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Team Toni . . . or Not?

As some of you know, I’ve been getting interesting phone calls.

Hold up, let’s back up a second:  A while back, Toni Ingram claimed I was calling and harassing her.  She presented a print out of a screen shot of her phone as proof.  When I spoke to the investigating officer, not only did I immediately send him my phone records, complete with the phone company logo, to prove I never called her, much less harassed her, but also shared with him how the number could have appeared on her phone without the call actually having been made.

I sent the officer a link to a site that spoofs phone calls.  Now, this is technically illegal, but people do it all the time anyway.   Spoofcard allows you to type in any number you want, and make it look like the call was coming from somewhere else.  So, for instance, let’s say Bob wanted to call Jane, but wanted Jane to think Dave was really calling her.  Bob uses this web site, enters Dave’s number and Jane’s number, and the computer calls Jane as Dave.  It will appear on Jane’s incoming calls as Dave’s number.  Dave won’t have any record of the call at all on his phone records, and Bob’s won’t show him having made the call, either.   Of course, computer forensics . . . and the fact that the web site keeps track of users and will hand over records to law enforcement . . . makes it possible to prove who was really making the spoof call.  Bob may think he got away with it, but Jane’s dad is a fed and was able to pull strings, see the web sites’s records, and catch Bob red-handed.  Dave is in the clear, Jane knows who really made the call, and Bob is looking at harassment charges himself.  This is just one example.  There are a myriad of apps for smart phones that do the same thing.

So back to how this all plays in with what’s going on with me.

I sent this information to the investigating officer, who by now has (hopefully) subpoenaed my phone records, as well as Toni’s (on my insistence).  Toni continues to insist I call her, despite the proof I haven’t.

But accusing me of harassment apparently wasn’t enough.  Now we’ve moved on to a whole new level of phone harassment.

I’ve gotten a call from Toni herself (which if real, was really stupid), Jodin’s old job at Walmart MN, a sewage plant, etc.  The best one, though was today.

I got a call from a man who says he lives down the street, with a very heavy Indian accent, claiming my daughter came on to his property and kicked his dog, who now needs surgery.  Never mind that my ADULT daughter would be more likely to kick the owner than the dog, and never mind that there’s no way this “neighbor” would have my phone number; he was insistent, adamant that this was the case.  By this time in the phone call, I’m laughing pretty hard, and  the man is screaming at me in a stereotypical Indian accent to “Just shut up”.  I said something along the lines of hoping the call was recording (I record all my calls now), because it was so funny, when the poor man with the kicked dog hung up.


Just for shits and giggles, I ran the number.  It came back to a 7-11 here in town.  So, not only are these people making the prank calls really childish, they’re also extremely racist, thinking I would believe the call from an Indian man was true because it came from a 7-11.

Right afterwards, I got the “your pizza is ready, I just need your credit card number” call, from Tony’s Smoke House (I found the business name ironically hilarious) . . . in Corvallis.  See, if you’re going to spoof me, you have to make it believable:  a) I never go to Corvallis,  Ever.  b) They would never deliver to Eugene,  c) The only pizza worth ordering delivery is Sy’s, and d)  Before ordering pizza, I would hit up the Thai place down the street — killer Pad Thai!

So this is what Team Toni has resorted to.  Spoofcards and prank calls.

Or have they?

I don’t doubt the calls have come from Sarah Afshar and/or Joe Valo and/or Jodin Davunt.  The real question is does Toni Ingram know?  Is this happening with her blessing, or is she being spoofed, too?  Did one of her own troll team make the spoof call to her, using my number, to rile her up?  Are they trying to place all the blame on her?  These calls didn’t start up until after Sarah tried to manipulate Anonymous under the sock of Mark Mann, and since then she’s been trying desperately to clear her name, place blame on others, and make it seem like we’re all out to “stalk” her and pick on her, when in fact, all we’ve done was show the lies she’s told, including the stolen identities she used to make more socks.  In fact, Sarah is so desperate to post, that now she spends all her time commenting anonymously on her own blog, since she can’t tweet as all the personas she developed.  That, my friends, is a sickness . . . that need she has.  Either that, or she’s losing income by not being able to post.  I wonder if Sarah feels particularly small and insignificant late at night, when she admits every so quietly to herself, that none of her followers are real, and that she’s actually speaking to herself . . .

Either way, I wonder as to Toni’s involvement in this.  Part of me thinks she’s a victim of her own trolls (no honor among the dishonorable, you know), and I take heart in knowing she’s getting back a taste of what she’s done to other people.  But at the same time, part of me thinks this is all being done with her blessing and full knowledge.

What proof do I have either way?

The only thing the makes me turn away from the Toni as victim theory is this:  Weeks after I gave the sheriff’s deputy my phone records AND insisted repeatedly to him and his superiors to subpoena both our phone records, Toni posted on her own site that I had refused to cooperate with law enforcement.  A blatant lie.  If she really believed I had called her, then why would she lie about my cooperation with law enforcement?

I would like to post the police records from that investigation to prove I volunteered my phone records to LE, but the investigation is ongoing.  The DA is looking into things and trying to decide where to go from here.  Once this is all resolved, I will be posting those police records proving Toni, yet again, lied.

And if she would lie about this, what else has she lied about?

Addendum:  So the calls actually came from Prank Dial, a site “liked” by the child of one of an Ingram family member on Twitter.  What’s really funny, though, is you get two calls free.  I got two calls.  Guess no one was willing to pay for more? So they’re not only racist by picking a local 7-11 phone number to make the call “from”, but are also cheapskates.  I didn’t even warrant a premium prank call?  What’s this world coming to?

The calls Toni claimed I made, however, are still from a spoof call app or Spoofcard, and not Prank Dial, unless, like I suggested,  someone is spoofing Toni.  But, again, if that were the case, why would she lie about my cooperation with police and try to make me look bad? 

One last note:  Toni claims I called her and harassed her, yet told the police she never answered the phone.  If she really got calls, (spoofed, of course) and if she had answered, then we’d know if it was a prank call like Prank Dial, or if it was someone pretending to be me.  But conveniently, she never answered.  (Seriously, Toni, if you think you really got calls from me, you best look at your own “followers” as the culprits.  I have nothing to say to you, no desire to hear your voice, and really don’t give a shit how you feel or what you think, nor do I care to try to convince you of anything.  What would that serve?  I know you’re lying, so why would I try to convince you of anything?  Makes no sense, and anyone with any reason would see that.)

What I find the most amusing of all of this is that grown people, supposedly people concerned about spreading the “truth” about Morgan, people who claim to want nothing more than to save another person from becoming the victim of a ninja stalker, are all huddled together around a phone, laughing at what amounts to a more sophisticated game the rest of us outgrew in elementary group.

What does this have to do with Morgan?  How does this help her?  How does this spread awareness.  I must really have people worried, if they’re going to focus so much attention on me.  I’m flattered.

This is Team Toni.

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