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It’s now years down the road from the Ingram case. It was the belief of the group, Truth for Mogran, that things had pretty much settled down.  I’d get the occasional comment from someone just beginning to dig for information, but other than that, the case didn’t really cross my mind.

Then last year I got a call from Showtime.  They have a show called Dark Net, and would I be interested in doing an interview?  Just as with the podcast from Sword and Scale, I agreed, not really thinking about “sides”.  I have nothing to hide, so I wasn’t worried.   I came to find out that the story Dark Net wanted to do was not so much about the Ingram case, but about the blowback from things like Internet sleuthing or when someone is targeted by trolls.

So I did the interview, appearing on camera.  It was a lot of fun having the crew tag along, even though I hate having my picture taken, much less filmed.  The episode has now been through whatever TV episodes go through, and it’s now set to air on April 13 on Showtime.  The show is called Dark Net and the episode is titled “My Justice”.

And for the first time anywhere, we get to hear from Keenan himself.  I’m as eager as anyone else to hear what he has to say.

Dark Net Season 2 Promo



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