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Some Questions Have Been Answered

A while back Toni Ingram walked into her local sheriff’s department and claimed I was calling and harassing her.  She showed a print out of a screenshot of her phone as “proof”.  As you know, I was contacted by the department and questioned about these supposed calls.  I immediately sent copies of my phone bill (not screenshots of my phone) to the deputy and very strongly encouraged him to solve the mystery definitively by subpoenaing both my phone records and the Ingrams:  That way there’d be no way either of us could alter the evidence.  I also sent him information on a phone app that can be used to make it look on your phone that you’ve received a phone call or text, as well as links to Internet sites that allow a person to make spoof calls to another person.  I posted these links in a previous post here, as well.  More on the spoof sites below.

Here’s a screencap of Toni’s Twitter account where she claimed I called and harassed her.  Keep in mind she continues to make this claim, and has others of her Team Troll saying the same thing:


(BTW, Toni, thanks for the link to my blog!)

Later, Toni Tweeted that I had promised to give the deputy my phone records, but never did.  The truth is that I gave him the phone records the very day he called me, and I also begged him and his supervisors to subpoena the records, as well as alert Garfield County that Toni is proving herself to be a liar and isn’t above fabricating evidence.  I followed this up with an email to Garco, myself.

Here’s the Tweet where she claims I didn’t cooperate with law enforcement:


Who’s providing misinformation, Toni?

And finally, here’s is an email from the deputy who investigated Toni’s false accusations, which prove that I not only willingly gave up my phone records, but also alerted him to the spoof sites:


Notice the sentence outlined in yellow.  Deputy Todaro found no calls going to Toni Ingram’s phone from me, nor did he find outgoing calls from my phone going to Toni Ingram.  The calls were brushed off as having been spoofed.  Unfortunately, Deputy Todaro didn’t quite understand how the spoof sites work.

When I first got the calls, I thought that perhaps Toni was being spoofed.  I couldn’t understand how she could so blatantly lie to police about the calls.  Did she think I would be intimidated, and just curl up and go away?  Did she think law enforcement frightened me?  Did she think it would not be investigated, perhaps counting on what she calls incompetence (as she claims Garfield County Sheriff’s Department was incompetent in the investigation of her alleged stalking and her daughter’s suicide)?  Did she forget the group I belong to and I have spent the last year investigating her claims and would, of course, investigate this one?

I wrote to several of the biggest spoof sites on the Internet and asked a lot of questions.  I was told by the Internet sites that the way a spoof call works is like this:  Person A uses their services to call person B, but makes it look like the call really came from person C.  I thought perhaps Toni was being played as much as I was, and offered up this possibility to the police.  Yes, believe it or not, I thought to give Toni the benefit of the doubt.

According to the owners of these sites, this is what happens on the phone bills:  Person A (who made the spoof call) shows nothing on their phone bill (but a forensic computer audit would show activity on the spoof site, and the site itself would have records).  Person B’s phone bill (the person receiving the spoof), will show an incoming call from the phone number of person C.  Person C’s phone bill will not show any outgoing calls to Person B, as no calls would have been made.

So in the above scenario, some unknown person would be person A, Toni Ingram would be Person B, and I would be Person C.  This is going along with the idea that someone was trying to play Toni and I against each other.   Someone calls Toni pretending to be me, in other words.

There’s a problem with this scenario, though.  Person B (Toni), would have an incoming call on their phone records from my number, and Person C (me), would have no outgoing calls to B’s number.  In the email above, the deputy clearly points out that there were neither incoming or outgoing phone calls from either of us to the other.  If Toni was being spoofed, her records would have shown my number on her bill, but they didn’t.

The only conclusion that can be reached is that Toni lied about having received the calls, just as she lied about my lack of cooperation.  I know the deputy did not contact the Ingrams and claim I didn’t send him the phone records, since those records appeared in his email not long after we spoke, and we spoke after he received him.  In fact, I spoke with him several times (on my initiation, not as part of his investigation), his supervisor, and his supervisor’s supervisor, as well as calling the DA’s office.

Toni is not a victim; she victimizes.

Toni is not being stalked; she stalks.

Toni is not being harassed by phone calls from me or the group I’m with; she makes the calls.

If I were to submit more recent phone records, it would show an incoming call from Toni’s number to my number, as well as 3 calls from the Wal-Mart Jodin Davunt (a “victim’s advocate” for the Morgan Ingram Foundation – their way of justifying paying for the trolling, no doubt) used to work at, harassing me about posting things about his daughter and ex-wife.  (I dare anyone to show I’ve brought his child, or anyone’s, into any of this or ever mentioned her other than right now – unlike the hate sites where he claims my daughter was 11 and pregnant.  I mentioned his ex-wife only in passing; clearly he’s confusing me with someone else.)  My phone bill would show these incoming calls; I don’t know what their bills would show.

Again, let me reiterate:  Toni Ingram has not been victimized.  She has, however, fabricated evidence to try and get her most recognized detractor in trouble with the law.  If she would lie about phone calls, what else has she lied about?  What other evidence has she fabricated?

I understand wanting to believe a grieving parent, but there comes a point in time when the evidence speaks for itself:  Toni is not always truthful and will do just about anything to stop the people who don’t believe her lies.  The proof is in black and white above.

I could print the entire report from the sheriff’s department in this post, but that would include both the Ingram’s phone records, as well as my own, and after seeing the behavior of the trolls in this case, I will not subject innocent people to having their phone numbers listed on a public forum, and if I were to post the phone records with names and numbers blacked out to protect innocent people on both our bills, I would be accused of redacting important information.

So, if anyone wants to prove things for themselves, I urge you to request the law enforcement reports via the Freedom of Information Act.  As always, I back my claims; Toni just runs at the mouth, providing no proof of anything.

And speaking of proof, I’m anxiously awaiting this new web site where Toni claims to have proof (and we see her definition of “proof” above), as well as the very scientific findings from her psychic friends, which not only point a finger at the person Toni accuses (conveniently), but from my understanding, will also provide dialogue of what they claim was said in Morgan’s bedroom that night.  More for me to debunk and prove ridiculous at best; defamatory at worst.

Send in the proof Toni.  For once, show some real evidence to back what you say.

The real victims of rape, stalking, and murder are being done another injustice by this group.

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