I’m just your average single mother of 5, grandmother of 3, martial arts instructor, crime scene clean up business owner, who loves to write.

I study a form of martial arts called Haganah, and I love it.  It’s my most favorite thing to do.  In fact, everything else I do revolves around or is in preparation for Haganah.

My company is a locally-owned trauma/crime seen business called Raven Recovery.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Irina

    Hi Mayra, I am confused, was u a neighbor of Toni Ingram?

  2. Tiffaney

    Hi!! I just stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for updates in this case. I saw the “Suspicion” episode about this a while back and it was on again today. I remember thinking this was hard to believe, even the first time I watched it. Has anything developed or changed since? I was just curious.
    Thank you,

    • As far a I know, nothing legitimate had changed, including the trolling. If anyone has heard anything, though, I’d love to hear it.

  3. Bianca White

    I get the eery feeling its Munchhausen syndrome by proxy. Instead of making her daughter “sick” to gain attention, she was making her and her husband paranoid.

    She wasnt being heard, what makes a victim louder? An actual act of violence. Ive Listend to S&S, I’ve read her blog, I’ve read yours and others out there and my initial thought has never changed.

    Her insistence that her daughter was an angel, never did wrong, plays to the tune of a victim.

    Stalking dosnt and is almost NEVER isolated to ONE area. If she was being stalked, it would happen every where she went not just at home.

    The drug that was found is described as sludge, Did Morgan get up during the night? Did her mother offer her some treat laced with said drug without father knowing? the fact that her elbows were bent when found suggests it may have happend just moments after dad was in the room? No injection site? Her prescription was full and beside her bed but it was the same drug? her body was described as being cold to the touch and rigid, yet Toni claims she was curled up? He came through the back door with a key and nobody heard him, but could hear him punch in numbers to the front door and he dodged all the cameras, motion detectors and lights?

    LASTLY the medication for Morgan was prescribed to treat Hallucinations, Paranoid delusions, Depression, Anxiety ect…. IS THIS CONDITION HEREDITARY? (Keeping in mind that all three mentioned above conditions are symptoms of Schizophrenia)

    Such a fascinating case and I certainly do feel for Steve

    • If I recall correctly, mom was prescribed the same drug, amitriptyline. That medication, by the way, is also taken for other conditions. I take it for insomnia.

      There was another medication, though, that was prescribed to Morgan, had some missing from the bottle, but wasn’t found in her system. If you listened to S & S, go back and listen to S & S Rewind on that episode. We discuss some possibilities.

      Did you watch the piece done on Showtime? Dark Net, season 2 episode 2. Keenan actual speaks out for the first time. I never got a chance to speak to him, so the show was particularly interesting to me.

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