Why Does Toni Need Trolls? Why Indeed . . .

As you all read this blog, and read the screen shots contained within, I want you to keep one thing in mind:  Not once, in all this time of being accused, libeled, lied about, and bullied has the accused EVER retaliated.  You can read what was said about them on a daily basis by Team Toni, on the hate sites, and in Toni’s blog comments; vile, disgusting, and even dangerous things, and never has any of them stooped to doing the same to Toni or her minutia of followers.  Never.  You won’t find Twitter accounts out there with the accused calling Toni names, lying about her children, lying about her business, calling her a murder (although she had more opportunity than any of them), or any of the other slurs used against them.  So while the occasional newcomer jumps on the Toni bandwagon and momentarily falls for her portrayal of herself and her crew as victims, I hope he or she keeps that in mind.  Maybe even ask about it.  If the accused are such monsters, why have they chosen not to retaliate?


Since the Sword and Scale podcast on the Ingram case, I’ve seen comments on Twitter about the tactics of the trolls.  Mainly, these are conversations where people tell Toni that what was said was ridiculous, asking why she would need to employ such tactics, etc., implying the very thought is unbelievable.  Let’s assume these people aren’t sock accounts and are really wondering why such a thing would have been said about Toni and her team.  Here’s why:


A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll simply share some of the screen caps we’ve saved.  These are a mere handful:


1)      They now deny “Mark Mann” as one of their own, ever since the account was proven to be a Sarah Afshar sock account used to harass, threaten, and defame an individual by the name of Michael Odegard.   Here is Team Toni’s support before we outed that account.   Notice the second to last tweet:




2)      Here’s “Mark Mann” threatening Keenan, the accused.   Remember, The Priest was able to trace “Mark Mann’s” IP address to that of Sarah Afshar’s, so either “Mark” was camping out at Sarah’s house and tapping into her network, or they are one and the same person.   In other words, this threat did not come from a fictional “Mark Mann”, but from Toni’s buddy, Sarah Afshar:


3)      Here’s “Mark Mann” trying to manipulate @iamthepriest and @Bullyville:


4)      Here’s the same “Mark Mann” trying to intimidate me by stating how close he lived to me.   Sure wish he was real.  That would have been fun.   There’s also more on Mode on this cap:


5)      And here is Sarah being outed by the Anon she tried to trick into bullying Michael Odegard.   In fact, it was that attempt which was Team Toni’s undoing; it lead to most of the sock accounts (who were purporting to be individuals concerned about justice for Morgan), as actually being a handful of people:


6)      Here’s another supporter (who claims to be in the US, but is actually not even in the country) claiming the FBI left him a message on his machine (because we all know that’s how the FBI works), stating that a true crime blogger/ex-criminal prosecutor reported him as being Joseph Kony.  This is typical Twitter behavior when someone speaks out publically against what Toni:


7)      Here’s a lovely set of tweets trying to intimidate Toni’s daughter-in-law into behaving:


8)      Here are more really inspiring Twits and their idea of “victim advocacy”.  This is how they’ve decided to run their campaign.  Remember, Toni has thanked these people, DM’d with them, invited them to barbecues, and considered them part of the team:


9)      And more:  Notice they always state my name and the city where I live.  The reason for this is to try and provoke vigilante retaliation.  These are the “victim advocates”:


10)   More adult conversation:


11)   And here we have the crux of Team Toni’s belief system.  Guilty until proven innocent:


12)   Here’s another Toni supporter. Note the date of these tweets:


13)   Now look at the dates here.  Toni thanks Amr for his support AFTER his vile tweets a few days before:


14)   Here’s a funny one.  Crime Fighter Rick claims to be following my @Truth4Morgan account on Twitter and wonders whose “side” I’m on.  Now, if I was actually harassing, defaming, and stalking all those people, like they claim, I don’t think he would wonder if I’m a “good” person or not.  I would think something like that would be very clear, especially when compared to the other supporters’ accounts.  Check out the top tweet:


Wait, but what’s this?  Look at the very bottom tweet.  Here he claims I’m harassing Amy Davunt (who is so completely inconsequential to this whole thing, none of my group has bothered to spend any time on her at all, but they keep mentioning her like they want us to focus on her).  So which is it?  I’m slandering someone or I’m possibly a good person?  BTW, as far as I could see, this person never followed me on Twitter, not in the conventional way.


15)   Besides the name calling and general childishness, here’s another tactic of Team Toni.  They pretend to have these Twitter conversations where they claim to have been threatened/harassed/called/stalked, what have you.   NOT ONE TIME do they show proof.  When Toni claimed I called her, I quickly gathered evidence to prove I had not, presented it to the police immediately, and posted the response and proof on my blog.  When Ryan called me and left drunken messages on my voice mail, I also posted this to prove it happened.  When Jodin called me from the Wal-Mart he used to work at, I called that Wal-Mart and spoke to the manager and assistant manager the very next day.  In other words, I showed proof, took action, and made police reports; none of which Team Toni has done, because they’ve never been stalked, harassed, called, or otherwise bothered by me at all.  The one time Toni tried to get the police involved in the alleged harassment by me was nothing more than a falsified screen shot of her phone’s call record.  Her actual phone records, as well as mine, showed no calls were ever made.  I’ve posted the email from the police proving their findings.  Of couse, as with everything else, I’m sure Toni has an explanation for that.  Not only do I not “stalk” them, I don’t even follow their Twitters.  Most of these screen shots came about because someone else saw them and sent the caps, or one of the group saw something and uploaded it to our Dropbox, or I was told about something that was said.  These screenshots have been kept for legal purposes.


16)   Pat Brown was given links to this case and stated what everyone else has seen; that there was no stalking, no murder, no rape.  Now, apparently, even Pat Brown, criminal profiler, is a bully and liar, at least according to one of Toni’s biggest supporters, Jodin Davunt:


17)   Jenn Johnson, the mother of the accused, “liked” a post on my Facebook page.  This, according to Jodin, is proof that she asked for my support.  He even brings into question if I’m paid.  (Jodin, “I’m not getting paid for nothing” is a double negative, which means you are saying that you are getting paid for something, or you’re just ignorant.)


18)   And speaking of getting paid for trolling, does this not sound like solicitation?:


19)   And this? :


20)   In fact, at one time Jodin listed his place of work as the Morgan Ingram Foundation as a victim’s advocate.  And why the hell not?  Even Joe works for MIF and Toni!


Don’t get me wrong.  The foundation has all the right in the world to hire employees.  I just think it’s funny these “victim advocates” bully, lie about, libel, stalk, and harass people simply for not agreeing, and then deny they are employees at all.  I wonder if donors (if there are any) realize how their money is being spent.


21)   Here’s more from “victim advocate” Jodin Davunt showing how much he cares about women’s rights by calling women liars and cunts!  I dare any of them to show any proof I’ve EVER tweeted or talked about any of them in this way:


22)   Here they claim “Hooman” has been harassing them.  Of course, as proven on a previous blog, I show you exactly who Hooman really is (Sarah Afshar), and since that blog they now claim Hooman was a plant to infiltrate our super top secret board (huge fail there).  So which is it?  Plant or harasser?:


23)   Here is Joe Valo, self-professed fiancé of Sarah Afshar, libeling Michael Odegard, proving the connection between Sarah and the harassment of Michael Odegard definitively:


24)   I’m including this one because it’s just so damn funny.  Tell me they aren’t all about sock accounts!


25)   These people have an amazing amount of stalkers.  Someone should do a study on it.  Notice them asking @Anon99percenter for help.  Ever since they got on Twitter and made all the sock accounts, they have been friending and trying to manipulate any Anon they could, one of them even pretending to even be an Anon at one time.  Here’s more stalker talk:


26)   Even the cat gets in on manipulating Anons.  Murphy doesn’t look to happy in that picture.  O.o:


27)   And Anon’s reply?:


28)   Here is one of my favorite screencaps.  Seems a whole bunch of psychics supposedly told the Ingrams that Morgan was murdered.  Some even claim to know exactly what was said in the room before Morgan died.  Amazing police haven’t taken this as absolute evidence that a crime has been committed and prosecuted immediately.  Oh, wait, maybe it’s because it wouldn’t hold up in court?  Maybe the psychics themselves don’t remember ever having said what has been claimed.  How many other psychics and “experts” would deny involvement in this case if asked directly (which gives me an idea):



I could go on posting examples of the troll activities.  If you like, you can go back over older blog posts and see where I’ve shown some of the more damaging things they’ve done, like the blood pillow incident where the trolls tried to make it look like one of the followers was driven to suicide because of supposed harassment from the anti-Toni crew.  After being called on it, they retracted the claim, saying it was a photoshopped image of what COULD happen because of stalkers.  Even that was a lie, since the picture actually belonged to the web site where the blood pillow pranks are sold.

While I can go one and on PROVING these things, they keep making allegations about me, as far as harassing or stalking any of them, which are completely unfounded, unproven, and just a technique to try and cast doubt on my character.  Their proof?  None.  They’ve failed at every turn to prove ANY of the things they say about me.  I can spend days posting screen shots of things they’ve said and done, and they cannot post a single screen shot of me harassing anyone.  Of course, they say I’m everyone, but that’s just their way of trying to make it seem like there aren’t a whole lot of people against what’s going on, and even more who do not believe Toni’s stories.

Why have I posted this?

If you listened to the http://SwordandScale.com podcast about this case (episodes 11 and 12), the type of behavior illustrated above just exemplifies everything the experts spoke about.  The behavior of Team Toni is pathologic.  There’s something wrong with people who behave this way.  The fact that Toni’s family is not trying to bring sanity to an already insane situation, just shows that over the years they have gotten so used to this woman’s style of attack, and probably fear her anger to some extent, that they just let her continue on.


Toni had the perfect opportunity to express her point of view, deny being connected to the trolls, whatever she wanted on the podcast, but refused to participate.  She refuses to ever speak on a public forum where the possibility of her allegations being false could be brought up.  In other words, she knows she cannot support her claims during a rational conversation, and therefore avoids any instance where that might happen.


Toni will go on being the victim, playing ignorant to the goings on of her crew, denying and explaining away everything.  In her mind, this is a huge conspiracy that includes everyone.  Toni needs to quit endangering people’s lives and get professional help.  I urge her family to finally do the right thing.


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22 thoughts on “Why Does Toni Need Trolls? Why Indeed . . .

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  3. According to the trolls, this is a smear campaign. I’m glad they agree, since obviously that’s what they were doing. I posted their comments, so any smearing was done by them. Jodin Davunt also claims I attacked his daughter. I’ve never mentioned his child, ever. He’s the one that put my daughter’s picture up on his hate sites talking about her being pregnant at 11 (which she was not), making fun of her looks, her ethnicity, etc. So next week, boys and girls, I will post snips from their hate sites as proof.

    On the flip side, since I did not attack any of them, their only course is to post other people’s comments and tweets and claim they were from me. That’s weak and doesn’t wash. Real proof, people, is all that will count, and a court can order a forensic exam of our computers and tell definitively who did what, which I will comply with 100%, since I have nothing to hide.

  4. simply caustic

    I’m glad you posted this. Nothing like backing up each and every thing you say. Wish the other side would do the same. Thanks for being a REAL advocate, mayra

  5. So “Mark Mann”, whose IP came back to being Sarah’s after he tried to trick an Anon to harass Michael Odegard, and who was outed by The Priest as being one of Sarah’s socks, is back. Now, though, he’s back to being Mark Jorgenson (which is how he started before they tried to do the whole Mann Brother routine), but now claims he lives in Portland, Oregon AND Butte, MT, no doubt hoping that explains why his IP came back as Sarah’s.

    We have screen shots of all the socks they’ve used in the past, including the ones where they used people’s identities without their consent (identity theft). We have screen shots where they have the same Twitter accounts, only change their names and claim to be other people. Oh, and there’s even a function of Twitter where a user (and I’m assuming law enforcement) can get an entire transcript of a Twitter account). So who are they trying to fool?

    This desperate act of trying to justify what Team Toni has done, try to tie up loose ends, and try to turn the tables is exactly that; desperate, and whether they like it or not EVERYONE CAN SEE IT! The only people they are fooling is themselves. It’s game over. Toni made some really bad decisions in how she would honor her daughter, and now it’s all come apart. It can’t be saved. This all – my blog, the proof of the trolls, the hate sites they put up, the lies they can’t ever back, their Twitter games – all of it, is forever on the Internet, so even 10 years from now, if Toni again tries to play the victim for attention and/or money, anyone doing their homework will see the truth. It will always be out there.

  6. Anonfriend

    Sarah Afshar appears to be a big scammer at the center of a ring of low lifes. Hard to tell which of these characters are real! Sarah & Joe seem meant for each other. Toni’s affiliation with these low life trolls really eliminates any credibility. Too bad she can’t see that.

    • If she were to take an objective look at her most vocal followers (the ones that aren’t socks), she would have no choice but to back off and regroup. There are some people in serious need of psychiatric help who are just dragging her into the abysss with them, and they are more vocal than any of the others.

      Then she has the mouth-breathers who insist they post nothing but the truth, no matter how many times their “truths” are proven wrong and malicious, and who refuse to link to anything that could be consider real evidence or even proof of the nonsense they come up with. This obvious attempt at deception just makes her look more like a liar by association.

      Then they continue with the innuendos, trying to associate me or the accused or one of the women in te group I’m with to other, completely unrelated cases, and actually think they’re clever in their wording, when in fact it’s like a neon sign saying they’re trolling.

      Either these people are truly sick and have no idea how transparent they are, and Toni is equally disturbed and can’t see how this effects her negatively, or she, and the crew, think they’re smarter than everyone else and are tricking people. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for her case because everyone sees through them.

      The biggest mistake she made was enlisting this crew to be her “victims’ advocates”. She lost all credibility then. She can plug away with her buying Twitter followers and the automated “thank you for following us” posts, but in the end, that’s all she has; bought followers, trolls, and crazy people making her look much worse than she could have ever made herself look.

      Her campaign has stopped being about Morgan and is all about libeling/slandering those who don’t agree. How very sad for Morgan. I think, given what we’ve learned about her sensitivity and caring, she would be appalled at how things have turned out.

  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the reason they always tweet or post using this pattern : persons name from city person lives in (Myra from Eugene for example) is to influence search engine results. So if someone googles your name and the city you live in, there is a higher rate of search engine returns. To cover yourself and reduce the efficacy of a tactic like this, I recommend researching SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Not sure if they were taught that, figured it out themselves, or just do it for some random reason. I’d also like to point out that affiliation with “anonymous” or channers reduces any credibility of a given author / presenter / pov. Sorry, its just fact. Thanks for your time, good luck!

    • Thanks for the input. It’s possible someone schooled them on SEO, but I think – at least in part – they wanted people to harass me virtually and IRL, and wanted to make sure they could find me. Obviously it didn’t work. But it still begs the questions of why, if their story was true and from the heart, they felt the need to try and shut down people who didn’t believe it.

  8. Juan

    is anyone ever going to file criminal charges against Sarah Afshar for the myriad of laws she’s apparently broken?

    • Right now there’s a matter of jurisdiction and law enforcement’s [in]ability to investigate. Most agree that there needs to be a focus on training LE in cyber issues, but unless there’s a large amount of money involved or someone dies, I doubt they’ll do anything. Identity theft is being prosecuted across the country now, but this crew was smart enough to use the identities of people in other countries, most of whom didn’t speak English and had no clue their identities were being used. We notified as many as we could, though. I think they stopped using other people’s identity when we posted those people’s real profiles. Now they just use mostly nameless accounts.

  9. Jalia

    It’s entertaining how these people and Toni care more to expose/torment others, than to actually search for Morgans’ “killer.” What’s more sad is Morgan is almost an afterthought. BTW; has Morgan ever given a statement to authorities about the “stalker”?

    • Interestingly, Morgan died just days before she was due to go down to the station and give her statement – alone. Up until that point, her mother was always with her during police interviews.

  10. Emma Simpson

    FOund this on one of Sarah Afshar’s random blogs… she states…

    “A few people messaged me voluntarily and mentioned that she is a woman who is obsessed with control and power. I had a psychic reading recently where the psychic medium told me there was a woman out there who hated me more than most people. She proceeded to tell me that this woman is behind the hate blogs and also the horrible, libelous and untrue lies about me. She went on to describe this woman before giving me her name. It happened to be Tricia Griffith. I was shocked because I was not expecting the psychic to reveal it was her at all. Why does Mrs. Griffith hate me? I have no clue. I have no idea who she is.”

    While completing my degree in psychology + neuroscience with a minor in political science, I learned a very valuable lesson in a certain lecture class. A professor once told me, “the moment we start pointing fingers and projecting blame onto others, is the moment our psyche is really projecting insecurities and truths within our own hearts.”

    What I mean by this is, Sarah Afshar is projecting lies about others that are in fact truths about her own self.

    SHE is the one creating hate in the virtual world. I wouldnt be surprised if she was the one creating those blogs of hate to victimize herself. Just like TONI INGRAM.

    • “There is a woman out there that hates me more than most people.”

      Interesting comment. It can be taken a few different ways.

      Anyway, Toni went through the trouble of faking phone calls from me to her, an accusation easily disproven by looking at phone records, and took her “evidence” to police, so it wouldn’t at all surprise me to find out they’ve been trolling themselves to make it look like someone else is doing it. What gets me is the time they’ve put into it. Years later and from what I’ve been told, the hate sites are still up and running, with new tidbits of ridiculous statements. In my mind, that sounds almost pathologic.

  11. Karen

    I’ve just recently learned of this case and just trying to catch up on all the information. What confuses me is that the Toni supporters keep saying that Morgan was raped. Where did they get the idea that she was raped? I don’t remember seeing anything about that in the autopsy reports. Am I missing something here?

    • I think they had a few reasons for saying that. First, a rrape kit wasn’t done (there was no reason for one to be done, but whatever). Secondly, apparently there was bio material on her clothing that luminesced. They believe it was semen, but the medical examiner believed it was a result of coughing during her overdose. Third, and probably the saddest reason, was because it wasn’t enough that Morgan died; she needed to be killed, perhaps to ease feelings of guilt. It wasn’t enough to be killed, she had to be raped and brutalized first. Sadly, it gave Toni more attention, more sympathizers.

      I haven’t seen Toni’s blog recently, so I don’t know how much it has changed from the original at this point, but back when this was all new and gathering attention, her blog changed according to reader comments, suggestions, and supposition. What was a soft tapping on a window soon became a large stone crashing against the side of the house. The person she accused went from having similar shoes to the footprints outside Morgan’s window, to being a serial rapist and murderer who had a crew that helped him, because a psychic told her so. (BTW, one of her psychics started out being one of her trolls.)

      The best way to understand what was really going through Toni’s mind at the time is to view her original timeline that’s included in the police report, as well as her emails to the police. Those are probably the least tainted documentation of what was happening at the time, including the fact that she nonchalantly emailed her concerns to police rather than calling when things were happening, as she was repeatedly told to do.

      • Karen

        Thank you for clearing this up. I’m sorry that this woman lost her daughter, but my God, all this bullying and outing two people as stalkers and murderers without proof is stepping way, way out of line. I can’t wrap my mind around that.

      • I couldn’t imagine losing a child. I would probably go a little crazy, too. Unfortunately, there were people feeding her fears and playing with her vulnerability.

        Personally, I think she suffered from Munchausen by proxy, which after Morgan’s death became Munchausen by Internet when she saw the attention she got.

  12. This whole scenario just blows my mind. It’s so obvious that that Toni basically was an overbearing, controlling, delusional helicopter parent and her husband did nothing to protect Morgan from that. Morgan overdosed on her own pills and Toni was the only one to ever see/hear the “stalker” and she now hounds people who say otherwise. It’s amazing. She’s the stalker in this case.

  13. Mick

    Just listened to the Sword & Scale episodes about Morgan Ingram and the fallout of her story. It really made me want to search for more info on the facts. Thanks for your interest in pursuing truth!!

    • Have you seen the Showtime series called Dark Net? They did an episode on this case. Season 2,episode 2. They interviewed Keenan. It was the first time I had ever heard his feelings about all this or even heard him speak. His demeanor was humbling in the face of what he’s still going through. You might find it an interesting followup. Plus, they discuss the evidence police gathered that completely exonerated the man.

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