Mocking Suicide and Cyberbulling

One of the trolls I mentioned before, “Shanna Rivers”, just tweeted this message to an Anonymous in an attempt to  manipulate them into taking action against Marcie _______, a person who has been vocal in her disbelief of Toni and her lies.



Claiming this was the result:


And here is a screen shot of the tweet directing dumbass Shanna to contact Anon this way:


(BTW, Jodin couldn’t create a fart.  The picture he claims to have just created came from this site:   He couldn’t even tell the truth about that! )

This, my friends, is how Toni Ingram has decided to conduct her business.  Rather than sticking to what she claims to be the truth, she resorts to getting people like this to do her dirty work, say the things she wishes she can say, do the things she wishes she can do.  I want the world to know that Toni is a liar, a scammer, and even having lost her beautiful daughter, should not be pitied.  She has allowed death threats to an infant on her blog, has convinced this crew to post outrageous lies, and has tried to manipulate people who work diligently to stop the bullies, taking attention away from real victims.  They have used hashtags that have nothing to do with Morgan to try and ride trends, hashtags such as #BostonBomber and#JodiArias.  They’ve claimed outrageous lies against people whose only crime was not believing the hype.

This is Toni Ingram.  This is Sarah Afshar.  These are the people claiming others defame and lie.

Look for yourself.  It’s all there.  If it disappears, that’s OK.  I have screen shots saved.  I have lots and lots of material proving what I say.

BTW, what’s pictured above is a blood pillow, a sick novelty item.  Now Shanna’s going to say that she meant Marcie simply put Jodin to sleep, bored him.  She’s still mocking bullying and suicide, though, and Toni herself should take offense, as her own daughter, Morgan, committed suicide.

This has to stop, and I call all Anons to step forward and get these people off the Internet.  Let’s reveal them for who they really are and stop their attempts at manipulation.  I will share my files with any who wish to pursue this.  The truth speaks for itself, and it doesn’t speak troll.  This is the worst cyberbullying I’ve seen, so let’s shut them down.



I removed the last name of the person accused at her request.  Nothing else has been changed.

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10 thoughts on “Mocking Suicide and Cyberbulling

  1. I just edited to add the screen shot of Jodin directing Shanna to check her DM, right after he claims to have created the picture.

  2. bengalpuss

    Its really pathetic the lengths thats these morons will go to. Everytime Mayra You’ve asked them to prove what they are saying, they never come forth with that proof. Now i would class myself an intelligent women, and it hasn.t taken me more than 2 days reading up on this saga, who the bullies really are. So people use your brains, if they can.t furnish the proof of what they are saying, then it becomes blatantly obvious that they don.t have any, so they must be lying, simple isn.t it.

  3. Today Jodin posted “I’m an actor. The only people who would take offense to the picture are people who bully. Tricia Griffith, Marcie Wogan, Mayra Martinez, etc”

    This is how he explains away the picture he put up and had Shanna send to Anon.

    So now he’s an actor, not a washed out sales person for Walmart. He’s still claiming he made the picture, although I show the original in a link above, and claims the picture is not offensive, even though it makes light of suicide and bullying. He’s backpedaling so Anonymous doesn’t burn his ass.

    What an idiot.

  4. Shanna, in the mean time, claims we haven’t responded yet because we’re know we’re doing something horrible to the Ingrams. This is true. We’re doing something horrible by telling the truth, allowing the world to see the official reports, pointing out the lies and inconsistencies. We’ve not allowed the Ingrams to capitalize on their daughter’s death. Aren’t we evil?

  5. Hoo

    Mocking suicide is sick. That looks Jodin’s homely face in that picture too. This type of behavior just makes Toni look desperate.

    • That’s not Jodin. That picture came from a website that sells those blood pillows. He just stole the picture, just like they do with all the sock accounts.

  6. Anthony C

    I’m sitting here and I’ve read so much on this case and re-watched the Dr. Phil interview and I keep coming away spooked by that Toni lady. That poor girl Morgan never had a chance with that overbearing person as her mother. This woman is slandering these people and could cost those people she is making threats toward. I live in SoCal and my uncle is the president of an HOA here and they do not have keys to any houses. They would be a huge liability against the HOA for purposes of theft and ‘Murder’. I’m glad these people are being exposed for who they are, and what makes me so mad is reading about her illness and how her mother denies it. People wonder why their loved ones commit suicide? Look right there at that lady. My wife is an RN and we talked about this today and it amazes me how quick people are to shrug off illnesses. I don’t know you but I’m a member of WS and I had helped on a case this past summer and helped conduct searches for a missing college student. I hope you expose her for what she is.

    • They’ve been quiet lately, probably hoping we’d go away so they could start up again. Those people accused will have to live with the false accusations the rest of their lives, so we’re not going anywhere. I’ve researched some laws that could be applied to a defamation suit against the Ingrams and their crew, and if the families and falsely accused want to pursue that avenue, I’ll be glad to share what I found. Same holds true if the investigation is reopened. We have information that we have not released that could help focus a new investigation, so until something happens, we’re here, we’re monitoring and documenting, and we will always be here. Thanks for the support.

  7. JustBrowsing

    I’m sorry, but I find it annoying that BOTH sides say, “We have information and evidence, but we’re not going to share it.” Toni has said for some time that she’s going to release her evidence soon, but will the day ever come?

    How in the hell did the death of a lovely, but perhaps troubled, young woman turn into such a ridiculous circus? Strangers screaming at each other on the internet and creepy blog sites popping up daily. I also find it troubling that Toni always tells her supporters, “Morgan loves you; Morgan thanks you and is smiling down on you,” etc. (I’m paraphrasing.)

    Morgan is dead. She’s not falling in love with strangers who write supportive words to her mother over the internet. Yet it seems Toni is attempting to create a cult around Morgan and her death. I can understand a mother driven crazy by grief, but this has gone on too long and has digressed in ways a normal person would never have imagined. It leaves me shaking my head.

    Toni’s quest seems to have gone beyond seeking justice for her daughter and into the realm of obsession and insanity. We never hear anything from Morgan’s father. Perhaps he’s just overwhelmed by the whole thing and any attempts he might be making to bring some sanity to the fore have fallen on deaf ears.

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