Sword and Scale Podcast

A few weeks ago I was approached by a podcaster, who wanted to do a story on the Ingram case.  I told him I’d agree to an interview, as long as it wasn’t presented in a Geraldo Rivera type format.  He promised me his podcasts weren’t sensationalistic, so I went ahead and spoke with him.  I didn’t know what his take was on the whole thing, what he believed, or which side of the fence he was on, but after the interview, I was convinced that he was taking a neutral stance as he researched.

The podcast was released a couple of days ago, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It seems he, like most other intelligent people, was able to see past the hype and get to the nuts and bolts of the case, and came to a similar conclusion as the majority of people do.  Unfortunately, after all the shit-talking by the trolls, the hate sites, the blatantly false accusations that are so ridiculous a 5-year-old could see through them,  the lies, the Twitter attacks, etc., Team Toni refused to participate.  You would think this would have been the perfect opportunity for them to present the evidence they claim to have, not only on Morgan’s death, but on the allegations they have made about me and many others (none of which is provable, of course . . . they’re still claiming my daughter was 11 when she had a baby and that I called some of their crew “Kunta Kintes” – despite having black children – and without providing proof, like them saying it makes it true).  I think they refused to participate because they knew their stories would not hold up to scrutiny.  On the flip side, I did the interview not knowing how this podcaster would present the case, because I knew I could back everything I’ve posted.

Here is part one:   http://swordandscale.com/sword-and-scale-episode-11/

As usual, comments welcome.  I post all comments sent to my blog, except for obvious spam (“get more traffic to your blog”, etc.).

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5 thoughts on “Sword and Scale Podcast

  1. Karen Tamewitz

    Loved the podcast,,keep up the good work this woman needs to be stoped!Seem she at it again comming out of a lull. what a joke the woman is sick and hurting kids who did nothing!thanks for info and truth,

  2. Tammy Novak

    Mayra – I am trying to find a way to privately contact you. I was originally part of your group, but have not been able to find the log in information, but finally found you by googling MI and recognized your name. How can I get ahold of you? On the forum I recently started back at, same old, every damn type I post they delete my post and slap my fingers like I’m naughty! help a girl out!

    • NVM, I found you on the old board index. Looks like you posted only one time in all that time. We changed the PW so people who weren’t actively involved in the discussion would be weeded out. Then, because the board got soooooo big and the search wasn’t working, we moved elsewhere. I’d have to run it by the others before letting anyone else in at this point, especially since Team Toni seems to think “infiltrating” us is more important than telling her daughter’s story. I guess they think this is a contest of some sort. Sad, really.

  3. You can email me on FB or DM me on Twitter @truth4morgan or @MayraMM and give me your email, then I can check the board and reset your PW. It would help to have your user name, as well, since I don’t recognize your name.

  4. Mayra, you came across really “no bullsh!t” on your interview w/ Sword and Scale. It was great to hear the details from the get go. Excellent interview. The truth should always prevail. Thanks Mayra.

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