she can say, do the things she wishes she can do.  I want the world to know that Toni is a liar, a scammer, and even having lost her beautiful daughter, should not be pitied.  She has allowed death threats to an infant on her blog, has convinced this crew to post outrageous lies, and has tried to manipulate people who work diligently to stop the bullies, taking attention away from real victims.  They have used hashtags that have nothing to do with Morgan to try and ride trends, hashtags such as #BostonBomber and#JodiArias.  They’ve claimed outrageous lies against people whose only crime was not believing the hype.

This is Toni Ingram.  This is Sarah Afshar.  These are the people claiming others defame and lie.

Look for yourself.  It’s all there.  If it disappears, that’s OK.  I have screen shots saved.  I have lots and lots of material proving what I say.

BTW, what’s pictured above is a blood pillow, a sick novelty item.  Now Shanna’s going to say that she meant Marcie simply put Jodin to sleep, bored him.  She’s still mocking bullying and suicide, though, and Toni herself should take offense, as her own daughter, Morgan, committed suicide.

This has to stop, and I call all Anons to step forward and get these people off the Internet.  Let’s reveal them for who they really are and stop their attempts at manipulation.  I will share my files with any who wish to pursue this.  The truth speaks for itself, and it doesn’t speak troll.  This is the worst cyberbullying I’ve seen, so let’s shut them down.



I removed the last name of the person accused at her request.  Nothing else has been changed.

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