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It’s now years down the road from the Ingram case. It was the belief of the group, Truth for Mogran, that things had pretty much settled down.  I’d get the occasional comment from someone just beginning to dig for information, but other than that, the case didn’t really cross my mind.

Then last year I got a call from Showtime.  They have a show called Dark Net, and would I be interested in doing an interview?  Just as with the podcast from Sword and Scale, I agreed, not really thinking about “sides”.  I have nothing to hide, so I wasn’t worried.   I came to find out that the story Dark Net wanted to do was not so much about the Ingram case, but about the blowback from things like Internet sleuthing or when someone is targeted by trolls.

So I did the interview, appearing on camera.  It was a lot of fun having the crew tag along, even though I hate having my picture taken, much less filmed.  The episode has now been through whatever TV episodes go through, and it’s now set to air on April 13 on Showtime.  The show is called Dark Net and the episode is titled “My Justice”.

And for the first time anywhere, we get to hear from Keenan himself.  I’m as eager as anyone else to hear what he has to say.

Dark Net Season 2 Promo



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Why Does Toni Need Trolls? Why Indeed . . .

As you all read this blog, and read the screen shots contained within, I want you to keep one thing in mind:  Not once, in all this time of being accused, libeled, lied about, and bullied has the accused EVER retaliated.  You can read what was said about them on a daily basis by Team Toni, on the hate sites, and in Toni’s blog comments; vile, disgusting, and even dangerous things, and never has any of them stooped to doing the same to Toni or her minutia of followers.  Never.  You won’t find Twitter accounts out there with the accused calling Toni names, lying about her children, lying about her business, calling her a murder (although she had more opportunity than any of them), or any of the other slurs used against them.  So while the occasional newcomer jumps on the Toni bandwagon and momentarily falls for her portrayal of herself and her crew as victims, I hope he or she keeps that in mind.  Maybe even ask about it.  If the accused are such monsters, why have they chosen not to retaliate?


Since the Sword and Scale podcast on the Ingram case, I’ve seen comments on Twitter about the tactics of the trolls.  Mainly, these are conversations where people tell Toni that what was said was ridiculous, asking why she would need to employ such tactics, etc., implying the very thought is unbelievable.  Let’s assume these people aren’t sock accounts and are really wondering why such a thing would have been said about Toni and her team.  Here’s why:


A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll simply share some of the screen caps we’ve saved.  These are a mere handful:


1)      They now deny “Mark Mann” as one of their own, ever since the account was proven to be a Sarah Afshar sock account used to harass, threaten, and defame an individual by the name of Michael Odegard.   Here is Team Toni’s support before we outed that account.   Notice the second to last tweet:




2)      Here’s “Mark Mann” threatening Keenan, the accused.   Remember, The Priest was able to trace “Mark Mann’s” IP address to that of Sarah Afshar’s, so either “Mark” was camping out at Sarah’s house and tapping into her network, or they are one and the same person.   In other words, this threat did not come from a fictional “Mark Mann”, but from Toni’s buddy, Sarah Afshar:


3)      Here’s “Mark Mann” trying to manipulate @iamthepriest and @Bullyville:


4)      Here’s the same “Mark Mann” trying to intimidate me by stating how close he lived to me.   Sure wish he was real.  That would have been fun.   There’s also more on Mode on this cap:


5)      And here is Sarah being outed by the Anon she tried to trick into bullying Michael Odegard.   In fact, it was that attempt which was Team Toni’s undoing; it lead to most of the sock accounts (who were purporting to be individuals concerned about justice for Morgan), as actually being a handful of people:


6)      Here’s another supporter (who claims to be in the US, but is actually not even in the country) claiming the FBI left him a message on his machine (because we all know that’s how the FBI works), stating that a true crime blogger/ex-criminal prosecutor reported him as being Joseph Kony.  This is typical Twitter behavior when someone speaks out publically against what Toni:


7)      Here’s a lovely set of tweets trying to intimidate Toni’s daughter-in-law into behaving:


8)      Here are more really inspiring Twits and their idea of “victim advocacy”.  This is how they’ve decided to run their campaign.  Remember, Toni has thanked these people, DM’d with them, invited them to barbecues, and considered them part of the team:


9)      And more:  Notice they always state my name and the city where I live.  The reason for this is to try and provoke vigilante retaliation.  These are the “victim advocates”:


10)   More adult conversation:


11)   And here we have the crux of Team Toni’s belief system.  Guilty until proven innocent:


12)   Here’s another Toni supporter. Note the date of these tweets:


13)   Now look at the dates here.  Toni thanks Amr for his support AFTER his vile tweets a few days before:


14)   Here’s a funny one.  Crime Fighter Rick claims to be following my @Truth4Morgan account on Twitter and wonders whose “side” I’m on.  Now, if I was actually harassing, defaming, and stalking all those people, like they claim, I don’t think he would wonder if I’m a “good” person or not.  I would think something like that would be very clear, especially when compared to the other supporters’ accounts.  Check out the top tweet:


Wait, but what’s this?  Look at the very bottom tweet.  Here he claims I’m harassing Amy Davunt (who is so completely inconsequential to this whole thing, none of my group has bothered to spend any time on her at all, but they keep mentioning her like they want us to focus on her).  So which is it?  I’m slandering someone or I’m possibly a good person?  BTW, as far as I could see, this person never followed me on Twitter, not in the conventional way.


15)   Besides the name calling and general childishness, here’s another tactic of Team Toni.  They pretend to have these Twitter conversations where they claim to have been threatened/harassed/called/stalked, what have you.   NOT ONE TIME do they show proof.  When Toni claimed I called her, I quickly gathered evidence to prove I had not, presented it to the police immediately, and posted the response and proof on my blog.  When Ryan called me and left drunken messages on my voice mail, I also posted this to prove it happened.  When Jodin called me from the Wal-Mart he used to work at, I called that Wal-Mart and spoke to the manager and assistant manager the very next day.  In other words, I showed proof, took action, and made police reports; none of which Team Toni has done, because they’ve never been stalked, harassed, called, or otherwise bothered by me at all.  The one time Toni tried to get the police involved in the alleged harassment by me was nothing more than a falsified screen shot of her phone’s call record.  Her actual phone records, as well as mine, showed no calls were ever made.  I’ve posted the email from the police proving their findings.  Of couse, as with everything else, I’m sure Toni has an explanation for that.  Not only do I not “stalk” them, I don’t even follow their Twitters.  Most of these screen shots came about because someone else saw them and sent the caps, or one of the group saw something and uploaded it to our Dropbox, or I was told about something that was said.  These screenshots have been kept for legal purposes.


16)   Pat Brown was given links to this case and stated what everyone else has seen; that there was no stalking, no murder, no rape.  Now, apparently, even Pat Brown, criminal profiler, is a bully and liar, at least according to one of Toni’s biggest supporters, Jodin Davunt:


17)   Jenn Johnson, the mother of the accused, “liked” a post on my Facebook page.  This, according to Jodin, is proof that she asked for my support.  He even brings into question if I’m paid.  (Jodin, “I’m not getting paid for nothing” is a double negative, which means you are saying that you are getting paid for something, or you’re just ignorant.)


18)   And speaking of getting paid for trolling, does this not sound like solicitation?:


19)   And this? :


20)   In fact, at one time Jodin listed his place of work as the Morgan Ingram Foundation as a victim’s advocate.  And why the hell not?  Even Joe works for MIF and Toni!


Don’t get me wrong.  The foundation has all the right in the world to hire employees.  I just think it’s funny these “victim advocates” bully, lie about, libel, stalk, and harass people simply for not agreeing, and then deny they are employees at all.  I wonder if donors (if there are any) realize how their money is being spent.


21)   Here’s more from “victim advocate” Jodin Davunt showing how much he cares about women’s rights by calling women liars and cunts!  I dare any of them to show any proof I’ve EVER tweeted or talked about any of them in this way:


22)   Here they claim “Hooman” has been harassing them.  Of course, as proven on a previous blog, I show you exactly who Hooman really is (Sarah Afshar), and since that blog they now claim Hooman was a plant to infiltrate our super top secret board (huge fail there).  So which is it?  Plant or harasser?:


23)   Here is Joe Valo, self-professed fiancé of Sarah Afshar, libeling Michael Odegard, proving the connection between Sarah and the harassment of Michael Odegard definitively:


24)   I’m including this one because it’s just so damn funny.  Tell me they aren’t all about sock accounts!


25)   These people have an amazing amount of stalkers.  Someone should do a study on it.  Notice them asking @Anon99percenter for help.  Ever since they got on Twitter and made all the sock accounts, they have been friending and trying to manipulate any Anon they could, one of them even pretending to even be an Anon at one time.  Here’s more stalker talk:


26)   Even the cat gets in on manipulating Anons.  Murphy doesn’t look to happy in that picture.  O.o:


27)   And Anon’s reply?:


28)   Here is one of my favorite screencaps.  Seems a whole bunch of psychics supposedly told the Ingrams that Morgan was murdered.  Some even claim to know exactly what was said in the room before Morgan died.  Amazing police haven’t taken this as absolute evidence that a crime has been committed and prosecuted immediately.  Oh, wait, maybe it’s because it wouldn’t hold up in court?  Maybe the psychics themselves don’t remember ever having said what has been claimed.  How many other psychics and “experts” would deny involvement in this case if asked directly (which gives me an idea):



I could go on posting examples of the troll activities.  If you like, you can go back over older blog posts and see where I’ve shown some of the more damaging things they’ve done, like the blood pillow incident where the trolls tried to make it look like one of the followers was driven to suicide because of supposed harassment from the anti-Toni crew.  After being called on it, they retracted the claim, saying it was a photoshopped image of what COULD happen because of stalkers.  Even that was a lie, since the picture actually belonged to the web site where the blood pillow pranks are sold.

While I can go one and on PROVING these things, they keep making allegations about me, as far as harassing or stalking any of them, which are completely unfounded, unproven, and just a technique to try and cast doubt on my character.  Their proof?  None.  They’ve failed at every turn to prove ANY of the things they say about me.  I can spend days posting screen shots of things they’ve said and done, and they cannot post a single screen shot of me harassing anyone.  Of course, they say I’m everyone, but that’s just their way of trying to make it seem like there aren’t a whole lot of people against what’s going on, and even more who do not believe Toni’s stories.

Why have I posted this?

If you listened to the podcast about this case (episodes 11 and 12), the type of behavior illustrated above just exemplifies everything the experts spoke about.  The behavior of Team Toni is pathologic.  There’s something wrong with people who behave this way.  The fact that Toni’s family is not trying to bring sanity to an already insane situation, just shows that over the years they have gotten so used to this woman’s style of attack, and probably fear her anger to some extent, that they just let her continue on.


Toni had the perfect opportunity to express her point of view, deny being connected to the trolls, whatever she wanted on the podcast, but refused to participate.  She refuses to ever speak on a public forum where the possibility of her allegations being false could be brought up.  In other words, she knows she cannot support her claims during a rational conversation, and therefore avoids any instance where that might happen.


Toni will go on being the victim, playing ignorant to the goings on of her crew, denying and explaining away everything.  In her mind, this is a huge conspiracy that includes everyone.  Toni needs to quit endangering people’s lives and get professional help.  I urge her family to finally do the right thing.


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Sword and Scale Podcast

A few weeks ago I was approached by a podcaster, who wanted to do a story on the Ingram case.  I told him I’d agree to an interview, as long as it wasn’t presented in a Geraldo Rivera type format.  He promised me his podcasts weren’t sensationalistic, so I went ahead and spoke with him.  I didn’t know what his take was on the whole thing, what he believed, or which side of the fence he was on, but after the interview, I was convinced that he was taking a neutral stance as he researched.

The podcast was released a couple of days ago, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It seems he, like most other intelligent people, was able to see past the hype and get to the nuts and bolts of the case, and came to a similar conclusion as the majority of people do.  Unfortunately, after all the shit-talking by the trolls, the hate sites, the blatantly false accusations that are so ridiculous a 5-year-old could see through them,  the lies, the Twitter attacks, etc., Team Toni refused to participate.  You would think this would have been the perfect opportunity for them to present the evidence they claim to have, not only on Morgan’s death, but on the allegations they have made about me and many others (none of which is provable, of course . . . they’re still claiming my daughter was 11 when she had a baby and that I called some of their crew “Kunta Kintes” – despite having black children – and without providing proof, like them saying it makes it true).  I think they refused to participate because they knew their stories would not hold up to scrutiny.  On the flip side, I did the interview not knowing how this podcaster would present the case, because I knew I could back everything I’ve posted.

Here is part one:

As usual, comments welcome.  I post all comments sent to my blog, except for obvious spam (“get more traffic to your blog”, etc.).

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Some Questions Have Been Answered

A while back Toni Ingram walked into her local sheriff’s department and claimed I was calling and harassing her.  She showed a print out of a screenshot of her phone as “proof”.  As you know, I was contacted by the department and questioned about these supposed calls.  I immediately sent copies of my phone bill (not screenshots of my phone) to the deputy and very strongly encouraged him to solve the mystery definitively by subpoenaing both my phone records and the Ingrams:  That way there’d be no way either of us could alter the evidence.  I also sent him information on a phone app that can be used to make it look on your phone that you’ve received a phone call or text, as well as links to Internet sites that allow a person to make spoof calls to another person.  I posted these links in a previous post here, as well.  More on the spoof sites below.

Here’s a screencap of Toni’s Twitter account where she claimed I called and harassed her.  Keep in mind she continues to make this claim, and has others of her Team Troll saying the same thing:


(BTW, Toni, thanks for the link to my blog!)

Later, Toni Tweeted that I had promised to give the deputy my phone records, but never did.  The truth is that I gave him the phone records the very day he called me, and I also begged him and his supervisors to subpoena the records, as well as alert Garfield County that Toni is proving herself to be a liar and isn’t above fabricating evidence.  I followed this up with an email to Garco, myself.

Here’s the Tweet where she claims I didn’t cooperate with law enforcement:


Who’s providing misinformation, Toni?

And finally, here’s is an email from the deputy who investigated Toni’s false accusations, which prove that I not only willingly gave up my phone records, but also alerted him to the spoof sites:


Notice the sentence outlined in yellow.  Deputy Todaro found no calls going to Toni Ingram’s phone from me, nor did he find outgoing calls from my phone going to Toni Ingram.  The calls were brushed off as having been spoofed.  Unfortunately, Deputy Todaro didn’t quite understand how the spoof sites work.

When I first got the calls, I thought that perhaps Toni was being spoofed.  I couldn’t understand how she could so blatantly lie to police about the calls.  Did she think I would be intimidated, and just curl up and go away?  Did she think law enforcement frightened me?  Did she think it would not be investigated, perhaps counting on what she calls incompetence (as she claims Garfield County Sheriff’s Department was incompetent in the investigation of her alleged stalking and her daughter’s suicide)?  Did she forget the group I belong to and I have spent the last year investigating her claims and would, of course, investigate this one?

I wrote to several of the biggest spoof sites on the Internet and asked a lot of questions.  I was told by the Internet sites that the way a spoof call works is like this:  Person A uses their services to call person B, but makes it look like the call really came from person C.  I thought perhaps Toni was being played as much as I was, and offered up this possibility to the police.  Yes, believe it or not, I thought to give Toni the benefit of the doubt.

According to the owners of these sites, this is what happens on the phone bills:  Person A (who made the spoof call) shows nothing on their phone bill (but a forensic computer audit would show activity on the spoof site, and the site itself would have records).  Person B’s phone bill (the person receiving the spoof), will show an incoming call from the phone number of person C.  Person C’s phone bill will not show any outgoing calls to Person B, as no calls would have been made.

So in the above scenario, some unknown person would be person A, Toni Ingram would be Person B, and I would be Person C.  This is going along with the idea that someone was trying to play Toni and I against each other.   Someone calls Toni pretending to be me, in other words.

There’s a problem with this scenario, though.  Person B (Toni), would have an incoming call on their phone records from my number, and Person C (me), would have no outgoing calls to B’s number.  In the email above, the deputy clearly points out that there were neither incoming or outgoing phone calls from either of us to the other.  If Toni was being spoofed, her records would have shown my number on her bill, but they didn’t.

The only conclusion that can be reached is that Toni lied about having received the calls, just as she lied about my lack of cooperation.  I know the deputy did not contact the Ingrams and claim I didn’t send him the phone records, since those records appeared in his email not long after we spoke, and we spoke after he received him.  In fact, I spoke with him several times (on my initiation, not as part of his investigation), his supervisor, and his supervisor’s supervisor, as well as calling the DA’s office.

Toni is not a victim; she victimizes.

Toni is not being stalked; she stalks.

Toni is not being harassed by phone calls from me or the group I’m with; she makes the calls.

If I were to submit more recent phone records, it would show an incoming call from Toni’s number to my number, as well as 3 calls from the Wal-Mart Jodin Davunt (a “victim’s advocate” for the Morgan Ingram Foundation – their way of justifying paying for the trolling, no doubt) used to work at, harassing me about posting things about his daughter and ex-wife.  (I dare anyone to show I’ve brought his child, or anyone’s, into any of this or ever mentioned her other than right now – unlike the hate sites where he claims my daughter was 11 and pregnant.  I mentioned his ex-wife only in passing; clearly he’s confusing me with someone else.)  My phone bill would show these incoming calls; I don’t know what their bills would show.

Again, let me reiterate:  Toni Ingram has not been victimized.  She has, however, fabricated evidence to try and get her most recognized detractor in trouble with the law.  If she would lie about phone calls, what else has she lied about?  What other evidence has she fabricated?

I understand wanting to believe a grieving parent, but there comes a point in time when the evidence speaks for itself:  Toni is not always truthful and will do just about anything to stop the people who don’t believe her lies.  The proof is in black and white above.

I could print the entire report from the sheriff’s department in this post, but that would include both the Ingram’s phone records, as well as my own, and after seeing the behavior of the trolls in this case, I will not subject innocent people to having their phone numbers listed on a public forum, and if I were to post the phone records with names and numbers blacked out to protect innocent people on both our bills, I would be accused of redacting important information.

So, if anyone wants to prove things for themselves, I urge you to request the law enforcement reports via the Freedom of Information Act.  As always, I back my claims; Toni just runs at the mouth, providing no proof of anything.

And speaking of proof, I’m anxiously awaiting this new web site where Toni claims to have proof (and we see her definition of “proof” above), as well as the very scientific findings from her psychic friends, which not only point a finger at the person Toni accuses (conveniently), but from my understanding, will also provide dialogue of what they claim was said in Morgan’s bedroom that night.  More for me to debunk and prove ridiculous at best; defamatory at worst.

Send in the proof Toni.  For once, show some real evidence to back what you say.

The real victims of rape, stalking, and murder are being done another injustice by this group.

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Who Was Doing the Stalking?

While looking, yet again, through the official records, it dawned on me that the Ingrams were spending a lot of time watching the neighborhood.  In fact, the surveillance camera angles seemed to point out towards the street, the sidewalk, and the berm more than Morgan’s window (which would have been the most logical place), or other doors and entryways.  It was pretty obvious why.

(This was originally posted at, but I decided to bring it here so people trying to get caught up on the case and are looking into it will have easy access.)

 Let’s take a look at Toni’s own timeline, and see who was doing the stalking, and who was being stalked:

1.  From the timeline the Ingrams sent to the police: (Starting page 48/220 of official reports found at

·        August 28, 2011:  “Steve observed the Black SUV with the broken back window on the corner of Corral Drive and the silver  car with the blacked out windows (the car Keenan was driving at the time) was in Jim’s driveway.”

·        September 1, 2011:  “Jarred (our grandson) comes over later that afternoon, looks at footprint, he thinks it looks like  an Etnie type shoe bottom.”  “Keenan drives by in his smaller silver car, Jarred  runs up to him in Jim’s driveway to ask if they need their lawn mowed (so he can get a look  at the shoes), Jarred says they look exactly like Purple Etnie’s.” (Note:  This is the start of Keenan being blamed; from shoe prints identified by a child, shoes the Ingrams’ own son also owns.)

·        September 3, 2011:  “Keenan’s car was in the driveway.”

·        September 30, 2011: “6:00 am Steve walks outside and checks and sees Keenan’s car is back in Jim’s driveway.”

·        October 1, 2011: “Toni and Steve observe the little green car in Jim’s driveway at 9:00 pm.”

·        October 13, 2011: “have not seen Keenan’s little green car lately”

·        October 14, 2011: “we hear from the neighbor Elliott Fey that _____ & Keenan broke up and Keenan has moved out of the house that he was staying in down the street from us.”

·        October 25, 2011: “We are driving through El Jebel City Market employee parking lot (behind City Market) every day at different  times (for the last 2 days so far) to try see if his car is there,”

·        November 5, 2011: “Danny (Morgan’s friend under the Facebook  name Ray Finkle) engages Keenan in a private Facebook talk.  Note Keenan’s replies were sent from his mobile phone.”

2.  From revised timeline, starting on page 174/220:

·        August 31, 2011: (After the purple Etnies incident in first timeline, this was added to the second) “later on that night a little green Ford Fiesta is in its spot with paper plates” (referring to the place the silver car had been parked earlier that day.)

·        September 14, 2011: “Haven’t seen the Keenan’s little green car for a while” (Note in earlier timeline this comment was first made October 13 and not mentioned for this date.)

·        October 2, 2011: “Morgan is woken up by loud stones against her window. Steve goes out after that to check and the little green car is gone. Rhonda sees the little green car drive up at around 10:30, she waits to see, but Keenan does not take the little ditty bag out this time.”

·        October 15, 2011: “Danny sleep over our house tonight. (is this the night that Danny sends a FB message to Keenan to leave Morgan alone?) (Implying the Facebook exchange occurred at the Ingram house, presumably under their supervision and cooperation.)

·        October 16, 2011: “Keenan writes on his Facebook page that he is now single and not in a relationship.”

·        October 18, 2011: “Steve has printout of picture that Keenan posted on his Facebook.”

·        November 6, 2011: “Keenan writes on his Facebook today that”

·        January 23, 2012: “Leesa calls Toni she says  she thought she saw Keenan drive by in his green car” “so she goes on Facebook, his privacy settings are now down, she sees a reference to being arrested and goes on line to the Post Independent to see if she can find something.”

·        February 1, 2012: “Toni meets with Todd Weldon in Aspen, but on the way there she drives behind City Market to look for Keenan’s car.” “Steve saw Keenan a couple of weeks ago at City Market  … but didn’t see his green car in the employee lot when he left.”

·        February 16, 2012: “Keenan’s court date”

·        February 27, 2012: “stopped by UPS to pick up mail on the way home, then got a feeling and went through the City Market parking lot to look for Keenan’s car.  His car was there

3.  Email to police dated September 1, 2011: (Page 219/220 of official reports found at   “These pictures were taken before July 20th. He doesn’t have blond hair in any of them, but when my mother was talking to a neighbor this morning he said the Keenan’s hair was blonde so I’m unsure if he’s dyed it or not. I haven’t seen any of them in quite come time. – Morgan” (This email was sent from Toni’s work email, not Morgan’s email. The typos and lack of commas is consistent with Toni’s style of writing, and “the Keenan” is a typo Toni had made in another email.  Also, it’s interesting that in September, Morgan is claiming not to have seen Keenan in quite a while.)

4.  Email to police dated October 9, 2011: (Page 13/220 of official reports found at

·        “Last night 9:00 pm Kennan’s car was in the driveway. Then last night Steve and I watched and waiting between 11:00 – 11:30 pm after Morgan came home but we did not hear or see anything.”

·        “We slept in the morning, and around 9:45 am we decided we would check to see if Keenan’s car was in his driveway – it wasn’t.”

·        “Then I remembered last weekend Rhonda said she saw him drive up around 10:30 am so we decided to wait and see.”

5.  From email to police dated October 26, 2011: (Page 16/220 of official reports found at  “We are driving through El Jebel City Market employee parking lot (behind City Market) every day at different  times (for the last 2 days so far) to try see if his car is there,”

6.  November 5, 2011: Facebook interaction.  (See pages 43/47/220 of official reports found at

7.  From email to police dated April 12, 2012: (Page 206/220 of official reports found at  “I have been trying to obtain a copy of Keenan’s arrest report.”

8.  From Toni Ingram’s blog: 08/20/2011

“Steve sneaks outside later dressed in black, and approaches all of the houses in the neighborhood one by one, verifying who is home and who is not. He takes pictures of unusual cars on his phone, so we can share the information with the Sheriffs Patrol officers later if anything happens tonight.

That night the lights scanning far away go off, but none of the sensors close to the house ever go off.”

This, of course, does not take into account current stalking behavior towards the accused and their families.

It’s worthwhile, as well, comparing the original timeline to the “revised” timeline, and then to Toni Ingram’s blog.  For instance, on August 29, originally there is no mention of noises on the roof.  But on the second timeline, August 29 mentions Toni hearing “scratching above the ceiling going from room to room”.  Another example is on October 19; originally there is the claim that someone is seen walking down the sidewalk in the surveillance video.  In the second timeline, the words “it looks like Keenan” are added.  See how many times Morgan experienced this “stalking” as compared to how many times it was actually Toni herself who was the witness, claiming to have seen and heard the ninja stalker.

No wonder Morgan was frightened.  Imagine living in that type of environment, being told you’re being stalked, being forced to talk to the police when you didn’t want to, sleeping in closets, buying and installing cameras, being followed by your parents unknowingly, being told your “stalking” is the reason the family has to uproot and move, all while battling an illness that produces altered mentation, just because of a  footprint that could have come from anyone, including your  own brother.  We hope Morgan is at peace now.

Keep an eye out for another blog highlighting discrepancies between the two timelines, as well as the blog.

(Note: Any typos within quotation marks are actual typos from the various emails and timelines provided directly to the police and were made by Toni or her representative.  I did not correct the mistakes.  Any mistakes made outside the quotation marks are my own.)

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The Trolls are Orange

I’ve been waiting for one of the trolls to prove any of the crap they have said about me, and of course not one has stepped up.  This is not surprising.  I didn’t think any of them would take up the challenge.  They’re being paid to spread lies and defame, not be right.

The queen troll, however, has decided to respond by accusing me of stalking her:

Sarah Afshar ‏@SarahAfshar 1h
Addressing my stalker Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon & her alter Marcie __________from Lutherville Timonium, Maryland
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Unfortunately, even though it was retweeted by twits Setareh Afshar, Morgan Was Murdered, and Mark “Mann”, I was too late to get a screen cap.  It was already taken down by the time I read my messages.  One of my group might have capped it, and if so, I’ll add the picture later.

Let’s just move on with the story, shall we?  Sarah Afshar is queen troll.  There’s another blog post coming up about Sarah and her connection with these other trolls from long before Morgan ever came into the picture, but that is being written by someone else and will be posted on the Truth for Morgan Tumblr blog.  You’ll be able to read about other people who’ve been victimized by this crew of scam artists, the names used in association with several hate sites, the bullying behind the sites; and how it all ties back to Sarah.

Sarah wants the world to believe that I’ve done nothing but smear her name across the Internet.  A quick Google search shows that’s far from true.  In fact, what returns is site after site of people accusing me of smearing her name, but not a single site where I actually do so.  Check out all the hate sites, and make sure to take note of who else is mentioned and who is listed as contributor.

Now, yet again, Sarah is claiming I’m Marcie __________.  This is just a smoke screen.  They want confusion so that whatever either of us has to say will be suspect.  Once again, a simple Google search will show we are 2 individual people with Internet histories dating back years.  Pay attention to the dates.  I am Mayra, and Marcie is Marcie.  I don’t tell Marcie _________what to post, and she doesn’t tell me (unlike the con crew, which frequently get together to decide tweets).  Marcie is not part of my group.  Marcie doesn’t write for our Tumblr site.  In fact, I don’t write for the Tumblr site, either, but others in the group I’m with do.  None of us write for Marcie’s site.

Again, I dare any of them to prove otherwise.

Sarah Afshar, however, has decided to take her usual stance when encountered with someone smarter and more logical than she is (not surprisingly, this happens frequently).  She turns to accusing that person of stalking her.

Let’s take a look at her history of being “stalked”:

~ Michael Odegard is said to be a stalker.  They’ve even devoted a hate site to him (note the names in the list of contributors):


~ Aaron Riley is an ex-boyfriend of Sarah’s.  They must have had a falling out.  Note that this is mentioned on Sarah’s blog as a comment by someone else.  Sarah has a lot of “someone elses” posting comments, all knowing everything about her, all saying the same thing, and all obviously written by her.


~ Erlinda: I haven’t bothered to track this person down, so I’m not sure who she is in relation to Sarah and her trolls.


Apparently Aaron was a part of that, too.

~ Amber Cordelli:  Again, I have not bothered to track this person down, but rest assured I will be contacting all Sarah’s “stalkers” and getting their back stories.


Apparently everyone is jealous of Sarah and wants to stalk her.

Here’s the funny part:  I didn’t go out looking for this stuff.  It was sent to me by other people.  Up until now, I pretty much ignored Sarah and her trolls as mild irritations.  Sure, she was good for a laugh every time something would come across my desk, like her “singing”, but other than that, I didn’t do much digging into the Afshars.  I’ve addressed the trolls simply because they are associated with Toni, and after they were left alone to get especially stupid, I decided to out them.  Sarah, however, hasn’t been of much interest to me.

In fact, I had one source trying to tell me Sarah had a relative who was a terrorist, but I refused to post that on several grounds.  First off, there was no proof — the name Afshar is quite common.  Second, it didn’t matter, even if it was true.  It bore no relevance in the Ingram case.  Third, I wasn’t going to play the “all people who are Middle Eastern or Muslim are terrorist” game.

For some stupid reason, though, Sarah decided to claim I stalk her.  Seems she wanted to get my attention.  Several people contacted me to tell me this latest bit of nonsense, and now Sarah has my attention.  You want fame, Sarah?  You want to be remembered?  Well, now you’ll get recognition, because your true colors (besides orange) are being revealed.  You can’t play innocent.  You can’t cry stalking and expect people to jump to your defense.  You’re getting way too old to play the damsel in distress.  It’s time to stand up and take responsibility for your actions.  Start with these lies listed above.  Either prove them as truths, or shut the fuck up.  Same goes with all the other allegations.

We’ve documented your proxy, Sarah, so lying isn’t going to accomplish anything.

See, Sarah, here’s the thing:  When you cry stalker just because you don’t like someone or what they’ve said about you, you diminish the real victims of stalking.  Those people — the real victims — deserve an apology from you.  They’ve lived through horrific ordeals; all you’ve had are people saying they didn’t like you.  Do you see the difference there?  It’s an important distinction.

Readers, if you want to see an example of how Sarah works, go to her blog.  She blogs under many subjects (no doubt took an SEO 101 class; “how to saturate Google”.  Thing is, Google has changed it’s parameters and now looks for quality, not quantity; clearly a disadvantage for Sarah).  Take a look at her other blog post subjects, then click on the keywords “Morgan Ingram” on the right.  You’re going to notice something interesting.  There are practically no comments on her various attempts at literature, except for those blogs concerning Morgan Ingram.  Then there are thousands, most by people remaining anonymous, most repeating the same thing.

The same source who tried to get me to run a smear campaign against Sarah also told me the Ingrams were paying trolls by the post, hence all the comments on those blogs.  Again, I have no proof of there being a pay-to-troll thing happening here, but the lack of comments on the other blogs and all the comments on the Ingram blogs suggest that may be the case.  Believe me, there are not thousands of people finding  Morgan’s story so compelling that they had to comment.  This has everything to do with trying to boost Google rankings.

This is how it started for me.  I first heard of Sarah when I ran across her blog telling Toni’s version of Morgan’s story.  I commented that the official reports could be found at the WordPress site and encouraged everyone to read all available material before coming to a conclusion one way or another.  Then all hell broke loose.  Sarah had her trolls respond viciously (this was when the trolls were still Iranian; they became American after people started commenting on why all the commentors were Iranian).  I decided it was a spam blog and let it be.  They didn’t stop, however.  They continued with comment after comment, alleging all sorts of ridiculous things about me, other people who’ve not believed Toni, entire web sites, and some people who have nothing to do with any of this.  It was a troll campaign in the hopes of diverting everyone’s attention, in an attempt to discredit us in the hopes that we would not be believed.  It backfired, however.  Steve and Toni Ingram lost more backers through this campaign than anything else!

Sarah has a history of orchestrating trolling, Toni and Steve needed trolls.  No wonder Sarah and the Ingrams joined forces.  It was a match made in heaven.

So, I’ve provided links and screen shots of what I allege about Sarah.  I’ve provided Google search results proving I haven’t smeared Sarah’s name or stalked her, and yet the trolls and their queen continue to lie about me.

Who’s running a smear campaign?  Who’s lying and failing to back their shit?  Who shows lack of honesty and integrity?

Judge for yourself.


I removed the last name of a certain person defamed by the troll, per her request.  Nothing else has been changed.

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Toni’s Trolls are Getting Desperate

What does desperation cause people to do?  Well, a normal person might feel frustration, reach out for help, talk to a friend.  What does Toni Ingram do?  She gathers her troll brigade and tries to lower our credibility with unsubstantiated claims, outrageous lies, and really bizarre allegations.

Here’s an example of what Toni pays to happen. One of the troll hate sites has this as tags:

“Mayra Martinez. Raven Recovery. MayraM impersonates law enforcement. Mayra Martinez impersonates attorneys. J.B __________. JB __________Writer. Marcie __________. Mayra Martinez Fraud. MayraM Craigslist. Mayra Martinez Eugene Oregon. Mayra Martinez Portland Oregon. MayraMM. Raven Recovery Steals Meth. Raven Recovery Scandal. Tricia Griffith. Mayra Martinez Fat. Websleuths. Keenan Vanginkel Murderer. Killer K. Ted Bundy.”

(Bolded by me)

Note the remarks about my business, Raven Recovery.  The other tags are pretty ridiculous, too, but let’s focus on the bolded part for the time being.  Now, I know it’s not true and they know it’s not true; but they want everyone else to think it’s true.  This is a perfect example of when freedom of speech becomes libel.  (No worries, I have it screen capped.)

BTW, no stolen meth, no scandal.

This is a simple illustration of how the trolls approach everything.  They lack credibility, integrity, and honor.  This reflects directly on Toni and Steve Ingram, and also reflects on Morgan by extension.  Toni tried so hard to clean up Morgan’s social network image, only to go on and sully her name by taking these tactics.  I think if Morgan hadn’t taken her own life, she’d be mortified at what Toni is doing.

But I digress.  Back to the troll tactics.  A good example of this lack of integrity would be the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Toni’s Trolls all got together to post the same thing, spewing their usual rhetoric about Morgan being stalked, raped and murdered, but using #BostonMarathon as one of their hash tags, knowing that term was trending and wanting to slip their propaganda in with the real issue.  They ought to be ashamed.  They took advantage of a horrible situation that effected our whole country, just to sell their snake oil.

This is what they do.

So while they accuse us of lying and altering the police reports to favor our “side”, we make available the entire 220-page police report in PDF format, ready for download by anyone who wants to see it all.

What have they done?  Well, they’ve made dozens of Blogspot hate sites about anybody who doesn’t believe them.  They’ve made Tweet after Tweet filled with lies and venom.  They’ve tried to trick and manipulate Anonymous members to help them (can’t wait to see the ramifications of that).  They’ve threatened children.  They’ve threatened the accused.  They’ve threatened me.  But what they have not done is prove a single thing they have said on their hate sites or Twitter accounts.

So, my challenge for the trolls is to take 3 of the allegations you made specifically about me and prove them.  News clippings, police reports, anything credible (Blogspot sites don’t count for credibility) will do nicely.

Put you money where your nasty mouths are.

We back our statements with proof.  See if you can do the same.


I removed the last name of a certain person defamed by the trolls, per her request.  Nothing else has been changed.

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The Bizarre Case of Toni Ingram and her Trolls

Last year a woman named Toni Ingram started a blog. This blog was to commemorate her daughter, Morgan, who had committed suicide the previous December. Toni, however, believed that Morgan was stalked and killed by a neighbor boy. She wrote her blog on a day-by-day basis, taking from notes and memory from the year before, leading her readers down a trail of fear and shock as the “stalking” escalated.

At first.

This blog was shared over on a true crime forum called Websleuths. Many of us followed the blog. Most felt Toni was telling the truth and agonized over Morgan’s death.

I never believed it. It didn’t sound like a stalking; more like perhaps natural phenomenon or at most kids playing around. The “stalking” did not follow the recognized pattern of a stalker. But more importantly, I noticed that when readers would comment on the blog, suggesting various differing scenarios, that Toni would then incorporate those suggestions into subsequent blogs. It was more like she was trying to write a novel or movie of the week.

Finally, the police reports, autopsy reports, toxicology screens, and murder investigation reports were released, and we were all able to view the case from both sides. It was apparent to all but a few die-hards that Toni – at the very least – was delusional, at most was potentially dangerous. Munchausen by proxy was mentioned by several people in the psych field, as well as a new phenomenon called Munchausen by Internet. Either way, there was no stalking and there was no murder.

The true crime board closed discussion on the case after it was decided Morgan had killed herself, since no crime had been committed. A group of us created our on board to continue investigation of the case. Our group (and yes, there are many of us involved) decided to make the official documents available for other people who wanted all the details of the story they were reading, so we put up our own website, so people would make informed decisions about the case before donating money or investing emotion. We later added another site.

Toni, undeterred, continued to insist that a stalker penetrated the perimeter of her home, passed unnoticed by at least 6 cameras, lights, and motion detectors; past dogs and the Ingrams themselves; into Morgan’s room and held her down while they injected her with liquid amitriptyline as part of a “date rape cocktail”; waited hours for her die, sexually molested her, then got away, without leaving a single trace of evidence.

Thing is, none of this happened. There was no cocktail of drugs, only the two Morgan ingested and their metabolites. There was no struggle, no rape, no forced ingestion. There was no injection of medication, as there was pill residue in Morgan’s stomach with a massive amount of a medication she herself had been prescribed for years. This was no accidental overdose, this was suicide. Morgan had fought with her mother the night she died, called her a bitch, and told her to leave her alone. Those were Morgan’s parting words to her mother.

So it would appear that the blog, the accusations, the crazy descriptions of this superhuman ninja kid getting into a house guarded by several cameras, motion detectors, security lights, dogs, and keypad locks were just the ramblings of a grief-stricken mother.

So, you might ask, who cares? Why do I personally care if this woman writes her blog?

Good question.

I care because Toni went beyond grief, to evil and vindictiveness. She named the neighbor boy by full name, calling him a rapist and murderer, even saying he has done this before and will do it again. Keep in mind he wasn’t even in the same state through much of the “stalking”, and was questioned and cleared by law enforcement. But, because of Toni’s blog, his name will forever be associated with rape and murder, and this could effect future employment and even relationships.

Toni didn’t stop there. She included this guy’s girlfriend at the time, her father, his mother, and depending on her mood, others in the neighborhood. These people are now trying to defend their reputations from a woman who has found a way to capitalize on her daughter’s death (note the “donate” button on her site).

Even then, it’s none of my business, so again, why do I care?

I care because Toni started allowing comments on her blog endorsing harm to these people and their children. Toni is fully responsible for the content of her blog. She moderates all comments, disallowing hard-hitting questions and allowing self-gratifying glorification and comments of violence. She allowed a comment specifically calling for the girlfriend’s infant to be kidnapped and murdered “so she’d know how it felt”. Toni commented afterward that violence wasn’t called for, but she’s the one who allowed the threatening comment to appear in the first place.

I do this for the kids. Advocating the murder of an infant is NOT okay ever, I don’t care how grief-stricken the responsible party is, and the responsible party is Toni Ingram.

When Toni realized that we weren’t going to leave her alone, were going to make sure everyone had the same chance to view the official documents that we had, she took a turn from evil to vile.

All of the sudden a group of newly-created Twitter accounts cropped up, all making accusations against these people, but going further. Now, keep in mind that for the most part, these are all new accounts and they follow only one an another. We believe “they” are in fact just a few people, and there are many clues that point to that, but they persist. Also keep in mind, the only common denominator is they are all followed by and follow @Morgansstalking, Toni’s Twitter account.

They’ve taken to creating blogs about me, a woman named Marcie __________, the woman who runs Websleuths, Tricia, and a few other people. They’ve decided we’re all the same person, or I’m pretending to be them, but sometimes they’re pretending to be me. . . actually, it’s kind of confusing.

The truth is, we are all individual people and have never impersonated the other. I’ve been accused of slandering/libeling Sarah Afshar, a friend of Toni’s who wrote a one-sided article on Morgan’s death. In reality, I don’t talk about her at all in my tweets or blogs because she’s a non-issue. To me, she’s not relevant to the case, so I’m not going to bother being side-tracked. There are others who have written about her, and it’s convenient for these Twitter trolls to pretend we’re the same person so they can accuse me of what others have said, but it’s all just a game. None of my group has been involved in libeling Sarah.

The trolls have claimed I’ve made death threats to Sarah and Toni, yet fail to show proof of this. They claim I sent naked pictures to Steve, Toni’s husband, but again fail to show proof. They claim all kinds of things; none of which have been proven by any of them. It’s just an attempt to discredit me, and by extension, discredit our blog site listing the truth.

These people have tried to manipulate Anonymous into DOXing me, have lied to anti-bullying sites, trying to discredit me, and have made the most outrageous claims that my daughter and I can only sit and laugh over them. They’ve also accused me and Marcie’s son of being pedophiles, thinking they can manipulate Anonymous into shutting us down. What they don’t know is I’ve invited a member of Anonymous full access to my sites, proving we have nothing to hide.

So, while I’ve been honest over my identity, have stated nothing but facts, have backed everything with proof, and have kept vital information about Morgan secret in order to honor her memory, her mother has not. She has resorted to this made-for-TV attack on anyone who doesn’t believe her story, including the officials who agonized over Morgan’s death.

The official opinion on Toni Ingram? “Bat-shit crazy” was the phrase used to describe her.

She’s even taken to attacking her grandchildren’s mother, because she dared to step forward and admit publicly that some of Toni’s stalking “proof” was in fact faked by the Ingrams. And yes, I have proof she said that. I’ve screen capped EVERYTHING.

I’ve created this blog to show everyone I have nothing to hide. I don’t hide behind fake accounts. I don’t fake comments. I don’t pretend to be other people. I dare anyone to prove I’ve attacked Sarah Afshar on a personal level at all. I dare anyone to provide proof I’ve threatened Sarah, Toni, or Steve.

On the contrary, check out the things they’ve said about me:







Please remember that these names may or may not be real. They could be using other people’s names and pictures, especially considering some of the pics are mugshots. Also, there are many more Twitter accounts, but these are the most idiotic and show a good example of how even combined, their IQs don’t reach triple digits.

I invite any of the above Twits to make a coherent comment, not one scripted by the person paying them to tweet. I’m not afraid for my IP address to be captured on a site they put up. Why are they afraid to visit mine?

Toni Ingram is a sad, pathetic person who has resorted to insanity to make her look sane. That just doesn’t work. If she had stuck to her story, despite the opposition, she would have earned the respect of people following her story and lent credibility to what she had to say. Instead, angry that she doesn’t have a book or movie deal as planned, she’s spun out of control.

Now, go judge for yourselves.



I removed the last name of a certain person defamed by the troll, per her request.  Nothing else has been changed.

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